First Kiss Contest Stories

The votes are IN!!! There were 27 stories to chose from, written by some wonderful authors!!

These stories are presented as they were sent, some betaed and some not. They run the gamut of emotions and styles, no warnings are given, except three: no one dies, no one gets raped and no one gets hit.

First Place - Seeing Into The Darkness - Dolimir [Removed at request of author]

Second Place - Unspoken - Autumn Skies

Third Place - Citrus - afropuff

Fourth Place - Rotten Beasts - Tangent

Listed in no particular order, here are the rest of the stories. Thank you to all the authors!!

Let Me Taste You - Rogue    Catching On - Lily    The Spark - Scribe    The Invitation - LilyK   Love's Fragrance - Angelise

Blessed Protector - Kelly    I Believe In Miracles - Silk    I Only Want To Be With You - Lyn     First Kiss - Mereridkat

The Kissing Pool - Lilith Faire    Faithless Love - Roxanne    Mr. Nice Guy - Patt    Denying Mother - Angelise

Do You Feel The Same? - Debbie Tripp    Under Cover - Liz    Thinking - Pollyset    Blair Watching - Patt

Back At The Bouncing BLT - rj    A Night In Paris - J.Love    One Dinner, One Kiss - Kylia

Going Out - Jvantheterrible    The Unspoken Arrangement - Marmoset    The Gift - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

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