I canít believe that itís been six years since we started this. Itís been a good time for all I think. I know it has been for me, anyway.

Thank you to all of the wonderful writers, who constantly entertain me while Iím getting everything ready for Lisa to do for the html. These stories are just great.

Thank you to all of the artists, who make the stories even more fun to dive into.

And thank you to the betas who make the stories just perfect.

Lisa, this has been another big ezine and I know youíre working hard at it right now. Thank you for all of your hard work and for keeping the ezine going. Iím so glad weíre friends. (Then itís safe to bitch to each other about html problems.)

Thank you to all of the readers, especially the ones who give feedback. Feed those writers and they write even more.




Ditto! :)

Six long years... late nights... long phone conversations... oh, the ezine? Oh, sure, about that too!

Thank you to everyone who has been with us since that first year, for seeing us through all the changes and ezines and life altering moments. We're a family... and like most families, we have our disfunctional moments. LOL... but we sure do put the "FUN" in disFUNctional!!

And thank you to all the new people who have joined us "in progress". We keep going... we're like the frickin' Energizer bunny!!

And don't anybody be fooled by what Patt says, she does about 85% of the work... I just show up, stand where she tells me to, smile for the pictures and upload the files! I'm the puppet, she's the puppet master... fear her wrath! :)

We'll be back this summer with our Moonridge contribution and we hope you enjoy it!

Lisa, Duncan's Twin