A Christmas Commitment

By: Tate



The snow had begun to drift over Cascade, and with only a few more days till Christmas, Jim and Blair sat snuggled on the couch, both off in their own little worlds, wondering what they should get the other for Christmas. They both wanted to make it special as they had been together now for three years.

The demands on their lives had been huge lately, with Blair busy marking end of year exams and Jim playing drug dealer for a few weeks, trying to catch scumbag, Mike Malone. Because of that, this was the first time they’d spent anytime together in a good few weeks. Jim had managed to get some leave over Christmas and Blair had finally finished his marking, so this year was going to be a really special holiday.

"Jim," Blair said softly, startling his lover, "I’m going to go and do some Christmas shopping tomorrow morning, and before you ask, you can’t come with me or else your gift won’t be a surprise."

"All right, Chief. I have to go out tomorrow morning to follow up on something for the Malone case anyway." Jim was lying. He also had to go shopping for Blair’s gift. The only problem was he didn’t know what to get him. "Let’s head off to bed then," Jim said, yawning.

Blair smiled then leaned over and kissed Jim. "Lead the way, man."



What to get the man who has everything… including heightened senses? Blair stifled a chuckled and rolled onto his side, facing Jim. He’d lain awake for more than an hour trying to decide what to get Jim, when he had a fantastic idea, why not arrange a commitment ceremony for Christmas Day. Yeah, Jim would love that. They had been discussing it for a while but hadn’t really arranged anything, so this would be the perfect gift.



The next morning Blair was up at the crack of dawn, sneaking around the house, trying not to wake his sentinel partner, hoping Jim couldn’t hear his thoughts. He scoffed at that as quickly as he thought of it then decided it wasn’t as fanciful as it seemed. These days, he and Jim seemed to have such a close bond that they often finished each other’s sentences and seemed to know what the other was thinking.

After writing a quick list of what needed to be arranged for the ceremony, Blair was left with still one question in his mind: what kind of celebrant to have. Blair decided on a rabbi. Though somewhat lapsed, it seemed appropriate for an occasion such as this and he was sure Jim wouldn’t mind.


An hour later, walking into Andrew’s Jewelers, Blair thought he saw Jim. Hiding behind the corner of a display case of diamond necklaces, he double-checked. It was Jim. Blair decided it was in his best interest for Jim not to see him there, if he wanted to keep his own surprise, so he snuck out quickly and went to organize the rest of the fixings for the ceremony.


As Jim left Andrew’s Jewelers, he smelled a familiar fragrance. It smelled like Blair. Jim wondered if he was around somewhere and used his Sentinel sense of sight to quickly scan the area to make sure. He spotted Blair down the road going into a grocery store. Jim thought it would be a good idea if he went the other way. He didn’t want Blair to find out what his surprise was for Christmas.

Jim had decided to arrange a commitment ceremony for Christmas Day. Jim knew he had been stalling on the idea for a while now and he knew that Blair was keen to get married. Jim had been stalling only because he wanted to know if Blair really wanted to get married because he loved Jim and not because it was just the next step in their relationship. Jim believed now, after everything that had happened over the past few years that Blair really did love him, and he loved Blair just as much.

Since he was walking the other way, Jim thought he might as well go and speak to a celebrant. A religious ceremony was out of the question and Jim had strayed from the church’s path years before. What he needed was someone who specialized in performing commitment ceremonies for same sex couples and he was pretty sure he knew just the person.



Blair arrived home late that night to find an exhausted Jim sleeping on the couch. Now that all the arrangements had been made, he could relax until Christmas Day when everything would come together. But for now, he felt as tired as Jim looked and it was time for bed. Waking his sleepy lover, he cajoled Jim upstairs to bed then collapsed beside him with a satisfied sigh.



Christmas Eve finally arrived and Blair thought that Jim was acting kind of strangely. He had been on the phone all night talking to many different people. Blair wondered what was up. Hopefully he hadn’t caught wind of Blair’s surprise for the next morning.

Blair had decided that in order to stop Jim from finding out what he was up, to he had to arrange for everyone to be at the loft at 5.30AM Christmas morning and to have the ceremony start at 6AM. It was a lot of effort for Blair to arrange this as he had to use a pay phone 15 blocks away from the loft, just in case Jim used his sentinel powers to eavesdrop on his very private conversation. He refused to think about the disgruntled responses he’d gotten to his early morning Christmas invitation. Once he’d explained the surprise, everyone seemed more than eager to be there on time.


Since Blair had been going out for lots of walks lately, Jim was using that time to finish arranging everything for the ceremony the next day. Inviting people, organizing caterers, the works. But Jim was still wondering where it was that Blair had been going, he always seemed in such a bright mood when he returned and he hoped that Blair wasn’t cheating on him. He rejected that idea as soon as he thought it. Blair loved him, that’s all there was to it. Everyone he’d invited to the ceremony had been pleased with the turn of events and had agreed to keep the surprise. Simon had initially asked Jim if he shouldn’t discuss it with Blair first but Jim had patiently explained that it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Blair knew about it and after a bit of hemming and hawing, Simon had agreed.

In order for Blair not to find out about the ceremony, Jim had arranged for everyone to arrive at about 5.30AM and for the celebrant to begin the ceremony at about 6AM. He knew Blair wouldn’t want to be woken that early, but Jim hoped that once he found out what it was for, he would be very happy.



Bright and early on Christmas morning, Jim snuck out of bed to shower and make sure everything was in place for the ceremony. He crept downstairs and pulled his suit from where he’d hidden it in the closet. He had to admit he felt wired and shaky all at the same time. He smiled. This was going to be one heck of a Christmas gift!


About half an hour later, Blair woke and looked at his alarm clock. 5AM. Just enough time for a shower and then get everyone ready to wake Jim and surprise him. *Hang on, where is Jim?* Blair heard Jim step out of the bathroom and start pottering around in the kitchen. He knew Jim would be up early but not this early. Now Blair needed an excuse for why he was up at this time. He tried to think of one and he walked as casually as he could down the stairs toward the bathroom. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and stared at his lover who was resplendant in his best suit. Blair felt a twinge of disappointment. Had Jim discovered his surprise? If Henri or Rafe had let it slip, he tear them a new one. Still, it was too late now to worry about it. "Going somewhere?" he asked Jim as innocently as he could.

Jim stared at him uncomprehendingly for a moment then glanced down at his clothes as realization apparently dawned.

"Church," he muttered, going back to checking the oven. He shrugged. "Dad’s idea. Figured I shouldn’t refuse. Umm, hey, Chief. What you doing up at this hour?" Jim asked inquisitively.

"Well, I, well, I just couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought, is all. I’m just going to have a shower and then I’ll be out to have a look," Blair mumbled as he walked into the bathroom.

*What the hell is he doing up now? He should still be sleeping.* Jim was concerned that this would ruin the whole plan. Oh well, hopefully not too much.

Blair showered quickly and dressed in his best suit, which he’d hidden in his old room, wrapped in plastic and hidden under his bed. He slipped the ring he had bought for Jim into his pocket. As he stepped out of the bathroom, Jim stared at him in open-mouthed shock. "It’s Christmas," Blair said defensively. "I figured the least I could do was dress up."

Before Jim could reply, there was a knock at the door. "I wonder who it could be at this hour?" Jim said, rather suspiciously, Blair thought, as he opened the door. Standing in the hallway was a veritable crowd of people. Blair recognized some as those he’d invited to the wedding but a few were friends of Jim’s that he knew only vaguely. What the… He knew he hadn’t invited them. A the front of the large group stood the rabbi Blair had spoken to plus another man, dressed in a conservative suit, holding a large folder in his hands, both looking faintly confused.

Simon walked out from behind all the guests and the two celebrants and slapped both Jim and Blair on the back. "I didn’t have the heart to tell either of you that you were both planning the exact same thing!"

Jim and Blair grinned at each other. "Merry Christmas!" they chimed in unison. As they ushered their guests inside and took their places in front of both celebrants in the living room, they linked hands, knowing that this was a love that was going to last forever.


Acknowledgements: Many thanks to mum (Lyn) for the beta and the pic.