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The Many Faces of Jim and Blair 7

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Story Title Author
Butterscotch akablonded
    A guide contemplates the wonders of nature and his sentinel. 32K 
Unraveling Patt
    Jim finds out how bad life can get. Rape Story 232K 
Attack of the Killer Cliches Kerensa
    Join Jim and Blair as they fight dastardly 'ner-do-well's, and barbers, in their never ending fight to discover Rafe's real name. This crack fic will answer all those burning questions. Like, will Simon ever light that cigar? CrackFic 62K 
Sunday Morning Maaaaa
    A Sunday morning at the loft. 27K 
A Helping Hand Mostcrazylady
    Blair and Jim have different reasons for hiding in the woods. AU 95K 
A Pack of Hate Travelin
    Jim and Blair encounter bigotry and make a friend along the way who plays an important role. 46K 
The Morning After Patt
    Jim worries about Blair having second thoughts after a wild night they spent together. 19K 
To Catch A Thief Laurie
    A plagiarist turns Jim and Blair's lives upside down but finally headed in the right direction. 16K 
Liegeman Legion
    In an AU where Dragons rule the Americas, Blair Sandburg fights to convince Liegeman James Ellison that Cascade should not be destroyed for the good of people living in the city. AU 213K 
Desert Hunt Ice Bear
    Post TSBS when the Sentinel and Guide vacation in the Southwest, they end up involved in a manhunt with a stranger who figures out something is very different about the two Cascade detectives. 39K 
Letting the Chips Fall Where They May Mostcrazylady
    This is how TSbyBS should have gone. 19K 
Twelve Steps to Insanity LilyK
    A series of copycat crimes has Jim and Blair futilely running around Cascade trying to figure out what's going on. 75K 
Rhythm of the Falling Rain Peggy R
    Has Jim lost his chance with Blair? 18K 
Where Am I? Patt
    Jim wakes up and he’s not in his bed at home. He doesn’t remember where he is or how he got there, but it looks like a hotel room and he knows that he had sex, or rather someone had sex with him. Is it time for a nervous breakdown? 11K 
Faith Thais
    Blair has a crisis of faith. 7K 
Sentinel-mental Song lyrics akablonded