Metaphorical by Mererid

Metamorphical - Mererid

Blair straddled Jim's hips in bed, the big guy stretched out in bed, half sleeping. He stirred a bit when Blair's weight settled on him. They were both naked though it was a chilly winter's day outside. Inside, they were being lazy, sex-starved lovers. It was Sunday, and they had nothing more to do than just be together.

The smell of the Sharpie marker brought a frown to Jim's face seconds before the felt tip touched his chest. He opened his eyes, crinkling his nose, and looked up at his lover's face.

"What are you doing?"

"Making a symbiological gesture." Blair told him, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth as he leaned over Jim and drew.

"Uh, thanks." Jim twitched, the marker close to his left nipple and tickling him. "It stinks."

"Stinks of love, man." Blair corrected him.

"Symbio-whatever or not. It stinks." Jim's right leg drew up of its own accord. Other parts of his body where taking notice.

"Dial it down." His furry young lover smirked.

Jim growled. Blair knew he'd probably pay for that, but he didn't think it would be immediate. The next thing he realized, he was on his back under Jim with his hands held above his head. Jim's right hand held his wrists while his left hand 'lined things up' so to speak. Blair's legs were pushed wide open.

Jim hesitated a second. He noticed the heart charm dangling from Blair's nipple ring. It was the one he had bought for Blair for Christmas.

"You put it on." He said rather dumbly.

"Yeah." Blair smirked.

Jim glanced down at his chest. "What the fuck does that represent?" He asked about the black Sharpie marker doodle around his left nipple.

"A key, you idiot!" Blair barked a laugh, trying in vain to throw Jim off. He only managed to rub seductively against his mate. "You know, as in-"

Jim pushed into him in a simple, single stroke. Blair was momentarily speechless.

"As in what, Romeo?" Jim chuckled, drawing his hips back and pushing forward again. Massaging a certain hot spot with a certain thingymabob.

Or, as Blair liked to refer to his penis, "thingamajim".

"Key." Blair shivered, eyes half shut. "To my heart." He breathed out.

"Huh." Jim pondered between lazy, torturous thrusts. "Metamorphical speaking."

"Yeah." Blair nodded, trying to hitch his legs up more. "Something like that."

"Cool." Jim leaned down and kissed him slowly and thoroughly. He held his hips back, the tip of his thingamajim just barely inside Blair's whichmahole.

"Focus, man!" Blair pulled his lips away. "Focus!"

Jim laughed, and continued his work. He would have gotten high marks on his performance appraisal if Blair had been able to form words coherently ever again.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Mary for the beta and to Patt for the art.