Many Chapters of The Sentinel 6

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Angst Stories

A Love Game - Kerensa

How does one understand Jim Ellison when it comes to love? 24K

Looking For Space - Annie

Does being together mean being together all the time? 20K

Fate - Patt

Blair sees someone that he thinks might be related to Jim. 45K

Just a Piece of Fiction - Debbie Stone

Blair gets a chance to tell Jim something important after the fiasco at the University. 16K

Clueless - Kerensa

Four different ways to look at how one day could happen. 95K

Alternate Universe Stories

Through the Years - missfae

He knew that they would be together for ever. 19K

Crossover Stories

Friends or More - Patt

What happens when two detectives from another Major Crimes meet Jim and Blair? Crossover with The Closer 59K

More... - Patt

What happens with Flynn and Provenza after Jim and Blair leave? Crossover with The Closer 34K

First Time Stories

Make-up Sex - Akablonded

Just how much will Blair take before he actually forgives Jim? 23K

Caught in the Act - Kate Roman

Sometimes a person doesn’t want to be asked, they need to be told. 5K

The Big Freeze - Nicci

How could the boys possibly warm up when the heat goes out? 3K

How About Me? - Patt

Jim thinks that no one knows about his needs. 40K

The Pretender - Silk

Sure that his Sentinel is The Pretender, Blair goes to great lengths to prove that Jim Ellison is a man without compassion for the Guide who loves him. 17K

See Attached - Travelin

Jim must keep a journal. The entries are making him think about his life. 8K

Pilgrim Soul Redux - Akablonded

Jim finally finds the clue bus. Story is in image form.

Holiday Stories

Home - ainm

Jim and Blair know exactly what home means to them. 3K

Cassie Got Runned Over By A Reindeer - JustJeanette

Christmas Filk sung by Jim 3K

Christmas With Dad - Patt

What happens when Jim and Blair’s Christmas doesn’t turn out exactly as planned? 31K

Simple Gifts - ainm

Jim and Blair do something very nice for no reason at all. 6K

Ellison - JustJeanette

Christmas Filk 2K

Be Careful - Patt

Jim warns Blair about the evils of icicles. 3K

The Stocking - ainm

Blair wants to try something new. Jim is leery of it. Go figure. 11K

Humorous Stories

Badgering - ainm

Doesn’t everyone build a snow badger? 5K

I Wonder - Patt

Blair wonders if Jim ever thinks about his package. - 8K

Changes - ainm

Jim actually leaves Blair speechless. 3K

Avast - missfae

Winning the battle. 4K

Going to the Dogs - ainm

Blair is baking and Jim is making fun of his creations. 2K

A Great Night For a Killing, part 2 - missfae

An argument, a dead client and Blair's the prime suspect. 7K

Gone to the Dogs - ainm

What in the world is Blair building now? 3K

A Great Night For a Killing, part 3 - missfae

Detective Blair Sandburg and his partner Jim Ellison get to their man. 23K

Rarin' to Go - ainm

Someone is drunk and someone has to try and save the day. 3K

Sad Stories

Crumbled - Kerensa

Sometimes happiness cannot be. 27K

Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate - Kerensa

Jim has pissed Blair off for the last time. 16K

Slice of Life Stories

To Us - ainm

Jim is enjoying Blair and the peacefulness of just the two of them. 5K

A Sense of Home - Debbie

A brief slice of life with Jim and Blair as their friendship turns into something more. 8K

The Way To A Man's Stomach - missfae

It’s not what you eat... 2K

Writing Prompt Stories
The prompt: You're 26 and single, I'm 36 and divorced, what are we doing wrong?

Laying It On The Line - Marns AKA Bumpkin and Karieauthoress

Jim and Blair discuss their future together. 10K

Waiting For Sandburg - Kerensa

An innocent question by Jim stirs up trouble, and maybe more for the guys. 21K

E-Harmony - Patt

Jim is filling out papers for he and Blair because they don’t seem to be getting anywhere in their personal lives by themselves. 19K

Where Did We Go Wrong? - Tinnean

Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship, or could it be the start of something more? 189K