A Night in Paris - J. Love

Itís been a hectic month and the Major Crimes unit have decided to unwind with a theme party.

The window blinds are opened and white Christmas lights on the walls lend to the atmosphere. All the desks are pushed against the walls. A miniature Eiffel Tower sits on top of one desk.

"Welcome to Paris, ladies and gentlemen." Simon announces. "A mini vacation to thank you all for job well done. There is an assortment of snacks on the desks and sparkling grape and punch. Please enjoy yourselves."

Everyone mixes together and talks quietly.

The elevator arrives with a soft chime. As the doors open to reveal Ellison and Sandburg, Sandburg could be heard talking.

"Hairboy's lecturing Jim again," Rafe laughs jokingly.

"Seriously, Jim, I did some reading on Paris. It was originally a fishing village called Lutetia Parisiorum on the Ile de la Cite. Caesar conquered it in 52 B.C. It was saved from the Huns by St. Genevieve in the fifth century. In 987, Paris became a French capital. Paris grew larger and more powerful in the following years. Especially during the reign of Philip Augustus..."

"Take a breath, Chief."

"But this is so interesting, Jim. You know, man, that the Renaissance hit Paris in the 16 century."

"Yes, Chief..."

"...and then there was the French Revolution. So much history happened in Paris."

"I know Chief, you been talking about it all day."

"So not true, man."

"Feels like it," mutters Jim.

Simon comes up to them. "You are a little late, Jim."

"I know, but Sandburg was boning up on Paris history."

Simon looks at Blair who is fairly bouncing on his toes, eager to continue his lecture. "So I heard."

"Yeah, Simon. It is really..."

"Uh, Hairboy, I got to go. Rafe is signaling me over."

Jim looks pleadingly at Simon who hastily backs away.

"Hey, Jim. We should go to Paris for a vacation. There are tons of museums, historical buildings...."

"Please, Chief. I concede to a vacation there if you stop..."

"...and it is called the City of Love..."

Jim takes that as his cue. He wraps his arm around Blair's waist and pulls him up to his body.

"What..." Blair says in astonishment, putting his hands on Jim's chest to push away.

Jim kisses Blair. Blair moans softly and digs his fingers into Jim's sweater. The kiss deepens as Blair returns it.

The end.

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