WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships), NC-17 level and maybe some graphic photographs are contained in this E-ZINE.

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Story Title Author Version
Every Day's a Holiday IV: Spring Scribe With Graphics
  A season of holidays is coming to an end, and the detectives of Major Crimes have decided to give Jim and Blair a little payback. Have mercy. 59K      
Star Crossed: Genesis KAM With Graphics
  Across the vastness of space, fate brings together a very special Sentinel and Guide. Lost and struggling for survival on a deserted, barren world, can they overcome their fears and insecurities to fulfill their destiny? Or will war, treachery, and deceit tear them apart and destroy both of their worlds forever? 325K Split into 2 parts      
Can't Fight This Feeling Ankaree With Graphics
  Jim realizes that he's been blocking the spiritual connection that was formed between them after Blair's drowning at the fountain. He takes the necessary steps to fix the situation before he loses his Guide permanently. 38K      
Sandburg, Ellison and Adam Annie With Graphics
  It's seven years after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. How much has changed in Cascade? 20K      
Connections Lyn With Graphics
  Someone from Jim's past brings danger to both men and Jim and Blair must establish a connection to each other in order to survive. 93K      
Death's Edge Mererid With Graphics
  Blair is wounded, and dying. 6K      
Getting Away Patt With Graphics
  Jim and Blair get away for a change. But do they really? 45K      
Chosen 8: A Reason For Thanksgiving Natalie L With Graphics
  Lee Brackett returns to claim his Sentinel and won't let a little thing like another Guide stand in his way. Jim and Blair's primal bond (to the death) is tested. 59K      
Two Flasks, One Conversation Scribe With Graphics
  Jim... Blair... In the woods. Drunk. Any questions? 14K      
The Man For The Job Debbie With Graphics
  A series of murders consumes Jim's every waking moment, causing Blair to start to worry. When Blair offers himself as bait for the murderer, will it turn out to be a mistake? And can Jim and Blair's love for each other withstand the outcome? 47K      
Dude, You're Getting A... Never Mind Tinnean With Graphics
  Jim's new computer is giving him fits. 5K      
Out Of Darkness Kata Avalon With Graphics
  A chance meeting leads to life-altering events for two lonely people. 57K      
Signs Kerensa With Graphics
  Blair loses his voice, but he shows what he's saying in other ways. 14K      
Getting Into The Spirit Tate With Graphics
  It's Christmas and everyone's happy, so why's Jim being such a pain in the ass? 5K      
A Frame For Murder Krisser With Graphics
  Blair Sandburg comes under suspicion of being a serial killer. Can Jim or the Yard clear him in time so he can stop another killer? 117K      
Wild Men Patt With Graphics
  Jim is a grouch and Blair decides to take him on a date. 11K      
Past Life PB With Graphics
  Blair's press conference has more repercussions than anyone thought when an old family acquaintance looks him up for a little revenge. 61K      
Spice of Life LilyK With Graphics
  Jim's life is full of spice. 37K      
Shift Legion With Graphics
  On a planet where humans infected with a shape-shifting nanovirus were exiled by Earth, Jim and Blair meet under extraordinary circumstances. 55K      
Too Little, Too Late Arianna With Graphics
  Blair turns down the chance to become Jim's official partner and, when he gets an unexpected offer, he moves out. Jim wants him back. 309K Split into 2 parts      
A Radiogram Every Day Lisa, Duncan's Twin With Graphics
  Naomiís final act of selfishness. 10K      
Games People Play Patt With Graphics
  Blair buys Jim a surprise and Jim doesnít like it at first. 8K      
Off Limits akablonded With Graphics
  Danger to his Guide finally brings a Sentinel to his senses. 125K      
Metaphorical Mererid With Graphics
  A little too much eggnog, and Blair's language abilities goes out the window. 3K      
Chosen 9: Night Shift Natalie L With Graphics
  Jim's temper is frayed from a month of celibacy, and sneaking a peek at Blair's journal only fuels the flames. The Sentinel is approached by an angel to examine the 'whispers of his heart'. 63K      
Lashed Ice Bear With Graphics
  Detective James Ellison retired the Cascade PD on disability over a year ago, after a run in with a notorious serial killer. An FBI profiler shows up at his door, wanting his help to catch the mad man. 63K      
A Ruined Evening Lyn With Graphics
  These are the delicacies of a ruined evening. If Blair thinks making up is as easy as a romantic dinner, he's wrong. 9K      
And Sounds Kerensa With Graphics
  Blair's voice is back, so why isn't he talking? Everyone wants to know. 7K      
The Many Faces of Jim and Blair Drabbles Patt With Graphics
  A mixture of drabbles from every day life with the boys. 15K      
Sentinel-mental Songs akablonded With Graphics