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Many Adventures of Jim and Blair 2

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Story Title Author
Companion Legion
    Student Blair Sandburg, serving as an aide-de-camp to sentinel Liegeman Jim Ellison, tries to balance the needs of humanity with the needs of the Elderkin, while trying to balance his own life between being a Student and Jim's guide. 345K Split into 2 parts 
Anywhere but Here Raine Wynd
    When Jim decides to come along on Blair's impulse trip, he surprises Blair with something completely unexpected. 30K 
The Window Glass Debbie Stone
    Blair finds out if he can do the right thing at the right time. 8K 
Visions in Time LilyK
    Blair's strange visions seems to be linked to a physical problem from which he is currently suffering, but he is relucant to treat the condition as the visions are giving him clues about their current case, the kidnapping of two young girls. 103K 
Bossy Babe Kerensa
    Jim finds out he really likes a bossy Blair. 22K 
With a Vengeance Patt
   Detective Sandburg is called in to investigate the murders of business man Jim Ellisonís family. 187K 
Wings of Desire Mab
    Blair has a dream about Jim. Blessed Protector, or something else.... 4K 
Play Nice Greymowser
    Not everyone is happy about Jim and Blairís relationship. Will Jim find Blair before someone hurts him? Or will Blair help Jim? 33K 
Passing in the Night Tinnean
    Jim Ellison, a former hustler, thought things would be better once he left the business. When a former boyfriend is murdered, and Detective Blair Sandburg is assigned to investigate it, Jim becomes sure of it. 768K Split into 4 parts 
Mating Season Patt
   There is something going on with everyone at the station, making Jim and Blair wonder what is happening. 31K 
Anal? Me? Marion
    Is Jim really that anal? 2K 
A.K.A. akablonded
   A bar, a guide, a sentinel, and a stranger to Cascade make for an interesting afternoon. 20K 
Long Time Gone Kerensa
    Blair disappears. How long will it take Jim, his lover, to find him? And what will happen to Blair in the meantime? 235K 
Coffee, the Elixir of Life Debbie Stone
    Jim and Blair find out they have something in common. Let's just say they enjoy the same kink and don't know it. 9K 
The You Look At Me Ankaree
    When Blair is taken in for questioning about his affiliation with a drug gang who set up shop in the warehouse space next to his, he's immediately attracted to the handsome detective in charge of the investigation. 53K 
He's The One Patt
   Jim and Blair meet and fall in love in a completely different way. 35K 
Speak Up Kerensa
    Sometimes the Guide has to take control. 22K 
Shady Dealings Rogue
    Blair becomes a prisoner of a criminal named Jim Ellison. 691K Split into 3 parts 
Sentinel-mental Song Lyrics akablonded
   Our beautiful boys and song lyrics... delish!