Thankful by Debbie

Thankful - Debbie

Blair lay snuggled against his human pillow and body warmer and was thankful for all he had. He had a prestigious job, as a university professor, a prestigious title, Dr. Blair Sandburg, a place to live, and the love of his life, Jim Ellison. Blair twined his arms around Jim's midsection, burrowing in just a little closer. In response, Jim automatically pulled Blair closer, burying his face in the riot of Blair's curls. Blair knew Jim was still asleep, but that didn't stop his protective instincts from kicking in and keeping Blair safe.

They still had several hours before they had to get out of bed. Blair smiled, remembering their marathon love session the night before, started when Jim began flipping soapsuds towards Blair, which led to a chase in the loft, ending upstairs in their bed.

Blair wanted to spend the whole day in bed with his lover, but they had promised not only Jim's father and brother they would stop by for a Thanksgiving meal, but also Simon and Daryl, along with most of the rest of the Major Crime gang and their families. He and Jim were due at the senior Ellison's house around noon and at Simon's that evening, around 7:30.

Blair glanced over at the clock on the side table. It read 5:45 AM. Blair lowered his head and drifted back to sleep, safe within his lover's arms. He still held onto Jim, keeping him safe as well.


Jim didn't open his eyes when he felt Blair moving around in their bed. Blair always moved around in their bed. The guy just couldn't lie still, except on those rare occasions when he was sleeping deeply. Luckily, Blair calmed down after a few minutes, after twining his arms around Jim's midsection. Jim had pulled the slightly squirming body closer, burying his face in Blair's curls and inhaling the wonderful scent of his lover. Jim was semi-asleep, but still aware of Blair near him.

Without opening his eyes, Jim's internal clock knew it was way too early to get out of bed yet. He recalled the marathon love session last night, both men taken to exhaustion and falling asleep in each other's arms. Jim never thought he'd be comfortable with someone practically sleeping on top of him, but with Blair it was a necessity and pleasurable to boot.

They had promised friends and family they would stop by for Thanksgiving meal. Jim was happy they didn't have to do the preparation, although he would help Blair if they had to do it. Jim helped with the pies they were taking to his dad's and to Simon's. He was more than happy to help. Any activity that he did with Blair was bonus time for the two of them together.

Jim felt Blair relax back against him and his breathing level out to sleep. Jim followed a short time later.


Jim was the first one awake several hours later. He gently dislodged himself from Blair, covering him with the blankets to keep him warm. Jim made his way downstairs to start breakfast. He loved making breakfast for Blair and serving it to him in bed. He made pancakes and sausage (mostly for himself, although Blair would eat some). He loaded up the tray with plates, cups of coffee, glasses of juice, and an artificial silk rose in a vase. Jim took the tray upstairs, sitting it on the dresser as he moved over to the bed to wake Blair.

It only took a few well placed kisses to bring Blair awake and alert. He smiled up at Jim and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Jim was the one to break off the kiss.

"I have breakfast for us. In bed."

Blair's smile got wider and he sat up in the bed, rearranging the pillows so that both of them would be comfortable. Jim slipped into the bed, placing the tray between the two of them in the bed. Blair grabbed one of the sausage links and ate it, then drank some of the coffee.

Jim was a little more composed and took his time eating. He and Blair took turns feeding each other bites of pancakes, smothered in butter and syrup. Jim thought it very sensuous when Blair licked his fingers to remove the excess syrup. However, he controlled his urge to cover Blair in syrup and lick him clean, although the image would be with him for the rest of the day.

When they finished eating, Jim removed the food tray while Blair lounged back amongst the pillows, most of his body on display for Jim.

"Why don't you go take a shower and get dressed while I do the breakfast dishes," announced Blair, his eyes closed.

"I can do the dishes, love." Jim had slipped back into their bed.

Blair opened his eyes and leaned over to kiss Jim on the lips. "It's the least I can do for breakfast. Maybe I'll join you in the shower."

Jim watched as Blair got out of bed and slipped on his short robe. He picked up the tray and went on downstairs. Jim watched his lovers' every step, mesmerized by his beauty. Jim finally got out of the bed himself and went down to take a shower.

Blair joined Jim in the shower a short time later, lathering up Jim's back and washing it, giving a massage as he went along. Jim relaxed and leaned back against Blair as he worked his magic on the Sentinel. Jim always had been like putty in his hands and it was especially true in the shower. Blair reached around to the front, grabbing his cock and moving his soapy hands up and down the shaft. Jim pushed himself into Blair's hand, increasing the friction and the pleasure. It wasn't too long until Jim shot his cum onto the tiles of the shower. He leaned forward, supported by his arms on the walls of the shower enclosure, his breathing deep.

Blair didn't waste any time soaping up Jim's hole, getting him ready for even more pleasure. Blair inserted one finger, then two and finally three, pleased to see Jim open up for what was to come. His other hand was steady on Jim's thigh, holding him in place. Blair's finger brushed across Jim's prostate a couple of times, causing Jim to jump slightly and moan with pleasure.

"I'm coming, love. Just give me a minute."

"Can't wait, baby! Now!"

Blair patted Jim on the thigh. "Patience. I'm coming."

Blair slipped his shaft into Jim to the hilt and paused, moving his arms around Jim's midsection to hold him close. After a few minutes, he started moving in and out at a leisurely pace, increasing the thrusts when he started getting closer himself.

Jim could feel his cock getting hard again and he took it in his hand, stroking himself in rhythm to Blair's thrusts. Jim moaned in time to the thrusts also and Blair grunted in time to the thrusts. They were in perfect unison. Blair came inside Jim just seconds before it pushed Jim over the edge.

It took several minutes for each man to recover. Jim reached out to turn off the water and then turned around to hold Blair in his arms as he sat them both down on the seat in the shower. Jim rained kisses over Blair's face and murmured sweet love words.

Blair lifted his head to look into Jim's eyes. "Happy Thanksgiving, Jim. I'm thankful for you."

Soon, they would get out of the shower, drying each other off. The memory of this morning would be with each of them throughout the day.

The End

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Lyn for the beta and Patt for the artwork.