Summer Lovin' by WesleysGirl

Summer Lovin' - WesleysGirl

"Chief? You up here?" Jim had a bag of chips tucked under his arm and two glasses of water -- mostly made up of ice cubes, though they wouldn't be like that for long in this heat -- as he went up the stairs.

It hadn't been a necessary question; he knew Blair was up on the roof because he could smell him, the musk of herbal shampoo and sweat hopelessly intermingled into a scent that had come to mean Blair as surely as most anything in Jim's life. The door to the rooftop was propped open with a chunk of old cinderblock, and as Jim rounded the corner and approached the cheap blow-up swimming pool they'd bought in a state of mutual desperation the night before when the temperature had refused to fall below ninety degrees even at ten o'clock he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Hey," Blair said. "Jim. Did you know I'm naked?"

Of course, that wasn't what Blair said, but it was what Jim heard. Probably because Blair was naked, the trail of clothes leading to the pool's edge including Blair's boxer shorts in sure proof of the fact. If Jim had needed proof in the face of Blair's glorious, bare skin. Which he didn't.

"What?" Jim said dumbly.

"Are you okay?" Blair turned his head to look at Jim.

Okay? God, no. Okay was the last thing he was, with Blair completely naked beneath a few inches of tepid water, droplets clinging to his otherwise dry shoulders because the crappy inflatable pool didn't go deep enough for more than a shallow soak. And of course that meant Jim could see Blair in his so-called birthday suit.

It felt more like Jim's own birthday, he thought. Like Blair was a present that had already been unwrapped. "Um. Yeah. I'm -- hot."

"Join the club." Blair sighed, sticking his toes up out of the water and wiggling them. "Sorry I didn't wait for you to get home -- it was just too beastly to contemplate anything but getting up here and into the pool."

"Right." Somehow, Jim had managed to set down the things he'd been carrying. Somehow, he found himself pulling his shirt off over his head and dropping it to the rough surface of the roof at his feet.

"Hey, seriously? Are you all right? You don't have heat stroke or anything, do you?" Blair was looking at him with concern. "Oh, hey. This doesn't bother you, does it? The skinny-dipping, I mean?"

Jim swallowed and said, "Nah." There was a reason he never walked around the apartment naked, and it wasn't because nudity bothered him. He gave himself a fierce mental shake and reached for the button on his jeans, then slowly stripped down until he was standing bare beside the pool.

And here was the reason -- because he wasn't the only thing standing. His cock was hard, pointed toward the hazy sky, and Jim couldn't keep his desire from showing on his face any more than he could have kept it from his dick.

Comprehension slowly spread across Blair's face. "Jim. Are you -- me? Seriously?" He was delighted, smiling, and Jim grinned back and said, "Never been more serious about anything in my life, Chief."

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Patt for the art.