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Many Faces of Jim and Blair 9

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In Loving Memory

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Story Title Author
The Guide Series Lisa, Duncan's Twin
    Our boys taking the long road to getting together and, more importantly, staying together. 35K 
When Love and Hate Collide Patt
    Blair digs into Jim’s past and finds something he doesn’t know how to deal with. 34K 
Calendar Guide Kerensa
    A year of the boys falling in love. 123K 
A Change of Venue hawk_soaring
    Blair and Jim disagree – loudly. Separation ensues and Blair finds himself living on the edge. 49K 
Summer Lovin' WesleysGirl
    How does one cool off during a heat wave? 4K 
James in Boots Tinnean
    Evil is stalking the land of Cascade, and even Sir James, the King's Protector of the Realm, isn't immune to it. Trapped in the body of a jaguar, the only way out for him is to find his own shaman. Blair Sandburg is the miller's son, but he's also a scholar of some renown. Could he be the man Sir James has been searching for? 247K 
Together Forever KarieAuthoress
    Jim and Blair do their best to reach that Happily Ever After with their boys. 27K 
A Hidden Skill Bluewolf
    Jim learns where Blair's stance on gun control comes from. 33K 
Anonymous Love Patt
    Jim is getting letters in the mail from someone and Blair is jealous. 29K 
Love at First Sniff Kerensa
    Sometimes all it takes is a whiff. 21K 
The Beginning of Control Chrys
    Blair returns to Cascade after travelling to Borneo with Eli Stoddard. While visiting an old friend, he meets Jim, a cop on medical leave from the force. What makes Jim so different from anyone he’s ever known? BDSM 45K 
A Broken Statue Lisa, Duncan's Twin
    An act of terrorism hits close to home. 16K 
A Great Night for a Killing missfae
    Detective Blair Sandburg and his lover/bodyguard, former police detective Jim Ellison, solve crimes on the streets of Cascade, in this ‘40s style series of fiction. AU 63K 
Snowy Night KarieAuthoress
    First snow fall of the season has Jim wishing to have it all. 11K 
Easier Said Than Done Kerensa
    Sentinel and Guides are known. Jim needs a Guide, but fights it. 110K 
Trouble Ahead Patt
    Blair needs to talk Jim into telling him what’s wrong. Jim fights it. Go figure. 12K