Many Faces of Trust


The privilege of naming this Ezine was bought by Discord26 in the Moonridge 2006 Auction. Thank you for continuing to enjoy our Ezines.

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Story Title Author Version
Acceptance Debbie With Graphics
  Blair is chosen to be a member of a PD task force and has to work with others. Will this prove Blair's worth to the PD and his fellow officers? 41K      
In The Company of Men Patt With Graphics
  Jim is with someone else until Blair helps him come to his senses. 72K      
Target Practice PB With Graphics
  Jim tries to teach Blair to shoot, and sex ensues. 18K      
Goin' Courtin' Tinnean With Graphics
  Jim Ellison, a former hustler who now works as a security guard for Simon Banks, met Detective Blair Sandburg when Sandburg was assigned to investigate the murder of someone Jim knew. Things moved so fast that they became lovers before Jim realized it. But can he trust it to last? 23K      
Thank You! Mererid With Graphics
  Jim and Blair escort a deputy police chief on the hunt for a killer. 7K      
Good Cop, Bad Cop LitGal With Graphics
  With a girl's life on the line, Blair and Jim run a game of good cop, bad cop. Is Blair cop enough to outplay the suspect and help save the girl? 15K      
Just Another Saturday Night Lisbeth Sierra With Graphics
  It was just another quiet evening, or so Jim thought. But once Blair started talking about his favorite TV shows, life would never be the same... 20K      
Trust Reborn Colleen O'dea With Graphics
  After Blair's first week on the police force, Jim realizes something's not right and things come to a head. Pre-slash 9K      
The Sentinel's Wife Patt With Graphics
  Everyone thinks that Blair is the wife in their relationship, only there is no relationship. 12K      
Protection PB With Graphics
  Someone is trying to kill Blair, and the FBI tries to save him by making everyone, including Jim, think the killer succeeded. 76K      
My Mom is Flirting With My Boyfriend Scribe With Graphics
  Naomi drops by for a visit. snicker 14K      
Murder in the Ruins Krisser With Graphics
  Jim and Blair travel to South America to rescue Jimís old boss and Jim runs into a ghost from his past. 129K      
Random Thoughts on Partners Debbie With Graphics
  Jim and Blair reflect on their partnership. Alternates between Jim's and Blair's POVs. 4K      
Com-mune-I-ca-shun Mererid With Graphics
  Jim suggests Blair use a new technique to convey his interest. It's called, "communication". 6K      
Something New and Different Patt With Graphics
  Jim and Blair decide to make friends with two men in another department who are gay. 44K      
Death To All Lawyers Sam With Graphics
  Opposing trial lawyers Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg are taken hostage in a Cascade courtroom. 10K      
A New Life Lisbeth Sierra With Graphics
  After years on the force, Blair feels it's time to retire but Jim isn't so sure... 11K      

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