Mr. Nice Guy - Patt

Around the bullpen these days, everyone referred to Jim Ellison as Mr. Nice Guy. He was sick of it, too. He wanted to be the not so nice guy but he would need help from a certain partner and roommate.

Sitting down at his desk he began to watch Blair flirt with all of the women in the bullpen. He even flirted with Megan Conner and they were good friends. Blair Sandburg loved women. This was the problem for Jim Ellison. He was attracted to one Blair Sandburg and wanted no one else. He hadn’t dated in about a month but Blair was making up for it. He was dating anyone and everyone, making sure he stayed out all night long and just pissing Ellison off in general.

Jim walked up to the flavor of the week and glared at her as he said, “Chief, did you want to actually get some police work done today or what?”

“Sure, Jim. Sorry,” Blair said as he said his goodbye’s and walked over to his desk next to Jim’s. They worked in companionable silence smiling at each other now and then, but that was about it. Jim had to take what he could get. This was as far as he’d get with his guide and he knew it. No matter how badly he wanted him, he knew he couldn’t risk their friendship.

Simon walked out of his office and said, “Get out of here you two. You’re off for the next two days. Enjoy the time off.”

“Thanks, Simon,” Blair said getting up and grabbing his things before Simon could change his mind.

“Yeah, thanks, sir,” Jim said trying to remain upbeat, but knew that with two days off, he’d be bored. Blair would be gone with one of his women and Jim would be left to do the same things he did every weekend. Nothing.

When they got down to the parking garage, Rafe walked up to the truck and started flirting with Sandburg. Jim just stood there with his mouth hanging open. He couldn’t believe how gutsy that shit was. Actually, they were both shits in Jim’s book. Then the older man saw Blair flirt back. What the fuck is he doing? He doesn’t do guys. Does he?

Blair smiled and charmed Rafe for about ten minutes until Jim said, “Rafe, Simon wanted to see you right away.”

“Man, I better get up there. Talk to you later, Sandburg,” Rafe said walking away.

“Yeah, man, it was great talking to you outside of the bullpen,” Blair said opening the door and starting to get into the truck.

Before he could get all the way in, Jim had moved into his space. Before he knew what was happening, Jim put his lips on Blair’s and began to kiss him in earnest. Shocked, but happy as hell that his partner had finally gotten the clues he was giving. About time he got on the clue bus.

Blair pulled away from Jim and said, “Wanna explain this to me, Jim?”

“Nothing to explain, Chief, I love you. I want you. I had to kiss you,” Jim said quietly.

“Well, hot damn, Jim. It’s about time,”

“You knew?”

“Everyone but you knew, tough guy,” Blair said kissing Jim this time. And it continued until there was a person clearing their voice and Jim jumped away from Blair and there stood Simon.

“Well, gentlemen, this is really nice but couldn’t you find a better place to do it in?”

“Yes, sir,” Jim answered.

“Jim, you are aware that we have cameras in the parking garage, aren’t you?” Simon asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“Shit. I’m sorry, sir,” Jim said head hanging down.

Blair seeing his partner's embarrassment said, “Jim, the camera’s were down all day today. The people are working on them now. They just started before we left.”

“You know, Sandburg, you spoil all my fun,” Simon said laughing. He put his cigar in his mouth and walked to his car. “See you two on Monday. Have a good weekend.”

“Thanks, Simon,” Blair answered.

Turning to Jim he said, “How would you like to pick this up at our place? My room or yours?”

“Ours,” Jim said in all seriousness.

“Ours it is, hot shot,” Blair answered and climbed into the truck.

Jim climbed in and started the truck. Once they were about five blocks from the precinct, he pulled over and shut the engine off. Blair looked over at him with a question wanting to come out of his mouth, but instead, let himself be pulled into Jim’s arms.

They began their first real kiss. Now this was fucking kissing. Jim did it like he did everything. Perfectly. Finally pulling away from Jim, Blair said, “Hot shot, you belong to me and only me. Is that understood?”

Jim kissed him again and said, “Oh yeah, I can do only you. I only want you from now on.”

Then Jim got a very serious look on his face and said, “Aren’t you going to miss dating all of those women that you’ve been seeing lately?”

“Jim, did you see me with any of them after work or smell them on me?” Blair asked.

“No, I guess not,” Jim answered, suddenly ashamed of his earlier thoughts.

“That’s because I was hiding out. I didn’t know what to do with the feelings I had for you. So I did the only thing I could. I tried to make you jealous,” Blair said flirting with his main man.

“God, I love you, Blair,” Jim said pulling him into his arms once more.

“Good, now can we go home and pick this up where we left off?” Blair asked.

“Chief, do you suppose that we’ll always remember this first kiss?”

“Yeah, I think we will. So, home, James,” Blair said laughing and moving closer to his friend, partner and soon to be lover.

Sometimes being Mr. Nice Guy paid off big time. From what Jim could feel of Blair through his jeans, it was going to be big time.

The end.

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