WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships),
NC-17 level and some graphic photographs
are contained in this E-ZINE.

Proceed at your own RISK.

Production Notes    Suggestions, please

Story Title Author
Stars Get in My Eyes Silk With Graphics
  With a bit of movie magic, stars fall from the screen.      
Reveille Rogue With Graphics
  Named for the awakening of a beautiful friendship....      
Toy Story Gena With Graphics
  He's not just a toy, he's an adventure.      
Up Your Alley Patt With Graphics
  Blair's classic car leads him straight to a classic
of a different kind, a mechanic with hands just
itching to fine tune more than his car.
Love Bytes Akablonded With Graphics
  Who would have thought that rainy-day computer problems could make wishes come true?      
Days of Whine and Roses Silk With Graphics
  Loose lips can sink relationships, but getting drunk
turns out to be one of the best moves Jim could make
Highly Recommended XFreak With Graphics
  Blair hires an escort and gets more than he bargained for.      
In This Life Lisa, Duncan's Twin With Graphics
  Blair meets a mysterious new man and finds what he has always been looking for.      

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