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Many Faces of Jim and Blair 10

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In Loving Memory

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Story Title Author
Unsaid Lisa, Duncan's Twin
    What isn't said is almost as important as what is. 10K 
Warrior Patt
    Jim Ellison is raised by the military to become the ultimate fighting machine. What happens when they no longer need him or find someone better? 103K 
Blair's Island Kerensa
    Jim and Blair crash land on an island. How will they get along? Will they be rescued? 29K 
I Found a Sentinel Bluewolf
    Blair talks about his early life, then jumps to the events of TSbyBS. 45K 
How We Met, part 1 Pete
    How did Jim and Blair really meet? 7K 
Competitive Sports Marion
    Blair is into sports with only winners and no losers. 2K 
Chasing the Storm Alex McLeod
    An old friend of Blair's has been asking him for years to visit. Since his academic career is down the drain, Blair takes the time before entering the academy, to visit his friend during tornado season in Oklahoma, but will he survive the storm? 85K 
Life Patt
    Blair finds some new things out about close mouthed Jim Ellison. 14K 
Happy Mothertine's Day escargoat
    Sally makes Jimmy make a proper valentine for Blair. 10K 
Don't Let the Door Kerensa
    Blair says goodbye to the past and hello to the future. 18K 
Curiosity and the Gift Marion
    The first thought Blair had when he walked into the loft was that they'd been burgled. 6K 
One Over Easy With A Side Of Toast akablonded
    Breakfast time at the Ellison-Sandburg Household. 9K 
Seeing Red Patt
    Everywhere Jim looks all he sees is red. 8K 
There Will Be Sparks Tinnean
    Jim learns he has 18 months to live, so he leaves Cascade PD and moves into Prospect Cottage with Megan Connor-Rafe, the pregnant widow of his good friend, Detective Rafe. Prospect Cottage is a place for honeymooners, and if their love is true, they'll be able to inscribe their names on the Window of True Love. 72K 
Hide In Plain Sight Debbie Stone
    Jim and Blair are both stressed out and have something to hide from one another. Sentinel and Guide both seek ways to release that stress, however, they quickly come to realize, and throughly enjoy, Blair's idea of stress release. 19K 
The Vampire Dissertation Landis McQuade
    Jim and Blair meet and fall in love while fighting vampires.Multiple Crossovers. 74K 
Wackadoo Kerensa
    What does Jim do when he realizes he loves Blair for the first time? 9K 
Sentinel Code Legion
    When Jim and Blair break into a secure national facility to review Jim's file, they discover a sensory echo left by another sentinel. Intrigued, they embark on a journey of adventure and discovery as they follow the clues left for them. Crossover with NCIS. 138K 
The Sandburg Special Marion
    He went alone to a party. A good deal of alcohol was consumed. He got home and... "I was drunk?" 8K 
Gingerbread Man Patt
    Jim is sick. Blair is by his side with cookies and Simon is there to eat cookies. 3K 
Aftermath Laurie
    After Blair's drowning and near death, he has a decision to make. 60K 
Can't Say What I Mean Silk
    When Jim can't find the right words, sometimes the Universe just has to step in. 7K 
How We Met, part 2 Pete
    Blair has to tease Connor again about how he met Jim. 8K 
Kissing Fate SCH
    When Fate works too slow, she might send in some help to push things along. 59K 
Close Encounters Mostcrazylady
    Jim meets an interesting young man who is definitely interested. But where's the wolf? 25K 
Liberation Patt
    Blair tries to figure out what Jim is really thinking. 43K