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Blair Sandburg jumped half out of his skin at a strong knock on the door, and checked his face in the reflective surface of the toaster. He placed a hand on his stomach, willing the fluttering to subside. Smoothing his shirt down, he moved toward the door, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly along the way. Grabbing the knob with a shaking hand, he opened the door. And his heart stopped. A tall, slender yet muscular man stood before him holding a duffel bag. Rain soaked the short brown hair; water dripped off the end of his nose, his loose clothes plastered to his body.

"Blair Sandburg?"

"Oh. Uh, yeah."

"I'm Jim," the handsome man offered, holding out his hand.

Blair took it, enjoying the firm grip, his mind spinning away with what those hands could do to his body. "Please, come on in."

After Blair shut the door, the man turned to him wearing a sheepish expression. "Do you have somewhere I can change?"

"Sure," he answered, attempting not to gawk. "The bathroom's right through here." After showing his guest the way, he stared at the closed door for several long seconds, finally shaking himself out of the sudden arousal induced brain fade.

Grumbling under his breath on the way back to the stove, he made a note to chastise Robert for the understatement of the year. I think you'll like this guy. He's totally your type.

Only a few close friends knew of his proclivity for hiring escorts. Dating stripped too much time away from his work and always ended up messy. His escorts sometimes liked him because he took the time to inquire about them instead of looking down on them. Other times they just rolled their eyes and indulged him because he was the dude with the cash. He wondered why a stunningly gorgeous man like Jim worked in this kind of business. Of course, good looks like that could rack up some major change.

"Sorry about that," a quiet voice to his left told him and he jerked away, eyes widening. Trying to get his heart back down his throat and into his chest where it belonged, he gulped as he noted the new outfit. Could this man get any more gorgeous? He now wore snug blue jeans and a skin tight black t-shirt, accenting every muscle and leaving the onlooker wondering what kind of package lurked behind the denim.

"Oh my God." The temptation to drag Jim to his bed that very second taunted him.

"Hey. Relax." Jim moved closer and placed his hands on tense shoulders. Blair drank in the warmth of the touch, the strength in those agile fingers. "I won't bite." The older man grinned wickedly then. "Well, of course, unless that's what you're into."

Chuckling nervously, Blair attempted a smile, but it flopped. "Right." Suddenly mesmerized by the smirking lips, he reached up to touch the smooth lower one, glancing into patient blue eyes. "Can I kiss--" Before he could finish his sentence, the other man pulled his hand out of the way and covered his mouth, searing him to his very soul. Never had an escort kissed him before, much less like that. Pulling back to give himself some space, he said, "Wow."

"Feel better?" Jim licked his lips as he allowed the younger man to put some distance between them. Backing away a bit, he simply leaned his hip against the counter, displaying himself for the other man's pleasure.

Ignoring the question, Blair asked, "Would you mind eating dinner with me?"

"No, but it'll cost more."

Blair turned to face the older man. "We should probably discuss that."


"How much?"

"$200 for vanilla sex. $350 for the evening." Jim stated the prices matter-of-factly, not even the faintest flush covering his cheeks. "Anything spicier, we can negotiate."

Blair pulled his recently lost nerve out of reserve. "What about for the night?"

"You want me to stay the night?" Jim's mouth dropped open slightly.

"How much?"


"Done." Disappearing upstairs, Blair momentarily returned with five crisp $100 bills and dropped them on the kitchen table. "Why were you so surprised that I wanted you to stay?"

"Ah, people usually can't get rid of me fast enough. I mean, once in a while a client will take me out to a nice dinner before..." He grasped for the words, but they failed him.

"The main event," Blair supplied.

"Riiiiiight. The main event, but nobody's ever asked me to stay the night."

"Consider yourself asked."

"Consider your invitation accepted."

Blair smiled somewhat mirthfully, intensely satisfied to have the formalities out of the way. Now, they could enjoy their evening together.

"Tell me something, Chief."

"What's that?"

"Your reaction earlier, do you like what you see?"

He chuckled at the irony of such a gorgeous man needing reassurance. "I definitely like what I see. A little too much maybe."

Jim reached out and took his hand, pulling him closer. Grabbing two fists full of hair, he kissed Blair hard, bringing their hips together. Trapping the younger man between himself and the counter, he thrust lazily.

"Wait," Blair murmured against his mouth, unwillingly pushing him away. "Stop."

Planting one last kiss on the upturned lips, Jim took one step back, displaying his hard cock under the tightly stretched denim.

"What the hell was that?"

"Anticipation." After a beat, he asked, "Can I help you with dinner?"


Blair wiped the corners of his mouth with his napkin. "This is a good salad, Jim. Thanks for helping me."

The older man shrugged. "I have a weakness for Wonder Burger. When I indulge, it's salad lunches and extra hours at the gym."

"You're in excellent shape."

"Thank you." A strange expression settled on Jim's face. "Do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Not at all."

"How did you get my beeper number?"

"A colleague of mine highly recommended you. I only contact referrals."

"A colleague. What line of work are you in?"

"I'm a professor at Rainier University. Dr. Blair Sandburg at your service." He affected an exaggerated bow in an attempt to throw the attention off himself.

"You're young to have already acquired a teaching position."

"I started young and work hard." Blair shrugged, his answer honest.

"I'm impressed."

"Speaking of lines of work...," the younger man began, his tact preventing him from just blurting his question out.

Chuckling, Jim smiled. "Here it comes."

"I'm sorry?"

"The inevitable question about how I became a high priced whore."

"I apologize, Jim. I had no right--"

Holding a hand up, the older man forestalled any further objections. "No, it's all right. This isn't my sole means of income if that's what you're thinking."

The anthropologist in Blair shifted into overdrive. "Then why...?"

"Because I like sex, Chief," Jim purred. "And I'm good at it."

"So modest, too."

Grinning, Jim attempted to explain. "I look at it this way. I'm gay, just in case you hadn't clued in on that yet."

"You don't say." Blair mocked shock, unable to help himself from being drawn in by this man's charm.

"In my experience, the gay lifestyle is a series of meaningless one night stands. I figure I might as well enjoy myself and get paid for it at the same time."

"That attitude sucks."

"I prefer the term romantically challenged."

In spite of himself, Blair laughed out loud. "You're a piece of work, Jim."

"I aim to please."

"I'm sure you do."


Blair wiped a sweaty palm on the leg of his jeans. "Would you like to dance?"

"Dance?" Jim asked, surprise evident on his face.

"Yeah." Blair chuckled nervously again. "I love to dance, but I always seem to get stuck leading."

"Sure. You got any music?"

"Do you like jazz?"

"Jazz is good for dancing."

Blair moved to the CD player and inserted a sampler that he bought for meditating. The music soothed him, his hips automatically swaying. A hand enclosed his shaking one and turned him, moving him into position. Jim urged Blair's head down onto his shoulder, wrapping one of the younger man's arms around his back and taking the other hand in his own.

"How's this?"

"Nice," Blair murmured contentedly, thinking that he could easily get used to being in this man's arms, the heat of his body lulling him.

"Tell me something."


"Am I your first guy?"

Laughing, Blair tilted his head back to look into sincere blue eyes. "Hardly. I had my first guy when I was fifteen."

"And now you're...?"


"You're kidding. You don't look a day over twenty-two."

Blair smiled, his eyes twinkling. "Thanks."

"So, why are you nervous?"

"That obvious, huh?"

"You're trembling."

"I haven't done this in a long time. I don't indulge myself often."

"Well, we'll just have to make it memorable, won't we?" Jim dipped his head to plant a tender kiss on Blair's lips.

"Yeah." When they broke apart, Robert's words of warning echoed in his mind. Be careful, Blair. You'll fall hard for this one. Robert was so right.


The two men faced each other on the couch, each comfortable with the other. Jim planted his feet flat and bent his legs at the knees, spreading them to make himself available. Blair extended his legs between his companion's, his sock clad foot absently fondling the other man's balls.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" Blair ventured, laying his head down on the back of the couch while still watching the other man.

"Sure." Jim groaned throatily. "Doesn't mean I'll answer, but you can ask anything you want."

"Don't you ever get tired of people looking down on you?" After a moment he added, "For what you do, I mean?"

Jim watched him back for several long minutes before he spoke, making him think he wouldn't reply. "Honestly? I don't care what people think."

"Do you ever date?"

"Rarely, but I don't escort when I'm in a committed relationship."

Blair's heart constricted at the thought of not seeing Jim again. Outwardly, he covered his feelings remarkably well. "Me, either."

"You don't date? Why not?"

Sighing, Blair said, "There was a time as I was pursuing my doctorate when I went into major denial. I panicked and slept with just about any female I could get my hands on. Now..." He shrugged. "...I just don't have the energy."

"You don't date men?"

"Only very sparingly. It's hard to find someone you're compatible with and when you do, it almost always seems like you want different things from a relationship."

"What is it that you want?"

"I suppose I just want someone I can spend time with, someone who's open to it developing into something more. Sex would be good, too," he added with a wicked leer.

Jim nodded. "Sex is nice."

Suddenly feeling restless and despondent, Blair got up off the couch and moved to look out the balcony windows. He felt a presence behind him and looked into Jim's reflection on the glass, seeing what could be sincere concern in the apparition's eyes.

"Did I do something wrong, Chief?" a quiet voice inquired, laced with the concern he saw in the window.

"No." He sighed, dropping his head forward and wrapping his arms around his stomach. "I just... never mind."

Jim placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. "You just what?"

"I'm thirty years old. I have my doctorate. I have this place. And suddenly I realize I have nothing. I even kid myself into thinking I don't really use escorts. I mean, I have dinner with you and talk to you to keep from feeling cheap. Funny, isn't it? I'm paying you, yet I'm the one who ends up feeling cheap. Hell, you wouldn't even be here if I weren't paying you."

"I might."

Suddenly, Blair whirled, grabbing two fists full of Jim's shirt, pulling him closer. "Why do you do this, Jim? You're smart, funny, sexy as hell. I don't understand."


Blair shook his head, then leaned it forward onto the chest he held so desperately. "You don't have to answer that. It was out of line. I'm out of line tonight. I never talk about myself and you're not here two hours before you have me spilling my guts." Tilting his head back and searching translucent blue eyes, he asked, "Why is that?"

"I'm a good listener?"

Laughter bubbled up and out of him so fast that he couldn't hold it back, hysterical laughter that one utters when the only other thing to do would be to crumble. He hugged the other man close. God, Jim. I could fall for you so easily. Who am I trying to kid? I'm falling. Robert, I am going to kill you.

Pulling himself together, Blair released the other man. "I'm sorry, man. You can go if you want. I'm sure you didn't sign on for all of this."

"Do you want me to go?"

"Not particularly. I'm just a little embarrassed here."

"You invited me to stay, so that's what I'm going to do."

"Cool. Want a beer?" Blair asked, walking toward the kitchen.

"No. I'm fine."

The younger man took a sharp right and plopped down on the couch, head back and eyes closed. He didn't resist when strong arms pulled him between muscular thighs, his back coming to rest against a hard chest. They sat that way for what must have been an hour, Blair drawing strength from the warmth leaching into him from the limbs wrapped around him. In a stranger's arms, he found what his heart yearned for, a stranger who would leave him alone again when the sun rose. Ironic.


Dozing, Blair awakened completely to a strong hand rubbing him through his jeans. His cock swelling under the expert touch, he spread his legs as if in autonomic response. He groaned, growing even harder when a muscular arm held him close as he tried to move. "Jim?" he croaked, clearing his throat as his cheeks burned.

Warm lips kissed his neck, teeth nibbling contentedly at a tender earlobe. "Yes?"

"What are you doing?" he stupidly asked when both those wonderful hands slid to his waistband, popping the button and lowering the zipper with great agility.

A voice of molten honey chuckled directly into his ear, making him shudder to his very core. "It has been a while for you, hasn't it, Chief?"

"Oh, God." He flopped his head back against Jim's shoulder as a knowing grip circled his length, simply holding him. He fluidly moved his hips, but the grasp followed him, allowing him no relief whatsoever. A thought occurred in his one firing brain cell and he blurted, "Jim, wait. This isn't how I wanted..."

Lips brushed his ear as honey bathed his eardrums in a hedonistic rhythm. "It's still early. Let me make you feel good."

His breath suddenly playing hide and seek with his lungs, he surrendered completely. "How could I say no to that?" Flames roared to life in his belly as those sensual lips curved against the edge of his ear.

Completely relaxing into the cradle of Jim's body, he absorbed the sensation of another man confidently holding his cock, veiling strength that could crush him or make him soar. Curling him up slightly, the other man's free hand dipped below the waistband of his cotton briefs, cradling his balls gently. He gasped, jerking, when one finger lazily stroked the skin behind them, his mind at odds with itself as it begged for the touch to stop while at the same time praying for it to go on forever.

"I think you like that," Jim growled in his ear, his breath teasing, caressing as his thumb moved up to smear the oozing liquid over the spongy head of his cock.

"Jim, I'm going to explode if you don't do something." The appeal fell on deaf ears.

A playful tongue flipped at his earlobe before teeth returned to nibble at it, making his cock grow impossibly harder. "Oh, you're going to explode, all right."

Closing his eyes as he resigned himself to his fate, he placed each hand on a denim covered thigh, holding on for dear life. The maddening stroking behind his balls continued, just a feather of a touch too hard to tickle, driving him out of his mind to the point that he wondered if he could come from only that. Wishing for completion, he thought maybe if he concentrated on just that one touch, he would push himself over the edge.

Finally, the hand around his shaft moved and he was conflicted between anger at distracting him and bliss at the sensations growing to full life in this most vulnerable place. A thumb and forefinger circled the head, fondling the sensitive nerves with the barest of pressure, causing him to squeeze the thighs in his grasp.

"Oh, yeah, go with it," peripherally made it through to his brain, only registering subconsciously as he desperately strove to cross that peak, the spiral just out of his reach. His breath now coming in harsh, rapid gasps, he moved in counterpoint to the strokes. Frantically pushing at his clothes when the first stirrings of completion licked at his balls, he froze completely at the simple word, "No."

Total confusion enveloped his brain. "Huh?"

"Just feel. Nothing exists except my hands and your body."

Floating on the wave of sensation as it carried him, he concentrated on the gentle strokes around the crown of his cock, the caressing touches behind his balls while fingers simultaneously massaged them as well. A tsunami of ecstasy washed through his whole body, a startled, choked gasp ripping from his throat as he helplessly drifted along its crest. The hands kept up their torture until the last tremor and whimper wracked him, only then moving to cradle him in their safety as that revered voice whispered soothingly to him.


Snuffling, Blair awoke to find a draft dabbling at his genitals, his eyes widening when he opened them and found himself exposed. "What the...?"

"I didn't want your clothes to stick to you. I pushed them down so you could sleep."

"Uh, thanks," Blair mumbled, glancing briefly at the hungry gaze focused on his sticky cock and balls.

"How about we give you a bath?"

"A bath?"

"You are familiar with the concept?" a teasing voice quipped, bringing a smile back to his face.

"I do indulge on occasion. University policy demands that my students don't smell me before I arrive."

A hearty laugh escaped into the air at that, muscular arms squeezing him affectionately. "Let's do it, then."

Standing, Blair fumbled with his pants a moment while he contemplated pulling them up and fastening them. Shaking his head, he just pushed them off, hopping on one foot as he rid himself of them.

"Good choice," Jim's friendly voice approved, a warm hand firmly against Blair's back to steady him if he toppled.

Shoving off toward the bathroom, Blair suddenly turned, his genitals swaying lazily at the sudden change in direction. "Wait a minute." He gestured at Jim's groin. "Did you?"

The older man shook his head. "Not necessary."

Crossing his arms and wrinkling his brow, Blair refused to be dismissed. "I'm not in the habit of not returning favors."

"In case you've forgotten, it wasn't a favor. It's why I'm here."

His shoulders sagging, Blair's mouth twisted almost bitterly before he turned away. "Yeah, right." He berated himself for letting his guard down, for allowing himself to be fooled into thinking they were just two guys enjoying each other's company.

"Did I say something wrong, Chief?"

"No," he shortly replied, resolving to keep that $500 firmly in the front of his mind, distancing himself to minimize the inevitable heartbreak waiting for him come morning. Why do I have to fall so easily?

Pulling the shower curtain closed, Blair reached inside and turned on the spray, testing the temperature. He closed his eyes as the clothed form of his "friend" came to rest against his bare skin, a long arm reaching over his shoulder to turn off the shower head.

"I said a bath." Jim stooped to place the stopper in the tub and turn the water on high while Blair held a stiff posture. Turning back to face the indifferent expression on the younger man's face, the escort's countenance grew stormy. "What?" he thundered.

"Nothing." Blair glanced away, feeling shamefully like one of his past girlfriends having a snit.

"Bull-shit," Jim growled, standing to his full height, grasping the other man's upper arms firmly, but not roughly.

Lifting his gaze defiantly, Blair squared his shoulders. "Is it too much to ask for you to at least pretend you're having a good time? Surely you can act that much."

"What the hell?" Jim visibly floundered for words as he released the other man. "I never implied that I wasn't having a good time, Chief." He tapped Blair on the forehead. "What's going on in that head of yours?"

The younger man remained stubbornly silent, glaring as he listened to the water splash as it filled the tub.

"All this because I didn't let you jerk me off? You don't owe me anything, but if you wanted to, all you had to do was say so."

"Forget it." Blair dismissed the conversation as he climbed into the tub and flopped down into the soothingly warm water. His eyes unconcernedly followed the liquid that sloshed over the tub onto Jim's shoes before he closed them and leaned his head back. He missed the icy blue lasers firing chilled daggers at him as his guest cleaned up the floor and removed his shoes.

Silence reigned until Jim dipped a cup into the water, pouring it over Blair's chest. Shielded blue eyes opened and watched him as he dipped the soap under the water and worked up a lather between his hands. Working it into the fuzzy chest, he sighed. "Look. I don't know what you want from me here."

Closing his eyes again, Blair said, "It's not you. It's me. Forget it."

"I'd like to, but I'd rather not deal with a bitchy brat all night."

"You know where the door is."

"Don't tempt me," he warned.

"You earned your $200. You're free to go."

"Do you want me to go?"

"Up to you." Blair avoided the admission that he didn't understand his actions, that he just wanted a chance to find out if this man could care for him. Refusing to open his eyes, he lowered his chin to his chest and sighed after listening to Jim withdraw his hands, dry them, gather his shoes, and leave the room.


Sitting down on the couch, Jim pulled on wet socks and shoes, reminding himself that relationships with former clients never worked out. They always remember where you came from, how many people you've had sex with. Shouldering his duffel bag and gathering up $200 from the table, he halted at the whispered words his sensitive ears picked up as if spoken directly into them.

"Good going, Dr. Sandburg. Fall for your escort and then piss him off enough to make him leave. Bra-fucking-vo."

Turning and staring at the bathroom doorway, dangerously close to losing himself in the light spilling onto the hardwood, Jim's mind warred with his heart. Did he dare risk lowering the walls? He talked a good game about enjoying his work, but truth be told, his job did nothing to banish the loneliness that made him ache soul deep. At least escorting, he could touch and be touched instead of going for his record-breaking celibacy streaks. Deep inside, he knew living this way was wrong, but so was a life of solitude when he could give such pleasure.

From the moment he walked in that door, he sensed something different about Sandburg. He couldn't put his finger on it, but a certain warmth and insecurity radiated from those beautiful blue eyes when he caught them between glancing nervously at everything except him. And, oh, how the angry fire in them kindled a slow burn in his balls that still simmered even now.

The thing that struck him as remarkable was that Sandburg treated him as an equal, as someone to spend some time with, not someone to look down at to make himself feel good. A cold shiver chilled his blood as he thought of how some of his clients really got off on belittling him. And once he got in the door, he didn't think he could risk trying to retreat and then black out, leaving himself vulnerable to whatever twisted fantasy they held dear.

Allowing his mind to wander, he looked up to the big bed hogging most of the loft, the evening moonlight spilling in through the skylight. He contemplated making love in that bed on a lazy morning, breathing in the fresh scent of all those glorious curls as he came.

Thinking himself crazy, he dropped his bag by the couch before removing his socks and shoes once again. Gathering his courage, he started off toward the light.


Still berating himself for his easily won heart, Blair sank deeper into the steamy bathwater, the heat seeping in to chase away the ever constant chill.

"All right, Sandburg," Jim tersely said from close by.

Jumping and hitting his head against the ceramic tile on the wall, Blair barked right back. "Damn it, Jim. I hate it when you do that."

"Do what?" The older man tilted his head slightly, keeping his feet firmly anchored and arms crossed tightly over his chest.

Rubbing his head, a deep frown creased Blair's normally pleasant brow. "Sneak up on me like that. You did it in the kitchen, too."

"Sorry. I was in the Rangers." A shrug of muscular shoulders complemented the words. "Second nature."

"You were in the Army? Well, that explains some things."

Shaking his head, Jim held up a hand, impatient to make his point. "If I'm going to stick around, we're going to lay down some ground rules."

Sitting up, his voice completely indignant, Blair asked, "You're giving me rules to obey?"

"You got a problem with that, Einstein?"

His cock rapidly filling at the confrontational tone, Blair shivered, hoping the soap suds still covered him enough to hide it. He glanced away when Jim moved to the tub and turned on the warm water, an eyebrow inclining when he caught sight of the swollen flesh.

"No. No problem." He lightly banged his head against the wall, his gaze returning in surprise when a strong hand buffered him against the hard surface.

With his free hand, Jim pointed at Blair, making his determination clear. "Rule number one. If you want something, you say so. No more snits. The night is getting away and I don't want you feeling like you wasted your money. Agreed?"

"Yes." He bit off the word 'sir' just barely as he watched the other man shut the water back off. "Rule number two?"

Finally relaxing, Jim teased, "See rule number one."

Blair's lips twisted into a grin. "I can do that."

"Good." Jim kneeled and reached for the washcloth draped over the side of the tub, only to find a strong hand on his.

"Wait." Blair looked into his eyes, looking away almost shyly.


"Um, take your shirt off."

"Take my...?"

"You said if I wanted something to say so. I want you to take your shirt off while you give me a bath."

Standing, Jim pulled it off, folding it neatly and placing it on the counter by the sink. Looking in the mirror, he straightened his hair and turned to face Blair. "Anything else?"

Licking his lips, mouth hanging open, Blair shook his head. "No. That's good for now."

"Very good." Jim kneeled back down, biting back a groan when wet, wrinkled fingers brushed over his left pectoral.

"Responsive, aren't you?" Blair's aroused eyes watched Jim's every movement, every ripple of muscle under his skin. "You're beautiful."

"Riiiiiiight." Jim maneuvered until he sat on his butt, facing Blair as he draped an arm over the side of the tub and grasped the rock hard cock jutting from between his legs.

Sucking in a breath between closed teeth, Blair clenched his jaw, gripping a muscular arm. Jim's hand moved up and down, unerringly searching out his most erogenous spots, hardening him impossibly further.

"How's that?"

"Oh, God, yeah," Blair gritted. "Just tease me. Don't make me come."

"You like to be teased, huh?" the honey overlapping evil voice purred.

"Oh, yeah. Nothing gets me hotter."

After listening to denim rustle a bit, Blair started when moist lips brushed his ear again, his cock twitching in Jim's hand.

"Lie back, scoot down a little further, and spread your legs for me."

He did his best to comply, experiencing the second of two of the best hand jobs he'd ever received, self-administered included.

"That's it."

Water sloshed and he opened heavy lidded eyes as Jim stepped into the tub and squatted, only soaking his feet and lower legs. Allowing his eyes to drift shut again, he gave himself over to the other man, trusting him to take him to the edge and leave him hanging there in sweet rapture. He gasped when the hand around his shaft stilled, holding firmly but not moving, and a finger pressed into his ass. His muscles clenching around it, he groaned from deep within, a total and complete ass play whore.

"How's that?" the sexy voice breathed into his ear as the finger thoroughly but ever so slowly fucked him until he began to push against it, needing to find leverage somehow. Opening his eyes, he moaned and bit his lip, frantically looking around for anything to gain purchase on. At last, he managed to grip the side of the tub and an exaggerated "Ahhh" escaped him as he thrust against the digit invading him.

"Oh, God, yeah," he whimpered. "I changed my mind. I wanna come."

"Uh-uh, Chief." Jim licked and nibbled on his earlobe, his voice a low rumble. "We don't change the mission plan in the middle of battle."

"Please, Jim," he wheedled, needing more than anything to find release.


The firm command almost made him lose it then and there, but the hand holding his cock refused to budge. Forced into acceptance, he lay there helpless and trembling, a mantra playing over and over in his mind. Need to come. Need to come. The finger forged in deeper and suddenly a starburst exploded in his ass. "OhmyGod."

Long minutes ticked by as every nerve ending in his body migrated to his ass. Jim stroked his prostate, wrenching inhuman sounds from his throat, pushing him just to the edge without sending him over. Never over, damnit. Once he got himself back under control and could breathe again, another stroke against the nub forced a sob through compressed lips. A prisoner to the pleasure, he loved and hated Jim at that moment with every fiber of his being.

"Okay, Chief."

His eyes blinking open, he pathetically asked, "You're going to make me come?"

A firm headshake. "No."

Shoulders slumping, he flopped back against the end of the tub, sulking.

"I need you to promise me you'll be a good boy and keep those hands to yourself when I let go."

"Why should I?" he angrily spat, his body humming with the need to spill his seed.

"Because it's what you want."

Face heating at the totally right on assessment, he nodded without a word, remaining silent and pliant throughout the remainder of his bath. Reveling in the heavy weight between his legs, he grabbed Jim's neck and pulled him forward, almost overbalancing him. Kissing him hard, the weight grew even heavier and he groaned bitterly. "Thank you for staying." With that, he leaned back and dispassionately watched the other man clean him.

Nostrils flaring, Jim wiped the excess wetness from below his lower lip. "You're welcome."


Blair stood at the top of the stairs, a white towel lovingly hugging his waist, freshly blown dry curls glistening in the evening illumination from the skylight. His hands trembled and fingers twitched as Jim smiled seductively and motioned to his own jeans.

"You wanna do the honors or should I?"

Taking a halting step forward, Blair reached out and then dropped the hand back down.

Jim moved toward him, resting sculpted arms to his sides as he presented himself. "You're trembling again."

Half-smiling, Blair nodded. "Can't help it. You're just..."

"Just what?"

Jim's voice caressed Blair's ear and he tucked his face down toward his chest to prevent the shudder from overtaking him. He rolled his eyes at the hardness tenting his towel outward, his want for this man a living, breathing thing. The pad of a finger grazed his shoulder and he flinched unexpectedly as it ran down the length of his arm.

Leaning forward, Jim gently kissed his earlobe, and nibbled briefly before releasing it. "Don't be nervous."

"I-I can't help it. I mean, you're fucking gorgeous, and you're being so nice to me."

Jim pulled back until he trapped Blair's eyes with his own. "It's not often in my line of work that I find myself in a situation that I really want to be in. But I want to be here now with you."

Blair shook his head and looked away. "You probably say that to everybody."

"Look at me." Blair refused and Jim gently guided his chin back up to face him. "I'm not in the habit of throwing around flattery. It's not who I am. If I say something like that, I mean it. Are we clear?"

Blair nodded and leaned forward the infinitesimal distance between them. He busied his hands with unfastening and unzipping the tight blue jeans while bathing the somewhat whiskered neck with his tongue. Finding a particularly sweet spot, he lapped at it, then sucked, pleased at the wanton moan under his lips.

"Like that?"

"God." Jim cradled the back of the other man's neck, scooting their bodies closer together if that was, in fact, possible.

Blair smiled and placed one last kiss on the reddened flesh before pulling the jeans apart. Sliding his hands inside, he grinned evilly at his guest. "You're commando."

Jim shrugged nonchalantly, but couldn't hide the pleased grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Moving his hands around to cup tight ass cheeks, Blair groaned, dropping to his knees as he battled the wet denim to the floor. After Jim stepped out of the confining material, the younger man leaned forward and nuzzled the half-hard genitals. Something scraped his cheek and he looked up to find Jim extending a wrapped condom toward him.

"Don't make me say it. It'd kill the moment."

Blair nodded and hastily tore the edge of the paper off. Reaching up with one hand, he pumped the semi-hard cock, watching it lengthen into full readiness. Grinning at the low moan, he quickly rolled the condom on, circling the fingers of one hand around the base to hold it in place. Bending forward, he slowly engulfed the length into his mouth, the expected repugnance of latex hidden by a mint flavor.

He sighed and focused his complete attention on blowing this Greek God, this man torn from his wettest dreams. Unable to say how much time passed, he started as strong hands grabbed him under the arms and urged him upward. His eyes opened in confusion, glistening lips hanging open.

A molten honeyed voice greeted him. "If you keep that up, this is going to be over before we get started."

Blair looked into what used to be ice blue eyes, and found only a thin rim of blue almost eclipsed by enlarged pupils.

"What do you want to do?"

He dropped his gaze, suddenly fidgety. "Um."

Jim titled Blair's head back with his thumbs and held it there. "We made a deal. You tell me what you want and I do it. Remember?"

Nodding, Blair stammered. "I-I... want you inside me." His face flushed and he squeezed his eyes closed.

"Love to."

Blair stood on his toes to follow when soft, warm lips brushed his and then retreated. He opened his eyes to find Jim digging in the pocket of his jeans, triumphantly displaying a tube of lube.

The older man flopped down on the edge of the bed and patted his lap. "Why don't you lie across me so I can prepare you?"

Tugging his towel free of his waist, Blair lay across Jim's lap, a little disappointed at how clinical that sounded. What he didn't expect was how good the strong hands felt massaging the tension out of his shoulders, pads of fingers lightly grazing the skin of his back and inner thighs until his leaking cock bobbed into a hard-muscled thigh.

He moaned as talented fingers circled his opening and pressed teasingly, only to dance away momentarily. For excruciating minutes the torment continued until one sure finger breached him and he cried out, jerking his hips.

"Easy," Jim crooned, stroking Blair's back with his free hand. "You're tight."

"Yeah," Blair gasped. Jim leaned down and kissed his shoulder blade.

After a while, the lube appeared in front of Blair's face. "Your turn to prepare me."

Wincing at the squishy sensation as he sat up, Blair gestured toward the middle of the bed. "Sit on your knees."

"Okay." Jim maneuvered into position. His head dropped back, a strangled moan escaping, as Blair coated him with a generous layer of gel.

The younger man then turned and straddled his guest's lap, oh so slowly lowering himself onto the hard length.

"God, you feel so damn good," Jim uttered breathlessly, kissing the other man's neck and shoulder as he pushed upward with his hips to seal them even more tightly together.


"Hard and fast? Slow and sweet? Somewhere in between?"

"B-between." Blair clasped Jim's hands within his own and wrapped the strong arms around him as their bodies found an erotic rhythm that had him panting and reaching for orgasm in no time. Even after coming earlier, he couldn't hold on very long, the cock pistoning in and out of him pushing him closer with every stroke.

"Oh, God!" His body seized in sweet release, white milky spurts landing on the dark bedspread. He came back to himself after a few moments, slumped against the strong body pumping into him, hands holding onto his hips for dear life. Two or three erratic thrusts later, Jim tensed and almost growled as he filled the condom.


The following morning, Blair cooked breakfast for his guest. They ate amiably together, a comfortable silence between them as their feet playfully romped under the table. Just like the night before, it was over way too soon and Blair walked Jim to the door.

"Good-bye, Chief." The older man leaned down and kissed him tenderly as if he truly regretted having to leave.

"Good-bye." When his guest was almost out the door, Blair called his name. He turned back and Blair held out one of his Rainier business cards. "If you really meant what you said about maybe coming around if I'm not paying you, give me a call."

Jim looked down at the card and nodded, tucking it into his pocket before closing the door behind him. As footsteps retreated down the hall, Blair leaned his forehead against the cool surface of the door, suddenly understanding addiction after just one hit.


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