Editor's acknowledgements

This insanity started with a casual comment from my husband, Iceman and snowballed into this labor of love before you. From inception to birth, this ezine has been lots of work, but also lots of fun!

I need to explain about how I defined AU for this ezine. My original explanation was any Jim that isn't canon. Which for me, meant a Jim that wasn't a cop, but the definition is, of course, broader than that. We do have a story where Jim is a cop, but in that story he is drunk, which is not canon, since he's never been drunk in an episode. So, it actually is an AU. Is that clear as mud?

Firstly, I need to thank the writers. They had an impossibly short amount of time and they all did a great job. From inception to birth, they only had three short weeks to write, edit and get their story to me. Thank you all, so much!!

Secondly, I need to thank the artists. All of them. In one way or another, everyone had a hand in the art, but the bulk of the work fell on Amy. Thank you so much, Amy! And we worked her to the bone. Hey, Amy, can you raise the head a little? :) Specific thanks to Audrey for the opening cover collage and various pics; to Patt for making covers and banners; to Jenn for doing her cover and some art. Additional thanks go to Starfox for letting us raid her picture galleries.

Thirdly, I need to thank the betas, both our personal ones and in house ones. Misspellings were corrected but structure was left intact to preserve the writer's personal style.

Lastly, I need to thank Iceman because without him this wouldn't have happened. The letters 'html' don't mean a thing to me. Thank you so much my love for ignoring the content and just putting the pics and stories up.

And if you're still with me.... If you enjoyed a story, please let the author's know. I can guarantee they will appreciate it.

Now, go read! :)