Trouble Ahead by Patt

Trouble Ahead - Patt

Jim shoved an angry Blair back out of his space and shouted, “If we have this conversation, it’s going to end badly for you. Consider that fair warning.”

Blair shoved him back and said, “I want to know what’s wrong with you. You haven’t talked to me about it and it’s time, damn it. Now, stop warning me and just tell me what the problem is.”

Jim jerked out of Blair’s hold and started to pace in the dining room. His blood pressure was up, both men could tell that much. Jim’s face was crimson and he was sweating profusely.

“You’re still not telling me what the problem is. You’re just pacing and getting your blood pressure up. Now, stop it. Sit down and tell me what’s wrong,” Blair ordered.

“Blair have you ever thought that there might be certain things that are never meant to be discussed? This is one of those times. I really don’t wish to talk to anyone about it.”

“Sit…” He watched Jim sit down at the table and clam up. Blair knew he wasn’t going to get anything out of this man. It was like Jim was black ops or something and he had to protect a secret. What could be that secretive? Jim usually talked to Blair about almost everything, so what had changed?

“You’re not going to talk to me are you?” Blair asked.

“It would just cause trouble and I don’t like confrontations with you,” Jim answered.

Blair laughed loudly and replied, “Since when?”

“See, you’re getting defensive already and I haven’t even said anything yet.”

Blair sat across from Jim and said, “Is this something uber personal?”

Jim got up from the chair quickly and started the pacing again. Blair now knew that it was personal. That was going to be a lot harder.

“Jim, answer me.” Blair commanded.

Jim sat down at the table again and said, “Yes, it’s personal. I should be able to have a personal life, shouldn’t I?”

“Yes, you should. If you really don’t want to talk about it, I will back down and let you stay your cold, obnoxious self. No one has been able to get within ten feet of you without you biting their heads off. So you decide here and now if you want to discuss this and get it out into the open or let it drop and you continue being an asshole.”

“I say, let’s drop it,” Jim said gladly and stood up from the table, like the discussion was over with.

“Why did you give me fair warning ten minutes ago? And why did you say it was going to end badly for me? I have to at least know that much,” Blair said.

“I decided to not discuss it. You gave me a choice and I’ve decided to not bring anything up. Now could I please watch the news?” Jim wondered.

“No… You’re going to discuss this with me. I’m tired of getting yelled at every day in the bullpen and watching everyone scurry when you come into the room. It has to stop. So sit back down and think up something and it better be good,” Blair demanded.

Jim started pacing again and softly said, “I get no privacy here at all. I have no time to myself, and I’m tired of being your guinea pig.”

Blair said, “You’re going to have to do much better than that. I know it’s not the guinea pig theory. So think up something else to lie to me about. I can’t believe you’re lying now.”

“Don’t call me a fucking liar. I’m telling you the truth. My life is like an open book and I never get any privacy,” Jim answered.

“You know what? You’re going to have plenty of privacy, because I’m going to move out tomorrow. You’ll have the place to yourself again and you’ll have all of that peace and quiet you must need,” Blair said as he walked towards his room.

“I didn’t ask you to move. That’s not what I meant. Can’t a person just be in a bad mood now and then?”

“Jim, you’ve been in a bad mood for three weeks now and everyone, and I do mean everyone, is sick to death of it. There is something on your mind and you have to talk to someone. If not to me, how about Simon?”

“Jesus, you’re just going to pass me off to Simon now? First you say you’re moving and now you want me to talk to closed off Simon?”

“Okay, you’ve got a point. That was harsh of me to think you would want to talk to Simon. How about Conner? She’s a good mate. She would listen and keep it to herself. Do you see yourself talking to her?” Blair inquired.

“Blair, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I just want to have a bad week or two. I’m allowed. Everyone is allowed but me. Simon is grouchy all the time. I don’t see you grilling him over the coals like me.”

“Do you want your apartment back?” Blair asked quietly.

“No, I don’t want you to move. I like having you here. This has just been a shitty three weeks.”

“Let’s think about that for a while. What has happened in the last three weeks that started this?” Blair said trying to figure it all out.

Jim sighed and said, “There is no reason, Blair. I’m just grouchy and need some time off. Maybe I’ll ask Simon for some time off.”

“Jim, you were going to tell me something before. Something that was going to upset me. Something about it ending badly and giving me fair warning. Let’s go back to that and discuss that for a while.”

“Jesus, do you ever let anything go? Can’t you just let me be alone tonight? Let me think about things and if I can, I could talk to you in the morning,” Jim pleaded.

“No… No can do…” Blair just stood back with his arms folded over his chest looking every bit as angry as Jim did. Then Blair noticed there was something else in Jim’s eyes. Fear. Why would Jim fear anything that had to be said?

“I just want to go to bed and sleep this off. Can I do that, Chief?”

“What happened three weeks ago that has done this to you?” Blair asked.

Jim started pacing again and didn’t answer Blair.

Blair thought for a moment and realized the only thing that happened three weeks ago was he went out with Marley McCaffrey. He had been dating her off and on for the last two weeks. He had been gone from the loft a lot, and staying over at her house from time to time. Could Jim be jealous? Could Jim be interested in him?

Blair stopped Jim from pacing and asked, “What do you think of Marley?”

Jim opened up his mouth to say something and then just went back to pacing.

“You don’t like Marley, do you?” Blair asked.

“You know for a highly educated man, you can be very obtuse,” Jim said angrily.

“Answer me, Jim. Do you like Marley or not?”

Jim mumbled something and then went back to pacing.

“Excuse me, Jim. I’m not a Sentinel, I can’t hear you. What did you say and I want the truth.”

“I said, she’s a nice enough girl.”

“Then why are you so angry about her, Jim?” Blair asked.

“Maybe I don’t think she’s right for you,” Jim offered up.

“If you think she’s wrong for me, than I will call it quits right now. I believe you would know if she was a good or bad love interest. Do you want me to stop seeing her?” Blair asked hopefully.

“Jesus, I don’t know. I miss having down time with you and watching the games with you and things like that. I’m probably just jealous of the time you spend with her,” Jim admitted.

“So you like her and you think she’s an all right date for me?” Blair asked.

“Yes, she’s as good as anyone, I guess.”

“Than why are you so upset about it? Talk to me Jim. I want the truth and I can take it.”

“You don’t want the fucking truth, you just like being in control of me. I’d like to go to bed now,” Jim said heading for the stairs.

“Oh no you don’t. You will stay here and finish this argument before you go to bed. In fact, that’s going to be a new loft rule. No arguing and not making up before bed.”

“What in the hell do you want from me, Blair?”

“The truth. Just talk to me, Jim.”

“Do you remember how I said it will cause trouble? Well it will. You’ll move and we won’t be friends anymore and everyone at the station will hate me for telling you,” Jim stated.

“For telling me how you feel about me?” Blair asked.


“Jim, talk to me. No one is going to move, no one is getting angry and my mind is totally open to whatever you have to say.”

Jim continued to pace and whispered, “I don’t like Marley.”

“Now, was that so hard? I know you don’t. I could tell from the very beginning. I tried to figure it out, but I’m obtuse, remember?”

“I don’t want you to move.”

“Jim, are you saying you want me to stay in my room forever?” Blair hoped this would get Jim on the ball.

“Blair, I can’t talk about this,” Jim pleaded again.

“Jim, the only way I’m going to stay here, is if I get to move upstairs with you. Do you have enough room up there for me?” Blair teased.

Jim stopped, stood in one place with his mouth agape and didn’t say a word.

“Answer me, Jim.”

“There is plenty of room up there for you, Blair. I would love to have you move upstairs with me. But what about Marley?”

“What about her? We broke up about two weeks ago because I knew you didn’t like her. So instead I just went to the library and stayed out late. Do I look like an idiot?” Blair asked.

“So, you knew how I felt?” Jim asked, somewhat confused.

“I had an idea. But I wasn’t sure. You still didn’t have any right to treat everyone at the station house like crap. You’re going to have to kiss ass big time, big guy.”

“I’ll apologize to everyone I was shitty to, okay?”

“That’s fine, Jim. That’s a good start. But how long have you been bi?”

“Since college. I prefer men over women, but when I became a cop, it was easier to be with women. Closed societies and all that.”

“I never knew I had a chance until a week ago when I caught you looking at me. You’ve never looked at me that way before and I liked it. I was hoping that you would talk to me about it, but you were too busy being a butt head. Now, where do we go from here?” Blair asked.

Jim walked over to Blair and pulled him into his arms and began to kiss him. The kiss was very fine. Jim knew how to kiss well and he was showing that to Blair. Finally they both came up for air and Jim said, “I think you should move upstairs tonight.”

“I don’t even get a date out of this?” Blair asked.

“Blair, I’m ready to pop,” Jim confessed, “remember that I’ve wanted you for some time now.”

“How long?” Blair questioned.

“About six months. I’ve always been attracted to you, but for the last six months, it was getting harder and harder to hide. If you noticed, I haven’t been dating much,” Jim explained.

“I noticed, there were all of those gorgeous criminals just going to waste at the station,” Blair joked.

“I’m never going to live that shit down, am I?”

“No, you never will. Okay, this is the game plan. We move my things upstairs tonight, we get everything settled in our room and then we make love. Does this work for you?”

“Jim held Blair close to him and whispered, “Is it too soon to tell you how much I love you?”

“Not at all. You can tell me all the way up the stairs and back again until we’re done moving all of my things,” Blair suggested.

“Then let’s get started. I love you, Blair.”

“And I love you, Jim.”

They practically ran for Blair’s room and both of them were smiling.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Kerensa for the beta.