Well, here we are again, pumping out another ezine. I find it hard to believe that the fandom is still this strong. I’m impressed. We had a lot of wonderful writers this time around and I do hope you check them out and let them know what you think of everything.

Thank you, Lisa, for being here every time I go a little bit nutso. I appreciate all of your back up.

I’m sorry to say that two of our members lost family earlier this year. Akablonded lost her mother and Mary Browne lost her son, Howard. Both of them shall be missed and we wish Mary and Deana well.

Amy did the opening picture this time around and as always, it’s beautiful. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into the ezines.

Thank you to all of the writers and all of the betas. The writers would be no where without them. The artists have been busy, busy, busy this time around. We are very lucky to have such good people working with us. Thank you to all of you, once again.

Have a good summer,



It has been a crazy year and it's only half way through!! This ezine is late, late, late in coming out, which is never my goal, but my husband and I just bought our first home and it has been a crazy, insane, maddening, stressful process! And that wasn't even the closing part... it was the moving!! But we're in and on the way to it feeling like home. So excited!

On a positive note, I think I found my missing muses. They moved out about 7 years ago, and were just hanging around waiting for me to catch up. I never promise anything I can't absolutely control, but I will say that I think you'll see a new story (with luck, two) in the next ezine. :)

The biggest thanks go to Patt... she's the muscle behind the machinery! Without her, I know we wouldn't still be here. I'm telling ya, she's the drive behind this. She's the car and I'm steering. Or am I the car and she's steering? Well, both of us are necessary for this machine to move forward. Now, the gas... the writers, artists and the betas are the gas that makes the machine move forward! ...okay, enough with the car metaphors. :)

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of My Mongoose Ezines for the last nine and a half years, here's to a couple more!


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