Gift Exchange

By Patt

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"Ellison, Sandburg, my office," Simon bellowed.

Blair whispered, "Shit, we were almost out of here."

Laughing, Jim followed his partner into Simon’s office where both men sat down and waited for the bomb to fall.

"Gentlemen, you have to make a small trip to Denver today but you’ll be back in plenty of time for the holidays,"

"Wait a minute. We’re off for three days over the holidays, why not ask someone else?" Jim wondered aloud.

"The court date for Moreno got pushed up a month. So you have just enough time to clean up and pack and get out of here. The department is flying you there and then renting you a car. It ought to be very comfortable and besides you both know that you have to testify when the courts call you in," Simon explained.

"But Simon, we’re off for Christmas," Blair whined.

"You’ll be home in time for Christmas and you’ll have three days off once you get home." Handing them their tickets he said, "Get the lead out. You don’t want to miss your flight,"

"No, we wouldn’t want that," Blair mumbled.

"What was that, detective?" a grouchy Simon Banks asked.

"Merry Christmas, sir." And out the door he went.

"Sorry sir, we had some plans made for Christmas and this sort of ruins them," Jim explained.

"Jim, you’ll be home two days before Christmas, so get out of here and get it over with. Now have a safe trip and Merry Christmas to you both." Simon shoved Jim out of his office and slammed the door, not waiting for Ellison’s reply.

At the loft, both men packed and Blair called up the stairs, "Jim, should we take our Christmas presents just in case?"

"Nah, Simon said we’ll be home in time so I’m going to trust him. Are you almost ready? Our flight leaves in two hours."

"I’m done. I’m set. Where are you?" Blair teased.

"I’m done. I’m set. Here I am. Let’s get out of here and get this over with," Jim said logically.

The drive to the airport was quiet. Jim had things on his mind and Blair was watching shoppers on the street as they passed by. He noticed that they didn’t seem that happy about the holidays and Blair found that sad. When he had shopped for Jim, he had found some perfect gifts and had smiled the entire time. But then again, he shopped in October and November. Jim had done his shopping early too, so both men were saved that last minute rush with the grouches. Blair wondered if these people were ever happy, Christmas or otherwise.

"You okay, Chief?" Jim asked quietly.

"Just fine, watching people, like I normally do."

"That’s one of the things I like the most about you, how you love to watch people interacting with others. I like to watch you watch." Jim hadn’t meant for the last part to slip out and hoped that Blair wouldn’t know he watched him all the time.

"I know you do, man. I noticed. Blair smiled over at Jim and before long they were at the airport parking ‘Old Blue’.

Once they were seated on the plane, Blair was still quiet.

Jim turned to him and asked, "Chief, are you sure you’re all right?"

"I’m fine, Jim, stop worrying so much about me. I’m just blue about having to leave during the holidays. I had plans for cooking and baking up a storm and surprising you with some new recipes."

"Damn… Remind me to smack Simon when we get back to Cascade. For this, I hope he has to work extra hard. On second thought, I don’t wish that on anyone, damn it."

"Did you bring your head phones to listen to music with?" Blair asked as he pulled his out of his backpack.

"No, I’ll just listen to yours."

"Jim, I’m going to be using mine and you’ll have your senses turned down, so you can’t listen to mine," he whispered.

Jim whispered back, "Even turned down, I can hear yours so stop worrying. I hope you brought some music I like."

"I was in the mood for some REM, Three Doors Down and Creed. Do you like any of them?"

"I like all of them. This flight won’t take as long as I thought. We can rest a little before we get there and eat at the hotel. After all, Cascade PD is picking up the room service tab," Jim said, laughing.

"I can dig it." Blair put his phones on, started a CD and leaned back in his seat. Jim did the same and they listened to the Creed CD first. He loved the one that Blair had chosen.

As the plane started up, Blair took his phones off and whispered, "Jim, remember to lower all of your dials."

"Thanks, Chief."

The flight was uneventful and Jim had weird dreams about his partner as usual.

When he woke up he was sporting an erection and had to put his jacket over his groin. Jim had always like the idea of being with men, but he hadn’t been with one in about 10 years. So why was he thinking about it now, and why with his partner? He knew from experience that these things never worked out. Work and love life had never mixed, not even with Carolyn. Suddenly, he lost his hard-on as he thought about everything that went wrong with his life with his ex-wife.

Blair woke up and looked over at a serious looking Jim and asked, "What did I miss, big guy? You look like you lost your best friend or something, but I know you didn’t because I’m right here."

"I just had a bad dream, Chief, not to worry."

"So do you think we’ll get the testimony over with and be back home by Christmas?" Blair asked.

"Do I look like a fucking mind reader, Chief?"

"Whoa, who pissed in your Cheerios?"

"Let’s just get off this plane and find our hotel. We need to study up on the evidence before we go into the courtroom."

"Do you mind if the plane lands first?" Blair teased the sullen man beside him.

"Very funny, Chief."

The plane landed and finally they deplaned, were able to get their bags and head to the hotel for the night.

Jim had been right about studying the testimony they had to give. Everything had to be right, or that monster could be let off.

In the cab, neither man said a word to the other.

Jim knew he was going to have to apologize to Sandburg and he knew that Sandburg was going to apologize to him. It was the custom. They did the same song and dance every time they had an argument. Recently, Jim had found himself tiring of this routine, when he could try something new and get something better. //Like you would ever have the nerve to ask him to sleep with you.//

Jim sighed as he got out of the cab in front of the hotel. It was a very nice hotel, at least. Maybe they could stay in tonight and order room service.

They both checked in and found themselves in a very comfortable room with two queen sized beds. //At least you don’t have to worry about sleeping on top of your partner all night, you moron.// Jim was worried now since he was not only talking to himself, but also calling himself names.

Blair unpacked his clothing and hung everything up as Jim did the same. Neither man said a word.

Blair then took the folder with the paperwork in it and sat on the end of the bed. He began to study what he needed to have down pat by the next day and Jim sat next to him and said, "Can I have a copy?"

"Jim, I’m really sorry I’ve been shitty to you on this trip. After all, it’s not your fault that we might not make it home for Christmas."

"Sandburg, you don’t have to be sorry, we’re just having a bad day. Pass me a copy will ya?"

Blair passed him his copy and Jim continued to sit in the same place. Sometimes Blair wondered if they were attached at the hip.

"Do you need any help with your testimony, Sandburg?"

"No, I think I have it. It’s pretty cut and dried. Plus they told us we could take notes and I have my notebook with me with all of this in it. So I can recite it from that if need be, right?"

"Well, it looks better to actually not look at notes, as if you really remember every single detail. Try it without the notebook if you can, Chief."


"Would you like to order up some room service, your choice?" Jim asked, offering Blair the chance to decide what they would eat.

Blair looked over the menu and picked the phone up. He didn’t even ask Jim what he wanted but simply called room service.

"Yes, this is Blair Sandburg in 209, I want to order two dinners."

"What would you like, sir?"

"I would like two orders of Shrimp Scampi over noodles with broccoli and Caesar salads. Give us two fudge brownie sundaes too, and that should do us."

"Okay, sir, it’ll be about 45 minutes to an hour."

"That’s fine, we’ll see you then. Thank you." Blair hung up the phone and walked over to the mini bar that he had eyeballed the moment they got in. He got two beers out and opened them. He handed one to Jim and they clinked their bottles at the neck and said, "Cheers."

When dinner arrived, it was quiet and without incident as they continued to study the paperwork.

Jim finally put his down and got ready for bed. Blair did the same about one half hour later.

Before long they were both in bed for a good night's sleep.

"Jim, did you set the alarm?"

"Shit, I forgot. Thanks, Chief."

He set the alarm and before long he heard soft little snores coming from his partner’s side of the room. Jim smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The alarm went off at 6:00 and Jim found himself alone in the room. He could hear Blair already in the shower. He knew that his partner was nervous about the hearing, but he hoped he would do just fine anyhow.

Jim waited somewhat impatiently, hoping Blair wouldn’t be too much longer because he felt like his bladder was about to burst.

When Blair finally came walking out, Jim almost ran into the bathroom, slamming the door, making Blair smile.

Jim hurried and got ready so they could go have a good breakfast in case they would be held up in court all day long. Not that a Judge wouldn’t let them off for lunch, but neither man knew of anything close to the courthouse, being unfamiliar with the area.

Breakfast was as quiet as dinner was the night before and finally Jim said, "Blair, I’m sorry for being such an ass last night. I just want you to know that I’m as nervous as you are."

"You’re kidding? Who would have thought you still got nervous? I’m glad to hear that, Jim. Thanks for sharing that with me. I’m feeling pretty good about the testimony right now. I think I’ll do just fine," Blair replied confidently.

They found out how far the courthouse was and walked. They talked about the case and what they could see happening all the way there, until Blair finally said, "Jim, is it just me or is it fucking freezing?"

"Nope, it’s not just you. We’re getting a cab when we go back to the hotel and if we have to come back tomorrow, we’re not walking. We’re not used to this cold weather."

"Tell me about it," Blair said trying to bundle up more.

"I just did." Jim punched his friend on the shoulder and they walked into the courthouse and found what room they would be going to.

Once inside the courtroom, the DA introduced himself. "Ellison and Sandburg, I presume? I’m Deputy DA Marshall. Are you ready? You’re supposed to be fifth on the list."

"We’re ready and it’s nice to meet you. Is it always this cold here?" Jim wondered aloud.

"Oh yeah, it’s cold here all right. Now I better get back to my presentation. I’m almost done. It was nice meeting you both."

Blair whispered, "Almost done?"

"That’s what I was thinking Chief. This had better go smoothly or we’re going to raise a fuss, right?"

"Everything will be fine, Jim."

Both men sat down in the back and talked quietly so as to not disturb Marshall and before long the room started filling up with people.

The bailiff came out and told everyone to rise and Jim felt like the day might be off to a good start.

Four hours later, and still on the first witness, Jim felt like he wanted to shout at someone.

As the day wore on, both men knew they weren’t going to be questioned that day and would have to be back again the next.

Jim was so pissed he couldn’t see straight.

They left at 5:30 and took a cab back to the hotel and didn’t say a word to each other.

Blair knew that Jim was pissed and that he was going to have to think of something to make him happier as the night wore on.

"Why don’t you order dinner tonight, Jim, and surprise me, while I take a hot shower?"

"Sure, Chief, I’ll do it now."

Jim got on the phone as soon as he heard Blair step into the shower. When Blair came out Jim jumped in for a quick one. Who would think a person would get so hot, sweaty and stinky just sitting in a courtroom, but he was proof that they did.

When room service showed up, Blair wasn’t surprised to see steaks, baked potatoes, carrots and green beans on the plate. For dessert Jim had ordered strawberry shortcake.

They both sat at the table when Jim came out of the bathroom and ate in silence.

"Chief, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad because, at the rate we’re going, we’re going to be here for another four days. We’ll miss Christmas at home. We should have brought our damn presents," Jim said apologetically.

"I was thinking the same thing, man."

"Is your steak cooked enough?"

"It’s great, man. I was really in the mood for a steak tonight. It’s like you could read my mind. Are you getting a sixth sense?" Blair smiled over at his partner and was relieved to see Jim smile back.

Like the night before, they sat and read over the testimony again and then got ready for bed. This time Jim remembered to set the alarm.

The next day, they had a big breakfast and took a cab to the courthouse.

They both silently prayed that today would be the day and they could leave first thing in the morning. But both men knew that their luck wasn’t that good.

At 5:30 that evening, they were only on the third witness. Jim and Blair would go on the stand the next day, but probably be there all day long. The following day was Christmas, so they would have to stay over if they didn’t finish their testimony in time.

"Let’s go out to eat tonight, Jim. We need to get out of that room," Blair suggested.

"I agree. Where would you like to go?"

"I saw a Subway on the way to the courthouse about two blocks from here. Do you feel like walking over there?" Blair looked over at his partner, awaiting his answer.

"Can we order room service for dessert tonight? I feel like cherry cheesecake."

"Sure, that sounds good."

Blair suddenly realized that it wasn’t that bad being stuck in a strange city as long as you were with a friend. Too bad they weren’t more than friends. That would make the time go faster.

The evening flew by and both men were in better moods as they got ready for bed. Jim set the alarm and said, "Chief, I’m sorry we’re not going to make it home for Christmas."

"We’ll make the best of it, Jim, don’t you worry about that."

The following morning came entirely too fast and both men rushed around getting ready for their day in court.

When they arrived they were called immediately and Jim was raked over the coals for about four hours.

The Judge called for a recess and the two men went to lunch.

When they got back, they called Blair up and began questioning him.

This went on until about 5:00 and the Judge called for a recess again, until December 26th. Blair was heartbroken, but knew it couldn’t be helped.

Christmas Eve was very quiet in the hotel room. Finally Jim grabbed a piece of chewing gum from his suitcase and said, "Merry Christmas, Chief."

"Thank you, Jim. But man, I don’t have anything for you."

"You could give me a foot rub," Jim suggested.

"That’s a good idea, move over here and take off your shoes and socks. I’ll get the lotion."

Jim followed orders and lay down on the bed sideways so that Blair would be able to work on his feet easily.

Blair began to rub vigorously and soon Jim was moaning with happiness and contentment. Blair’s fingers worked their magic as Jim smiled in bliss. "Chief, you should do this for a living, I’m not kidding."

"I’ve been told I have good fingers."

Blair kept rubbing for about an hour and by then Jim was asleep.

When he stopped, Jim woke up and said, "A little more, please?"

"Nope, now it’s time for my Christmas present. My shoulders are killing me. Will you massage them?"

"Sure, Chief. Take your shirt off and sit on the floor beside the bed and I’ll give you a great massage."

And he did. Blair sat on the floor and Jim lay across the bed sideways and easily reached Blair’s shoulders.

After a half hour of this Blair was almost asleep and said, "Jim, how would you like your back massaged next?"

Jim couldn’t get his shirt off fast enough, as he lay on the bed waiting for his massage.

Blair began to work on Jim’s tight muscled shoulders and back and finally said, "I think you got a little too tense today in the courtroom. You’re as tight as can be."

Jim mumbled something and Blair just laughed at how happy he was making his Sentinel.

Each time Blair rubbed a section, Jim was getting more turned on. Thank god, Blair couldn’t see his cock, because it was hard as a rock. Jim tried to think of awful things to take the hard-on away, but it wasn’t working.

Finally after about a half hour, Blair said, "Flip over and I’ll do your front."

"Nah, that’s all right, I’m ready for sleep now."

"No, it’s the rest of your Christmas present and you’re going to accept it whether you like it or not," Blair teased.

"Really, I don’t want my front massaged," Jim snapped.

Blair realized that something was wrong and it had to do with Blair seeing Jim’s front. It made Blair smile. Blair began to rub Jim’s butt cheeks very softly and sexily.

"Chief, what are you doing?"

"It’s more of your Christmas present; I want you to feel good all over. Does this feel good?"

"I don’t understand what’s going on," Jim said, sounding confused.

"I want you to feel good and I know how to do that, so just let me make you feel good, Jim."

"But all I gave you was a stick of gum."

"And all I’ll give you is a night you'll never forget," Blair said coyly.

Blair then pushed Jim’s legs apart, so that he could reach the older man’s balls.

Jim stopped fighting him and gladly spread his legs apart. Blair then pushed them back together and started taking Jim’s boxer’s off of him.


"You have a problem with this, Jim?"


"Lift up so I can get your boxers off, man."

Jim lifted up easily and Blair said, "Now spread those legs so I can massage some more things."

Jim spread his legs gladly and moaned when Blair started to rub his balls, then began to slowly massage his crevice as he moved back up the divine ass.

Jim was moaning by now and his cock felt like it was going to explode.



"Help me…"

"If you want me to give you the rest of your present, you’re going to have to flip over."

Jim flipped over, blushing, with his eyes closed tight. Blair had never seen anything so sweet in his life.

Blair went down and began to lick Jim’s cock like it was an ice cream cone he couldn't get enough of.

Jim almost came with the first lick.

"Turn the dials down, Jim. I want this to last. This is going to be your best Christmas present ever; I want you to remember this forever."

With his eyes still closed Jim muttered, "Like I could ever forget."

Blair moved in between Jim’s legs and took Jim’s cock into his mouth. Blair wasn’t sure he was really good at it, but he was going to give it his best. He had only sucked about five times and Jim came suddenly without any warning, choking his Guide and embarrassing the Sentinel.

"I’m sorry, Blair. I don’t usually go off like that,"

"It’s okay, man. I loved making you come that fast and hard." Blair then moved up Jim’s body so he could retrieve a kiss from the big man.

Jim gladly kissed him back and began to get hard once again, very quickly.

"You’re a little over-dressed, Blair." Jim helped Blair take all of his clothing off and then Jim pulled him on top of him and began to rub their cocks against one another. It was heaven; it was everything Jim had hoped it would be and more.

Blair pushed his cock against Jim’s, harder and harder and Jim played with Blair’s ass and began to finger his hole. Blair threw back his head without any warning and yelled, "Jim," as he came.

Jim was pleased he had been able to do for Blair what Blair had done for him and was thrilled with the outcome. Warm, Blair-come was just what he needed to push him over the edge. Another five or six thrusts and Jim came, shouting Blair’s name, as he bit the younger man’s neck.

Once Blair got his breathing back to normal, he said, "Merry Christmas, Jim. I hope that this is the best one you’ve ever had."

"Without a doubt, this *is* the best one I’ve ever had. I love you, Blair."

"I love you too. I’m glad that we had no presents to give each other. How long would we have waited otherwise?"

"For you, I would have waited forever," Jim said sweetly.

"You’re the best man I’ve ever known and I’m glad to call you mine. You are mine, right?" Blair wondered aloud.

"I belong to only you and no one else," Jim answered.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?" Blair asked mischievously.

"I’d love to fuck you senseless, but I want to wait until we’re home to do that, if that’s all right with you."

"That works for me big guy, because we don’t have any supplies with us. But we can do what we did tonight, right?"

"Blair, we can do what we did tonight anytime you want to. All you have to do is ask."

"In that case, can we do it all day long tomorrow and then finish our court hearing and then go home and fuck like bunnies?"

"You’re the Guide, guide me."

"So you’ll do whatever I want?" Blair asked.

"Of course I’d do whatever you wanted. I love you."

"That works for me, oh Sentinel of The Great City. You belong to me and I’ll show you just how much I love you, when we get home."

"Can we go to sleep now, Chief?"

"Is my old man tired?"

"Yes, but with rest, I can do all sorts of things tomorrow."

"Goodnight, my love," Blair whispered into Jim’s oversensitive ear.

"Now, why did you go and start something. I’ll never be able to sleep now. Come here."

And they were off. What a great gift exchange. Who would have thought it would end up like this?

The End

Acknowledgments: Thank you to Caro Dee for the Plot Bunny and to Annie for the beta.