Do You Feel The Same? - Debbie Tripp

Blair Sandburg bounded off the elevator on the sixth floor. He walked through the doors to the bullpen of Major Crimes. He saw Jim Ellison sitting at his desk, intently typing at his computer. Blair slid in to sit beside him at the desk. Jim scowled over at Sandburg and then back to the computer.

"Can you give me some room, Sandburg?"

"Sorry. What's up with you?"

"Nothing. I'm just not having a good day. Why don't you get me a cup of coffee?"

"I actually came by to see if you wanted to go to lunch with me. I have something I want to tell you."

"Okay, Sandburg. But you buy."

"Sure, Jim. No problem. We'll even go to WonderBurger."

"Who are you? You can't be Blair Sandburg!"

"C'mon, Jim. I've got to tell you my news."

They left the bullpen and rode down the elevator to the garage. They got into Jim's truck and Jim drove to WonderBurger. Once they had their orders, Blair spoke.

"I'm in love!"

"That's your great news, Sandburg? Who's the lucky girl? Have you even met her yet?"

"Ha Ha. Very funny, Jim. No. Actually, it's not a girl or a woman. It's a man."

Jim almost choked on his soda.

"A man?"

"Yeah. I've known this guy for some time. He's smart, gorgeous and has a really good sense of humor."

"Where did you meet this guy?"

Jim almost growled out the question. Blair laughed a little.

"You sound jealous, Jim. I don't think I'll tell you."

"How serious is this, Sandburg?"

"Well, I probably love him more than he loves me."

"What's his name?" Jim was becoming more irritated.

"I don't think I'll tell you."

"Dammit, Sandburg! You better come clean here. I'm not having a real good day."

"Okay, okay, Jim! Calm down! I'm in love with you. And I've been in love with you since we've met. It took me this long to actually acknowledge that I do love you. I've had fantasies and dreams about us together. I was hoping that you felt----"

Jim leaned over and kissed Blair.

"----the same way about me."

The end.

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