Up Your Alley - Patt

Professor Sandburg drove to the mechanic's garage, hoping he would make it the entire way before his poor classic car broke down completely. When he rounded the corner he saw the sign and sighed. Thank God. Looking up, he saw a big sign saying, Guardian Automotive. We watch out for you and we protect your car. This was one of the main reason's Blair had chosen this place. His study had been on Sentinel's and they were called Guardian's of the Tribe. It was like this place was calling to him.

Driving up, he parked, shut the car off and got out. He walked around to the back and saw the garage doors open for the day even though it was only seven in the morning. Man, this is like good karma. Blair thought to himself. Then he saw the owner walk out into the garage and Blair found himself staring. The man was built like no one he'd ever seen before. He had no shirt on under his overall's making him look super sexy. Wait a fucking minute. Since when do you think about men as being sexy, Sandburg? Get a grip.

The man walked up to Blair, stuck his hand out and said, "Jim Ellison, at your service. What do you need?"

Shaking his hand, Blair finally found his voice and said, "Professor Blair Sandburg. I have a classic car that needs a lot of work done to it. It's parked out front."

Jim walked around to the front and said, "Want to bring it into the garage for me to take a look?"

Blair just nodded his head dumbly. He had never been this quiet in his life. What in the hell was going on? Why couldn't he make himself stop?

Getting into the car, he had a hard time starting it up but he noticed that Jim was listening to it, like it was some kind of music. He drove it around to the back and pulled it into the garage. He then shut the car off and got out.

"Is that in the right place?" Blair asked the mechanic.

"That'll do. Why don't you take my car for the day? I'll probably be done by tonight." Jim said as he threw his keys at Blair and smiled this million dollar smile. Blair felt as though he was going to melt into a pile of goo.

"Thanks, I have a class to teach in an hour. Do you have any idea of what's wrong with it?" Blair asked as he headed to the car that Jim had pointed to.

"Well, it sounded like it needed some brake fluid, new brakes, points and plugs need to be changed, the oil hasn't been done in a long time and there seems to be some type of leak in the radiator. But one of the major things I think was that I heard the transmission slipping a little. We'll try some fluid first and go from there. I'll give it all a once over and give you an estimate. What's the number where I can reach you?" Jim asked.

"Well, Mr. Ellison, it doesn't matter. I have to have my car. So just fix it." Blair said as he walked to the loaner waiting for him. Once inside the car, he started it up and noticed how nicely this older car sounded. Mr. Ellison seemed to be a man who enjoyed classics, too.

Jim just shook his head as he walked back into the garage. He found it hard to believe that people would just trust someone they didn't even know. Although, this one seemed like he was a little nervous around him. Jim wondered why that was. He got down to business and started fixing Professor Sandburg's car. Jim found himself smiling when he realized Blair Sandburg wasn't the only trusting soul. He had given Professor Sandburg a loaner, without asking one thing. He could've been someone that had a terrible driving record. Or worse.

It took most of the day but Jim was able to get Blair's car running like new. When he was done, he cleaned it up then took it outside and washed it, dried it and polished it until it looked like a new car. Jim took great pride in the look and sounds of his vehicles. It might have something to do with the fact that he could see things that normal folks couldn't. He couldn't share that with anyone, but he could see a smudge on a wax job from a half a block away. Sometimes it came in handy, and other times, it was a royal pain in the ass.

Blair finished his classes and hoped that Jim wouldn't be done with his car yet so that he could talk to him. Oh who are you kidding, Sandburg? You want to stare at the man. Since when have you noticed men? I might have to call my mom.

Driving down the road, he pulled up in the back and saw his car sitting there waiting for him. It looked brand new. Blair couldn't believe how clean it looked. Jim had washed and polished it when he was done. Blair got out of the loaner and walked into the garage and called out, "Mr. Ellison?"

"Hey, Chief. I'm right here." Jim said as he walked around another car that he was working on."

"Wow, the car looks great. Were you able to fix the problem?" Blair asked hoping he wasn't done yet and not really knowing why.

"Yeah, I got it all done. Here's a list of all of the things that I did to it and how much each thing cost. You won't find a better price anywhere in Cascade." Jim said handing the paper over.

Blair looked at the paper and was shocked at all of the things that Jim had replaced or repaired. What really surprised him the most was the cost. It was affordable. Blair smiled at him and said, "This isn't as high as I thought it would be."

Jim gave Blair a shy smile that could melt anyone and said, "I want my customers to come back for more."

When Blair heard this he had an odd feeling go through his body. Then he noticed that Jim was staring at him oddly. "Are you okay, Chief?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Mr. Ellison. Something just seemed off for a minute. I'm fine now."

"Would you like to come into my house and have a cup of coffee? Or maybe a bite to eat. You might be hungry. When I'm hungry, I get dizzy spells and can't keep my mind focused on anything." Jim said as he leaned into the doorway staring at Blair.

Blair found being the focus of this attention a bit too much. Especially since he was getting a boner just looking at the man. He sure as hell didn't want Jim to know that about him. Hell, Blair didn't even want to know that about himself. He'd never gotten a boner for a man before.

"So, Chief, you okay to drive? Or would you like to come in for coffee?"

"No, thanks anyhow. I really have to get on home and grade papers. Thanks so much. Oh, I guess I need to pay you." Blair said laughing. Oh shit, I just giggled. Jesus, could things get any worse? He looked over at Jim and saw the huge smile on his face and thought, Oh goody, now he thinks I'm a total moron.

Blair paid him with his credit card and then took the receipt and walked out to his car. He gave Jim's car keys back to him and took his from the mechanic. "Thanks again, Mr. Ellison."

"No problem. Come back if you have any troubles at all," Jim said, "and the name's Jim."

"Thanks again, Jim. I'll recommend your business to everyone I know." Blair said as he got into his car. Oh shit, like he'd believe you have a lot of friends.

As Blair drove off he wondered why he'd never ever seen that man before. Blair had been in Cascade for years and he'd never seen him before in his life. Where had he been hiding out? Blair went out now and then and couldn't remember ever seeing him and he knew he'd remember Jim Ellison. Maybe it would be because they didn't travel in the same circles. Blair wondered if Jim got out any more often than he did. Which was very seldom. Another reason to probably not have seen Jim Ellison anywhere before. Now that he'd met him, he wished that they'd met ages ago. Why in the world would you go this long in your life without wanting a man, meet one today and want him so badly that you're going to have to go home and jerk off?

Blair drove home in his smoothly running car and wondered about the man that made it that way. He was going to be on Blair's mind for a good long while.

When Jim locked up the shop, he went upstairs to his loft and took a hot shower. Jim felt like he was having an identity crisis. If he didn't know better, he'd say he was not as straight as he thought. While getting out of the shower and drying off, the phone rang. Jim picked it up and said, "Ellison."

"Hi, Jimmy." William Ellison said. "Steven and I are in the neighborhood and wanted to stop and see you. I hope you don't mind."

"Whatever, Dad, I don't care," Jim said resignedly, "the doors open, come on up."

Jimmy, please start locking the door. That's not the best part of town to live in. You know that."

Jim wondered if anything he did would ever be enough to please his father. Although, he had begun to not care about it anymore. Sometimes that saddened him. In William's eyes, Jim would never be as accomplished as his little brother Steven. Jim wondered why this bothered him so damn much. Why do you care if Dad loves you? Why do you care if he finds out that you might be interested in men? Because you need him to approve. It's a sickness, Ellison. You need to just grow up and realize that he won't love you as much as he should and move on.

"Dad, are you coming up or what?" Jim asked getting angry, more from his own thoughts than anything his dad had done.

"We're on our way up now. Talk to you in a few moments, Jimmy." William said hanging up his cell phone.

Jim had no sooner dressed and put a pot of coffee on when his brother and dad walked into the loft. "Hello, Jimmy." William called out as he walked in.

"Hi, Dad."

"Hey, Jimmy, how you doing?" Steven asked.

"I'm doing good, bro. How're you?" Jim asked sitting down next to his brother. Jim silently wished that things could be different and he and Steven could get along better in life. They never did things together. Jim hoped that one day it would be different.

"I'm fine but busier than hell. We came to see if you'd reconsider coming into the business. We need another member of the family to help us." Steven said quietly.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Steven, I love this job? I love working my own hours. I love being my own boss and I make fucking great money." Jim said standing up to pace. God, why do I always have to lose my temper with these two people? Why couldn't, for once, things go well? We could have a regular conversation and be happy seeing each other.

"Jimmy, watch your mouth. See? This is what happens when you work around trashy people."

"Excuse me, Dad, but I don't remember asking for your advice. I'm happy this way. I don't want to be in your business. Leave me alone already." Jim almost pleaded. He's so fucking stuck up. I can't stand folks that think they're better than everyone else. He doesn't have a fucking clue as to how lonely I am or what would make me happy. What's worse is he doesn't care.

"Jimmy," William asked, "how could you be happy living like this? You could be making big money and living in a very nice place now."

"To set the record straight, Dad, I make plenty. Not that it's any of your business but I pull in about $95,000.00 a year from this so called lack of class business. People know they can trust me. I'm proud of my work and my life. You always told me to be proud of what I do. Don't you want me to be happy, Dad?"

"Jimmy, I'm sorry if I gave you that impression. I do want you to be happy. I just hoped it would be happy with Steven and me." William said frowning at his oldest son.

Steven stood up and said, "Jimmy, I had no idea you did that well here. That's really good to hear. That way we won't worry about you so much."

"No need to ever worry about me. I'm set for life. I have insurance, a will and the business is paid off. I even have my retirement all set up. I'm more set than most people that are in your line of work. I've made some very solid investments, too. So, why worry about me?" Jim asked.

"Well, I guess we'll leave you alone since you don't seem to be in the mood to be social," William said standing up.

"Since when is it my fault about not being social just because I don't want to play your games? Dad, what do you want from me?" Jim asked with such pain in his voice that even his father heard it.

"Jimmy, you always want things your way but you never meet us half-way. Why's that?" William asked.

"Dad, what are you talking about?" Jim asked totally confused.

"Is it so wrong that I wanted both of my sons to work in my office? Is it so bad that I wanted you to be in the country club with us? And is it so wrong that I wanted you to get married and give me grand-children?"

Jim started pacing again and said, "No, that's not wrong. But it is wrong when you ask and don't listen to my answer. There's something wrong with that. If you want to belong to the Country Club, that's fine, but it's not my way, Dad. You know that. I'm more down to earth. My best friend in the world's a Captain of the Police Department who happens to be a black man. You think I'm going to fit into that group you hang with? I don't think so. Why don't you bug Steven about getting married and having children? "

"He does, Jimmy. He does all the time. You're not alone on that one." Steven said, quickly.

William stood next to his son and said, "So, Jimmy, are you planning on ever getting married or not?"

"Dad, why do you care?" Jim said.

Glaring at his oldest son, he finally said, "Someone called me from the country club to tell me that my son's dating a man. I never wanted to hear something like that, especially from someone in my country club."

"Fuck you, Dad. You know what? I'll never do anything good enough for you." Jim shouted at his father.

"Who's the fag, Jimmy? And how did he talk you into it?" William said.

Jim looked at Steven and said, "So that's why you're here today, too? You didn't care about anything else. You just wanted to find out if I was fucking some guy?"

"Jimmy, you have to understand. Our company relies on how we act and look. This doesn't look good." Steven said.

"Well, this is just perfect since I don't work for the fucking company. God, I can't believe that I thought for a moment you were here because you wanted to see me." Jim said sadly.

"Who is he, Jimmy?" William asked again.

"I'm not dating a guy. They must be talking about my friend Simon. And he's not that kind of friend," Jim said, "but even if he was, it would be my business."

"You telling the truth, Jimmy? You're not sleeping with a man?" William asked.

"Yes, Dad. I'm telling the truth, but if I can change it, I'm going to. Hell, if I had more nerve, I'd take care of that right now." Jim said savagely.

"Jimmy, you have to get off of this self destructive course. Everything you do is like begging for some type of attention." William said.

"It's called wanting to be loved, Dad. I'm sure you and Steven aren't familiar with the concept. I just wanted to be loved. Now, I'm tired. Could you just leave?"

The two men walked out of the loft and Jim felt so lonely it was almost unbearable. He had no real friends. Simon worked for the police department and he seldom saw him these days. He was a busy man.

Jim went through the loft securing it and got ready for bed. He was tired. He slid into bed onto his nice clean sheets. After about ten minutes his cock came to life and he started stroking it. He was doing this in a slow relaxed manner. He started speeding up the strokes and closed his eyes. What filled his mind came as a complete shock to him. All he could picture was Blair Sandburg and he came breathing hard and wanting to know what the hell that was about.

Jim wondered if Blair thought about the same type of things while he lay in bed. And what if he was really doing all of this just to piss his dad off? He would have to think on all of it some more. He never wanted to use Blair Sandburg in any fashion other than to be good to him. What the hell are you thinking, James Joseph Ellison? He's a guy. You're a guy. Stop these thoughts right now.

After cleaning himself up, he went to sleep. It was another busy day tomorrow. He'd forget about Mr. Sandburg. He'd probably never see him again, anyhow. With that as his last thought, he slept the sleep of a man not knowing that his life might soon change.

Across town, Blair Sandburg was having a hard time sleeping so he started to stroke himself off with Jim in his thoughts.

In the morning, Blair wondered when he had first noticed men or if this was something totally out of the blue. Hell, he was quite certain he'd never noticed anyone in the shower in high school. He'd never even looked. No, one time he did. There was this kid who was such a shit and was always making fun of everyone. Well, the first day in the shower Blair couldn't help it, he had to look and see what he had to offer. It wasn't a let down at all. The guy wasn't as large as the rest of them. Not that he was that small but maybe that's why he was always picking on the other guys. He felt like he wasn't as big or as good. Stupid, but men tend to think in these terms. Wonder if women do this. Okay, back to the problem at hand. He'd come in his hand last night with thoughts of Jim Ellison in his mind. What was that about? And did he want to change that? Did he think it would go away? Probably. Blair would just have to see.

The drive to work was quiet as usual. Blair was lonely. That's all there was to it. And every damn station he hit on the radio was playing love songs. Geeze, it's bad enough I'm lonely but do they have to rub my face in the fact I don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Oh man, now I'm saying boyfriend. Holy shit. Blair knew he was in trouble.

While teaching his class that day he couldn't get his thoughts off of Jim. Finally, between classes, he dialed Guardian Automotive to talk to Jim. Jim picked up the phone after about six rings and said, "Ellison."

"Hi, Jim, this is Blair Sandburg. I'm having some problems with the car and wondered if you could take a look at it." Blair said in one big breath. He held his breath waiting for Jim's answer.

"Sure, what time do you get done with classes today?" Jim asked.

"I'm done in an hour." Blair replied.

"Bring it then. I'll have a look see. What's it doing, anyhow?" Jim asked.

"I haven't a clue. It's just not acting right. I don't know a thing about cars. Maybe you'll be able to figure it out."

"Okay, we'll see you in about an hour or so. Goodbye." Jim hung up the phone wondering what he had missed on the damn car. He thought he'd listened to every single thing in the engine. He must have missed something. Damn.

Jim stayed busy for the next two hours and then he heard the familiar sounding car drive up. It sounded perfect. It was smooth as silk. Jim was hoping that whatever it was had stopped. He walked out of the garage wearing nothing but a pair of dirty cutoffs. Not even thinking about how he might look to anyone else, he headed over to Blair.

"Hey, the car sounded good when you drove up. Is it still acting up?" Jim asked.

Blair just stood there as if he was in a coma or something. He couldn't talk, he couldn't think. All he could do was stare at Jim in that skimpy pair of cutoffs. Oh Sandburg, this is bad. You need to cut this out. He's going to beat the shit out of you. You're a little old and a little late in life to be trying to pick up men.

"Hey, Chief, you okay?" Jim asked wondering what was wrong with the professor.

"Yeah, I just have a really bad headache. Do you have any aspirin?" Blair squeaked out. Oh god, could things get any worse?

"Sure, come on in. Follow me into my office, I have aspirin, and a couch you can lie on until you feel better. In the meantime, I'll see what's up with the car." Jim handed Blair a glass of cold water from the cooler and two aspirin. Blair gladly took them and swallowed as fast as he could. "Lie down and see if you can get rid of that headache. I'll be out in the garage when you get up." Jim said as he left Blair in the office. Blair watched Jim walk back into the garage and smiled at the thoughts that came to mind. Hot damn, some new thoughts for tonight's date with Mrs. Palm and her five sisters. God, he's a fine specimen of man. Oh yeah, Sandburg, you've got it bad.

Jim felt someone looking at him and turned to see Blair Sandburg watching him like a hawk. Jim smiled at him and got back to work. Blair lay on the sofa and tried to relax but all he could think about was how hot Jim looked in those cutoffs. In fact, all he could think about was what Jim had underneath those fucking cutoffs. Holy shit…

Jim took Blair's car for a test drive and it was running so smoothly that Jim was beginning to think that there was something wrong with his hearing or something. Suddenly, he realized that maybe there wasn't anything wrong with the car. Maybe Blair just liked looking at him. He seemed to like it earlier when he was walking away. The gaze coming off Sandburg had been pure lust and longing. What if he wanted you? What do you think of that, James Joseph Ellison?

Jim got back to the garage and Blair was standing there looking at him with questioning eyes. Jim got out of the car and said, "I figured it out. One of the spark plugs is loose. No biggy but it would have been if you hadn't noticed it. " Lifting the hood up, Jim leaned in and over the front of the car and started working on Blair's car. Blair about swallowed his tongue. Jesus, those shorts left very little to the imagination. Holy shit… And what an imagination Blair Sandburg had.

When Jim finished, he walked over to Blair and handed him his keys. "Here you go. All fixed. It's dinner time. Want to go and have some dinner?" Jim asked.

"Sure, that would be nice. Where do you eat around here?" Blair asked.

"Gee, Sandburg, we're still in Cascade. You make it sound like we're in a different country or something." Jim said laughing.

"How much do I owe you for today?" Blair asked changing the subject.

"Nothing. It was my mistake. I take care of my customers." Jim said smiling.

"Man, I just remembered that I have a meeting with an adviser tonight. Sorry. Can I have a raincheck?" Blair asked blushing.

"Sure, that's fine. No problem. I'm used to eating alone." Jim said quietly.

"So, am I." Blair said sounding a little more needy than he had planned.

"Well, call me sometime and we'll have a few beers and some dinner. I don't have many friends." Jim said.

Blair found that hard to believe but figured that Jim wouldn't just say it to say it. He'd have to come and see him again and have more nerve then. You're such a gutless wonder, Sandburg.

Blair drove off and could hardly wait to get home to jack off to the new vision in his mind. Jesus, you went from straight to gay in two days flat and he makes you harder than anyone has ever done before.

That night was no let down. Blair had visions of Jim touching him and he was touching Jim. It was wonderful. When Blair finally came, he thought his head would explode. While he was cleaning up he thought he better get some books on this and see if he'd be able to do this if it came to that. Oh yeah, like Jim's going to let you touch him, you idiot.

Meanwhile, across town, Jim was standing in his shower, stroking his cock saying Blair's name. Not Sandburg. Not Professor. Not Chief, just Blair. He thought about Blair sucking him dry and came close to coming. He then backed off. The next thought was of Blair touching his center. God, Jim had never even touched it for a sexual reason but tonight he did. He soaped up his finger and decided he'd check it out. As he continued stroking his cock, he slid his finger into his hole and he came so hard that he thought he was going to die. He sat down on the floor of his shower and asked out loud, "Well, Jim Ellison, what do you plan to do about this?"

Jim got up and went to bed more confused than he'd ever been in his life. Why did this man have such an effect on him? Well, he'd stay clear of him. Like Jim needed this shit.

The next morning when Jim opened up the garage door he found his friend, Captain Simon Banks. "Hey, Simon. What're you doing here already? I thought we were on for a game and dinner for tonight?"

"We are. I just came by to ask a few questions." Simon said in an odd tone.

"Simon, what's wrong?" Jim asked almost frightened.

"I came by last night, Jim, to ask you something about a friend. I wanted you to meet her and I saw you with that young man."

"And?" Jim asked.

"Well, I could see the attraction and wondered why, in all the years we've known each other, you didn't tell me you were into guys."

"Simon, I've never been with a guy."

"Shit! Then you're in for some major changes, Jim. I kid you not. You were both drooling and staring. It was a riot from my viewpoint."

"Simon, I don't have a clue why this is happening. Why would I change my way of life now? That makes no sense."

"Well, just take it slow and see where it takes you. If something comes from it, what's the harm in it? Or does the idea bother you?"

"Simon, that's the problem. The idea so doesn't bother me." Jim said flushing crimson before his friend.

"It'll be all right, Jim. Just hang in there. Let him make the first move. That gives you more time to think." Simon said thoughtfully.

"Good thinking, Simon. Okay. Thanks. I take it this doesn't bother you, then?"

"No, not at all. We have some gay officers on the force and we're friends. Not a problem with me." Simon said smiling.

"I'll take it one day at a time, Simon, thanks." Jim said. "So is that the only reason you came by?"

"Well, I did have a joke to tell you. I figured you might need something to lift your spirits. Want to hear it? " Simon asked.

"Sure." Jim answered.

"Now this is a bad day." Simon said as he started telling his joke.

"There's a guy sitting at a bar, just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half an hour. Then, a big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down.

"The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, 'Come on, man, I was just joking. Here, I'll buy you another drink. I just can't stand seeing a man crying.'"

"'No, it's not that. This day is the worst of my life. First, I fall asleep, and I'm late to my office. My boss, in an outrage, fires me. When I leave the building to go to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police say they can do nothing. I get a cab to return home and when I leave it, I remember I left my wallet and credit cards there. The cab driver just drives away. I go home and when I get there, I find my wife in bed with the gardener. I leave home and come to this bar. And when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison...'

"Now, Jim, that 's a bad day. Just think about that when you think your days aren't going well." Simon said laughing at the look on Jim's face.

"Simon, I do believe you're a little warped. Have you got any other business here or you just stopped by to make me laugh?"

"Yup, I wanted to tease you. I'll see you tonight. I'll be here at 6:00 to pick you up. See you then." Simon said walking to his car and driving off.

Jim smiled to himself and thought of how lucky he was having a friend as good and kind as Simon Banks. He really did love the man. When Simon had taken a trip some time back and his wife was out of town, Simon's son Daryl had stayed with Jim for two weeks. That's when Jim first realized how much he really liked children. Someday.

Blair was teaching his first class, and was having a hard time concentrating. He had an overwhelming urge to call Jim and tell him there was something else wrong. No, he'll know something's up. I'll just go by there tonight on my way home and say I was in the neighborhood. Yeah, that's it. I'll go and drop by and see him. Then I'll take him to dinner.

Jim closed up shop early so he could get all clean and get ready for dinner and the game with Simon. He was very excited. He and Simon hadn't done anything in a long time. While he was in the shower he realized that the only thing he didn't like about his line of work was getting all of the grime and dirt off of himself each and every day. To a normal person, this wouldn't be a biggy, but to Jim, it was. Once he felt like he was good and clean, he chose the clothing he was going to wear for the evening. He picked a nice pair of dockers, a polo shirt and some nice shoes. He glanced in the mirror and decided that he looked pretty good. He wouldn't be embarrassing Simon. He laughed to himself as he walked downstairs to wait for Simon.

When he walked out the door Blair was standing there. "Hi." Blair said quietly.

"Hi. What's wrong?" Jim asked.

"Well, I was going to see if you wanted to take me up on that raincheck." Blair said.

"Man, normally I would love to but I have plans for tonight. I'm going to dinner and a Jags game with a friend of mine." Jim said almost regretfully.

"Oh, okay. Well, no big deal. Some other time." As Blair turned to leave, Simon walked up to him and said, "Hi, I'm Simon."

"Blair Sandburg, nice to meet you." Blair said not really looking at Simon's eyes.

Simon found himself smiling. He walked over to Jim and put his arm around him and said, "So, Jim, you all ready to go?"

Jim looked at Simon like he had lost his marbles and then he smiled at what he saw was happening. "Yeah, Simon, I'm all set. Hey, Blair would you like to join us for dinner?"

"No, thank you. I have to go. See ya later. Nice meeting you, Simon." Blair said, not meaning a damn word of it.

"Well, it was really nice meeting you, too. Any friend of Jim's is a friend of mine. I sure wish you'd reconsider dinner with us." Simon said, pulling Jim closer to him. Jim's cheeks were flushing crimson now.

"I'm sure he would if he could, Simon, but he said he had to go. Now let the poor guy go." Jim said.

Simon walked over to Blair and said, "Sure you don't want to hang with us? You'll find out how much fun we really are." Simon said in a very suggestive tone.

"Simon, please." Jim almost begged, looking at his friend wondering what had happened to his senses.

"It's all right, Jim. I'm sure this young man knows how things are." Simon said matter of factly. "Don't you, young man?"

"Yeah, I know exactly how things are. I've got to get going. Bye." Blair said and almost ran to his car.

"Sandburg, I'll see you later, okay?" Jim called out.

"Sure, Jim. Some day." Blair said as he hurried to his car.

Jim turned to Simon and said, "You wanna explain what in the hell that was all about?"

"Yeah, he wants you so bad but he's scared. I figured the best way to push was to make him jealous." Simon said laughing.

"Simon, did it ever occur to you that he might not be interested. Maybe he just wanted a friend."

Simon laughed loudly and said, "All right, hot shot. Get your butt over to his car and ask him out. You and I can have a rain check. You both have it so bad. It's pitiful."

Jim turned another shade of red and said, "Simon, do you take great pleasure in embarrassing me?"

"Why, yes, I do." Simon answered.

"I owe you one, Simon." Jim said walking out to where Blair was parked.

Under his breath, Simon whispered, "Nah, not in this lifetime. Be happy."

Blair got into his car and hit his steering wheel and said, "Fuck…"

Blair was startled out of his thoughts when someone rapped on the window. Looking through it, he saw Jim standing there and Simon was driving off. Blair rolled down his window and said, "What's going on? I thought you were going out to dinner with Simon?"

"Chief, can we have that rain check now? I'm hungry." Jim said.

"Jim, what's going on?" Blair asked totally confused. "You said you were going to dinner with your friend Simon and now you're not?"

"Well, Simon knew I wanted to talk to you anyhow. We talked this morning and I decided I'd ask you a few things."

"I'm listening." Blair said still sitting holding on to the steering wheel as if it was his lifeline.

"Chief, do you suppose you could drive us to dinner? I really am hungry." Jim said smiling.

"Oh man, sorry." He unlocked the passenger side and Jim got in and buckled up. "So where to, Jim?"

"There's a diner down the road that serves some of the best homemade food you'll ever have in your life." Jim said licking his lips.

Blair looked at Jim when he did this and thought, Oh fuck… I almost came from him licking his lips. What the hell's wrong with me?

Jim smiled at him and said, "Chief, it's okay. I like you, too. I've never been with a man, never wanted to, but for some reason you're in my thoughts all the time."

Blair let out a loud sigh and said, "Oh thank god. I thought it was just me. Jim, why do you think we're so attracted to each other?"

"Pull over here for a minute and we'll get some of the talking out of the way. Blair pulled over to the side of the road and shut the car off. Before Jim had a chance to say anything, Blair flung himself at Jim and started kissing him. Jim was kissing him back just as hard. Jim pushed back on Blair and said, "Chief, I really don't want to come in the front seat of your car. I'd like it to be something a little more special than that."

"Right, right. Sorry, Jim." Blair said as he pulled away.

"I need to tell you a few things because you might take off running in another direction." Jim said trying not to sound so scared. However, from experience, he'd found out that all, for reasons less than his senses, left him.

Blair turned to him and said, "Let's go to the diner and have dinner and we'll talk while we eat. Okay?"

"Okay." Jim said, knowing that Blair was trying to calm him down. Jim was scared to death right now and with good reason.

Once they got to the diner, they ordered dinner, sat and waited to be alone and then they started talking. Jim began telling him of his senses problems and how it caused some major problems. He talked about all of it without Blair interrupting him once. Jim was so grateful for that. Blair had an odd look on his face that was beginning to bother Jim just a little bit. "Chief, you doing all right?"

"Jim, you're not going to believe this. I can't believe this. It's like it was fate, karma. Whatever. You and I were meant to meet and be together, I just feel it."

"Chief, you want to explain that to me?"

"Jim, I'm a professor of Anthropology at Rainer but what I studied the most was the Sentinel legends. They are the Guardians and watchmen of a tribe. That's why I chose to bring my car to your shop. Because of the name. I think you might be one."

"Hold on, Chief. Don't get going off on some crazy notion thinking there's something wrong with me. There isn't. I do just fine."

"I'm sure you do, but think how much better you could do if someone taught you how to use those senses. Also, how much easier would it be if you didn't have to hide those said senses from the person you really wanted in your life?"

"Chief, we just met, now you're saying you want to be in my life?" Jim asked, afraid of the answer.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying, Jim. I'm crazy about you. I'm confused as hell about the guy/guy thing but we'll cross that when we come to it. Which I hope will be soon." Blair said smiling like a loon.

They talked more and then decided to take off for Jim's loft. Jim said, "Will you spend the night?"

"Can we run by and get my clothes?" Blair asked.

"Yeah, that would be good." Jim said.

Jim stayed in the car while Blair ran upstairs to his apartment to get his things. Blair came running back out and jumped in and started off for the loft. "In a hurry, Chief?" Jim asked laughing.

"Damn right, hot stuff. Man, I'm humming I'm so turned on."

Jim couldn't help it. He started laughing his ass off. When they got to Jim's place, they got out of the car and started for the loft. Once inside, Jim took in his new love's look. He had on a half open shirt and jeans with rips in it. It was so fucking hot Jim thought he would come just looking at him. The larger man pulled Blair's shirt off and told him to turn around. Blair turned around slowly and smiled up at Jim when he was done. "You like?"

"Oh fuck yeah." Jim said. "Come here, Blair."

Blair went into his arms and they began kissing each other with such passion that Jim couldn't remember ever having felt that way. Then he realized maybe he hadn't. Blair started taking Jim's clothes off and Jim was getting nervous now. "Jim, it's okay. We'll take this as slow as we want. I just want to touch and see you." Blair said in a calming voice.

"Oh fuck, yeah." Jim said. Man, he's going to think you're such a moron. You haven't said anything else besides Oh fuck yeah.

They both lay down on the bed and made out. Jim and Blair both seemed comfortable with that but then Blair started moving a little faster. As his hands moved down Jim's body, Jim started moaning and telling him he couldn't hold on much longer. Blair got up on his knees and looked down at his prize. Jim stared at Blair with eyes so dark, they were almost black. Blair watched Jim's face as his fingers slid over his opening and rubbed lightly. Jim jumped but kept moving around and moaning. Blair took this as a good sign. "Jim, can I touch you? There?"

"Oh fuck, yeah…" Jim said panting heavily.

Blair started kissing Jim on the inside of his thighs and he could see Jim's pucker opening and closing as he raised his ass up. It was far too enticing to ignore. He was going to have to investigate this. Blair licked his hole and Jim screamed out his name. Blair couldn't stand it anymore. He flipped Jim over, got him on his knee's and started licking up and down Jim's crevice. It was an odd taste, but good. It was great hearing those sounds coming from Jim. He continued licking and noticed that Jim was spreading his legs wider and wider apart. Blair didn't need any more hints. He got it. Blair slid his tongue into Jim. As he did this, the larger man pushed back with abandon. All Jim could think of was, God, this is so fucking good. I can't believe he's tongue fucking me.

Jim found himself almost zoning on the good feelings. When had this happened? He'd never thought about a man doing that to another man, but yet, he'd spread his legs like he knew what he was doing. God, what was going on?

Blair stopped doing this and said, "Jim, can I make love to you?"

"Oh fuck, yeah…" Jim said trying to breathe like a normal person and not quite cutting it.

"Supplies?" Blair asked as he leaned down and kissed Jim's mouth.

Jim pointed to his nightstand. "In the drawer," he gasped.

He pulled away and grabbed some lotion and a condom from the nightstand. Blair slowly slid a finger into Jim and let him relax as he unhurriedly stretched him. Each time he added a finger, Jim became more relaxed if that was possible. Finally, he figured that was as stretched out as Jim would be getting, and put the condom on and lotion on his cock and started pushing in. "Jim, if this hurts, we can stop at any time. Just tell me when, all right?"

"Oh fuck, yeah…" Jim answered dreamily.

Blair smiled at the loss of conversation from Jim as the night had worn on. Oh fuck yeah was all he seemed to be able to say. Blair started pushing slowing into Jim. Blair heard a slight sound of pain for a few moments but then he felt Jim relax underneath him and he pushed in a little further. He kept this up until he was all the way in. Then he just held still until they both were ready.

Blair took a deep breath and whispered, "Jim, you ready, baby?" Blair felt kind of odd once that slipped out but Jim didn't seem to mind as he answered, "Oh fuck yeah."

Blair laughed as he started pounding into Jim. He angled differently until he was brushing Jim's prostate each and every time he went in. Jim started chanting quietly. "Oh god, oh god, oh god."

Blair was going to have to talk to Jim about how this made him feel because Blair himself felt as if he was in heaven. And surely God was giving him a most perfect gift. Jim felt so fucking good. It was difficult to describe. Sandburg, you've got to write this in your journal. This is too important and fun to let it go by without a memory page.

"Jim, come for me, baby. Come for me now. I want to feel you around me when you come." Blair said softly into Jim's ear.

Just like that Jim let out a yell as he came, "Blair."

Blair couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to be wrapped by Jim's tight passage. Three more thrusts and Blair was coming yelling, "Jim."

Jim fell on the bed and Blair followed suit. They both lay there just getting their breath back. "Chief, I love you." Jim said suddenly.

Blair had not expected that. "Do you tell everyone that, Jim?"

"No, Blair. I don't tell anyone that." Jim said. "I've wanted to love someone all of my life but never have. I'm giving that to you. Hopefully, you want it."

"I love you, too, Jim." Blair said kissing the back of Jim's neck and pulling out ever so gently. "Of course, I want it, big man." Jim rolled over and pulled Blair into his arms and kissed him hard and said it again. "I love you, Blair. I love you so much."

"Man, I love you, too." Blair said. "Now I'm going to show you how much. I'm going to clean us both up so we can just cuddle. How's that sound?"

"Oh fuck, yeah." Jim said laughing. Blair laughed too all the way into the bathroom to get the wet cloths to clean up with. Once Blair cleaned them both off he climbed back into Jim's bed and said, "Mind if I spend the night?"

"I wouldn't mind if you spent the rest of your life here."

"I might consider that, Jim." Blair said smiling meaning every word.

"Good, because I'd really like you to move in. What do you think?"

"Jim, I think we might be moving a little too fast. What do you think?" Blair asked trying not to panic and scare Jim.

"Blair, it could never be fast enough for me. I love you. I don't need months to learn what my heart's telling me right now. I feel like this is right." Jim said kissing Blair tenderly.

"I'll think about it. All right, I thought. I'll move in this weekend." Blair said smiling.

"All right. Now that's the kind of news I want to hear all the time." Jim said.

"I'm really tired, big man. Do you mind if I sleep for awhile now?" Blair asked sweetly.

"You can do anything you want to, except leave me." Jim said.

"Wait till I tell my mom." Blair said laughing.

"I can't wait to meet her, Chief. Anyone that raised you has got to be great."

"Oh man, you can kiss ass better than anyone I've ever met. And you don't even have to."

"Come here, Chief. Go to sleep." Jim said pulling Blair closer to his body, if that was at all possible.

"Wanna do me in the morning?" Blair asked, coyly.

"Oh fuck, yeah." Jim said, but he wasn't laughing this time.

They both fell asleep knowing that they were now a couple. Jim could feel that in his heart. He knew that Blair felt for him as much as he felt for Blair. It was like Yin and Yang. It was meant to be. Or as he would tell Blair tomorrow, "Hey, Chief, I was thinking about this being fate and thought, this is right up your alley."

And Jim could hear Blair answer, "Show me who's alley you want to be up."

End Up Your Alley.

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