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By: Drey Towson


Christmas holidays.

One of Blair Sandburg's favorite holidays of the year. Considering he was Jewish. But what the hey, his favorite hunkmeister, greek god, and all around cool guy and sentinel, Jim Ellison celebrates the holiday, so he does too.

Tonight was Christmas Eve.

Tonight was the night he was going to lay all his cards on the table. Blair Sandburg was going to tell his roommate Jim how he felt about him.

Blair wanted to do it in a unique way that would get the message across. Okay, maybe in a not-so-unique way. More than likely it had been done before, but hey! It SHOULD work, right? I mean, laying across Jim's bed, naked with a bow tied around your dick is as direct as you can get, right?


After putting the deep fire-engine red satin bedspread on Jim's bed, Blair looked around for the mistletoe to hang somewhere above the bed. After not seeing a decent place to hang the sprig, inspiration struck Blair in the behind with a big kick.

Grinning foolishly, he fixed it in his long, curly, brown locks.


Blair looked down at the source of the sound.

"Hey, Burton."

He bent over to pick up the black cat that wandered up into Jim's bedroom. Blair had found the cat in the alley behind the loft, one night, half-starved. It took him two weeks to talk Jim into keeping him using every dirty trick in the book including the one about how he looked a lot like Jim's spirit animal. Jim knew he wasn't going to win this one so he finally caved in to his guide, but not without stating a few rules, including the "No cats in my room." rule.

"You know you're not supposed to be here," Blair said softly as he petted the feline on the head.

The cat gave him a look that said // Yeah, I know. But you're here.//

Blair chuckled. "Not my rule, man. Jim's rule."

Burton purred and rubbed his face on Blair's.

Blair walked down the stairs carrying the cat and put Burton down on the floor in the living room in the front of the couch. He grabbed a catnip ball and after filling it with catnip from a box from one of the drawers in the kitchen, tossed it onto the floor next to Burton.

Burton's nose twitched and he looked down at the mouse with his tail twitching in the air and pounced.

Blair chuckled as he watched the cat bat the mouse around the loft.


After grabbing the red ribbon that he was going tie on his dick and undressing and putting his robe on, Blair started for Jim's bed wanting be there waiting when Jim got in from work.

Burton, who had quickly tired of the game he was playing previously with the ball his favorite human gave him, had jumped up on the counter that held the box of catnip that Blair had used earlier and knocked it over.

Blair noticed it and sighed as he walked over and picked Burton up, who was at that ime trying to force his whole head into the box, trying to get at the catnip and Blair set him down unto the floor.

He backed up a couple of steps and was getting ready to turn and put away the box when he immediately ended up on his ass on the floor, his robe open so anyone could see Blair Sandburg in all his naked glory. And to top that off, the contents of the catnip had spilt all over him.

He hadn't noticed that Burton was busy purring and trying to rub his ankles and that's what caused him to go down.


Burton jumped onto his favorite human, rubbing himself all over Blair's catnip-covered chest. Then he seemed to notice Blair's dick and balls.

//More toys! And these balls are not only bigger but smell just as good.// Burton thought to himself. //Oh, is that something to eat?// Burton thought as he noticed Blair's dick. But before Burton could pounce, his favorite human grabbed him and set him on the floor and got up, brushing the leaves of the catnip off him.

Burton sat on the floor growling with displeasure for having been diverted from his goal.

He eyed Blair's balls and dick that were swaying gently as the human moved while he took the robe off to shake the catnip off it.

Out of the corner of his eye, Blair noticed Burton as he scooted down on his haunches, tail twitching, looking as though as he was getting ready to pounce at something.

He looked to see what Burton was eyeing as his prey and his eyes widened with shock.

Quickly he covered his groin up with his hands and said sharply, "NO BURTON! These are not toys to play with. Besides, you're the wrong cat I want playing with these!"

He stomped his foot to scare the cat away. Burton only gave him a look of indifference. The cat then got up on all fours and with his tail in the air and head held high slowly left the area with disdain.

Blair sighed as he put on his robe and then started to clean up the mess.

A few minutes later, Blair glanced at the clock display on the microwave oven to see if he had time to take a quick shower before Jim got home and nearly passed out from shock.

It was 5:55 pm.

And Jim was due home at 6:00!

He was never going to make it if he took a shower now!

Blair quickly ran up the stairs leading to Jim's bedroom.

He quickly stripped off his robe and climbed into bed accidentally knocking Jim's alarm clock off the nightstand next to the bed onto the floor. It slid on the floor under the bed.


Blair got off the bed and got on his hands and knees to look under the bed, not noticing another pair of eyes staring at him in the bedroom.

Burton had gone up to the bedroom unnoticed and was now eyeing Blair's assets gently swaying between his legs as he moved to get closer to the clock.

The cat quietly and slowly made his way towards Blair, keeping his eye on his prey the whole time, waiting patiently for the right moment.

Blair managed to grab the clock and slowly scooted out from under the nightstand.

As he slowly uprighted himself on his knees, clutching the alarm clock, Burton, saw his opportunity and pounced.


Five blocks away from the loft, Jim hit the brakes of his truck when he heard a high pitched scream of pain and then a thud coming from the direction of the loft.

He blinked.


With his 'Blessed Protector' mode kicking in faster than Superman changing into his blue tights, Jim gunned the engine and sped towards the loft.


After tossing the cat down to the floor of the front room, Blair carefully looked over his balls and dick to check them out for any damage from Burton's claws and teeth.

Being satisfied that there was no lasting damage to the family jewels, Blair hurried up and tied the red bow on his dick and turned towards the stairs to try to make it up them and into Jim's bed before the sentinel came home.

Just then Blair heard the sound of hurrying footsteps outside the loft door and when the door burst open, he froze in shock.


Jim burst in the front door with his gun drawn, not expecting to see what he saw.

After seeing what he saw, he thought Christmas had come a day early for him.

Looking like something from the wet dreams Jim had been having lately, there was Blair Sandburg standing in the middle of the loft in ALL his naked glory. With a red bow and ribbon tied around his dick.

"Uh... hi, Jim... guess you're wondering why..." he said weakly.

Jim put away his gun and started to sniff the air.

//What is that smell? Smells good.// he thought to himself.

Jim's eyes closed halfway as he took another sniff and sighed happily.

His eyes snapped open when he realized where that wonderful smell was coming from.

Jim started to purr as his mind turned feral.


Blair's eyes widened with shock when he heard Jim.

//Purring? Jim's purring?//

Clearing his throat and forgetting his nakedness, he asked cautiously," Uh... Jim? Are you okay?"

Jim was circling Blair slowly, eyes halfclosed never leaving him, looking as though he wanted to eat Blair alive.

Blair shivered.

//What the hell is going on here??//

Blair was afraid to make any sudden moves and stood as still as he could.

Jim frowned as he sniffed the air. What was that other smell? It was almost sour-like. He slowly made his way over to Blair, sniffing the air as he walked towards his guide.

Jim placed his face in the crook of Blair's neck and inhaled deeply. He frowned as he searched Blair's face.

//Fear. Have to fix that.//

Blair's mind was racing a hundred miles a minute. What was going on here? Why was Jim acting this way? He was acting as though he was a ...

Blair blinked.

//Catnip! Jim was smelling the catnip and it was having some sort of weird effect on him!//

Well, it made sense considering Jim's spirit animal was a Jaguar which is a really big cat.

He nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Jesus, Jim! Watch it, will you?"

Blair immediately tried to put some distance between him and Jim. They ended up with Blair at the back of the couch and Jim in front of the couch.

"Jim, I want you more than anything right now, but not like this! Come on man! Slow down!"

Jim stopped and sniffed. There was another smell in the air. And this one was making the sentinel extremely horny. He purred.

//Mate. Now!//

Jim leapt over the couch towards his mate. But not before Blair dodged out of the way.


Ten minutes later, both sentinel and guide were buck naked.

Blair had spent the whole time trying to talk Jim down from the high he was getting from the catnip and trying to stay away from Jim's roving hands.

He didn't know how Jim had done it, but in the process, Jim managed to get all of his clothing off and was naked as the day he was born.

Jim was closing in fast. He slowly made his way towards his mate, growling, his raging hard-on bobbing in the air. From the look in his eyes, Blair had no doubt of what Jim had in mind.

Blair looked wildly around for an escape route.

Blair hightailed it.

To his bedroom door.

Jim was fast, but Blair was even faster.

Blair was through the door before Jim could blink.



Blair shakily sat down on the futon.

Damn! Who knew catnip would have that sort of effect on Jim?

He was grabbing some clothes so he could get dressed when he heard the doorknob rattle as Jim tried to get into his room.

Nearly in a panic, Blair looked wildly for a way out. If he let Jim have his way with him, when he came down from his high, Jim would never forgive him! Hell, Blair would never forgive himself! It would be taking advantage of Jim. No matter how much Blair wanted Jim, He just couldn't have him in this condition. As much as he loved Jim, he wasn't about to go through onto the fire escape in the buff and freeze his balls off.

Blair tried again to reason with his horny room-mate.


He heard nothing. Not a sound from the other side of the door.

Worried that something might have happened to Jim, Blair cautiously unlocked the door and opened it. Slowly peeking through, he couldn't see Jim anywhere.

Blair slowly walked out of his bedroom only to be grabbed from behind. He let out a yell of surprise as Jim turned Blair to face him.

Blair started to struggle. "Jim! You don't want to do this..."

"Anyone ever tell you that you talk too much, Chief?"

Blair stopped struggling and looked up at him.


Jim looked down at Blair's nude form and said with a grin, "The bow and mistletoe is a nice touch. I gather you're my Christmas present?"

Blair nodded.

Jim then lifted him up over his shoulders and started for the stairs going up to his bedroom.

"Jim! What are you doing?!"

"What do you think I'm doing, Chief? I'm going to 'unwrap' my Christmas present. And I'm not planning to give it back either!" Jim replied as he swatted Blair on the ass.

As soon as the soon to be lovers arrived in Jim's bedroom, Jim tossed Blair onto his bed.

Blair shivered as Jim looked at him intensely.

Then Jim did the one thing he always wanted to do.

He pounced.

Much to Blair's delight of course.


Several hours later, after major lovemaking both Sentinel and Guide lay beneath the covers, snuggled together, with silly grins on their faces.

"How long, Jim?"

"How long what, Chief?"

Blair swatted Jim over the head with his pillow.

Jim chuckled.

"For a while now. You?"

"Same here."

Jim frowned.

"What I can't understand was the way I reacted earlier when I first saw you. I mean it was more intense. I mean, I was acting like a damn cat!"

Jim inhaled Blair's scent deeply and frowned.

"I can still smell that smell, but it's not as intense."

Blair blushed.

"Uh...I think I have an answer for that, Big Guy. I accidentally spilt catnip on myself when..."

Blair winced, not wanting to remember Burton's reaction to his dangly bits.

Jim rolled over until he was on top of Blair and looked at him intensely.

"I love you, Chief. You know that, don't you?"

Blair's face lit up like the Christmas tree downstairs.

"Yeah. I know. Love you too, Jim."

Jim leaned down and kissed Blair deeply. As their tongues danced with one another, they were interrupted by a sound.

Or more like the rumblings that came from Blair's stomach.

Jim shook with laughter.

Blair blushed.

"Hey! I haven't had anything to eat since this afternoon!"

Jim rolled over onto his back with a grin on his face and suggested, "Why don't you go downstairs to make us some sandwitches, Chief, and bring them up here?"

Blair's right eyebrow shot up.

"What about rule number seven hundred and thirty five? 'No eating in bed?'"

Jim looked upward as if he was thinking.

"Bring the mini-vac while you're at it." He grinned at Blair.

Blair shook his head, laughing. Leave it to Jim to find a way to break a rule and still be anally-retentive about it.

Blair made his way down the stairs to the kitchen area of the loft.

He didn't notice a pair of green eyes that watched him silently as he made up sandwiches for him and Jim to eat upstairs.

Burton was going to play with the toys and have a little din din of his own. Namely those two balls and that delicious looking sausage that his favorite human was keeping from him. // How dare he? Doesn't he know that's what will make me happy? Doesn't my favorite human want me to be happy?//

Burton slowly crept to an area in the room that he could use to his advantage.

"Hey, Chief! How's the sandwiches coming?" Jim called down.

"I'm just finishing up, Jim." Blair called back as he put the rest of the fixings in the fridge. He grabbed the plate and slowly made his way towards the bedroom.

Unnoticed, Burton was under the coffee table eyeing his prey. Closely. His whiskers twitched with anticipation. Burton licked his chops as he watched Blair's dick and balls gently swaying.

The black cat scooted back onto his haunches and waited to make his move.

Blair stopped when he noticed the he'd forgotten the pickles. He sighed and was getting ready to turn around to go back for them when Burton made his move.

Meanwhile Jim was upstairs in bed with his hands behind his head, grinning, when he suddenly heard a high-pitched scream of pain and a crash immediately right after that.




Acknowledgements: Many thanks goes to Annie for the beta and also to Sue for the feedback and encouragement. Also, I want to thank Patt for her opinion as I was working on the story. In my opinion, it made the story better.