WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships), NC-17 level and possibly some graphic photographs are contained in this E-ZINE.

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Story Title Author Version
The Christmas Elf Lady Ra With Graphics
  Jim's life is falling apart, and there seems to be only one place that makes him feel better. 47K      
The Gift of The Sentinel Tinnean With Graphics
  Christmas is coming, and what's a Sentinel to give to his Guide? 35K      
Thankful Debbie With Graphics
  Both Blair and Jim are thankful and show each other. 8K      
Every Day Ice Bear With Graphics
  Itís the boys first Christmas as lovers. Blair has plans for the perfect Christmas and Jim, fear based response in overdrive, worries he wonít be able to deliver. 33K      
Warm akablonded With Graphics
  Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning in the Ellison-Sandburg household. 23K      
He Belongs To Me Patt With Graphics
  Jim is picking out the perfect gift for Blair when someone else comes into Blairís life. 54K      
Required Viewing Scribe With Graphics
  Jim and Blair are drawing up a schedule. 5K      
Christmas Plan Go Awry Debbie With Graphics
  As Blair gathers the ingredients for Christmas dinner, fate steps in. Blair owies and Jim angst. 25K      
Chosen 7: The Waiting Room Natalie L With Graphics
  As Jim and Blair prepare for a Major Crimes Halloween party at the loft, Jim encounters a real ghost! 66K      
Listening Between The Lines Annie With Graphics
  It's Christmas in Cascade and Jim and Blair both have secret wishes. 21K      
Wishing Patt With Graphics
  Blair wants Jim; Jim wants Blair and it's Christmas. What more could you ask for? 39K      
Inches SassyInkPen With Graphics
  Jim and Blair come up with a creative way to determine who gets the next round. 15K      
Let There Be Love Mererid With Graphics
  Jim, Blair and an erotic novel about a piece of bedroom furniture. 21K      
New Year's Resolution Debbie With Graphics
  Blair is alone in the loft on New Year's Eve. Jim comes home early from his date. Blair makes a New Year's resolution and Jim makes a declaration. 11K      
Five Christmas Gifts Blair Sandburg Never Gave Jim Ellison Scribe With Graphics
  The title says it all! 2K      
Christmas Sluts Patt With Graphics
  Blair Sandburg is stranded in Denver and meets the man of his dreams. 10K      
Mongeese Christmas Drabbles Scribe, akablonded and Patt With Graphics
  Some wicked Mongeese elves stayed up late in the playroom... 25K