Wishing by Patt

Wishing - Patt

Every day Jim Ellison woke to the same thing. He could hear everything coming from the bathroom where his roommate and friend was showering. That’s not all he was doing. He was whacking off again. It was beginning to drive Jim bonkers.

His sense of smell opened up to the adventure and he was hard in an instant. He had tried to ignore Blair every morning, but there was just no use. The sound and scent drove him over the edge every single morning. He wished that some day he could tell Blair about how he felt about him, but not now. Blair was seeing someone new, someone that Jim didn’t even know yet, but Blair seemed happy about her, so Jim just shut his mouth and continued being a voyeur.

It was times like this that Jim wished he could have an ordinary life. One where he didn’t want his partner and his senses didn’t go crazy every single day of his life. But Jim also loved his abilities when it came to work. Blair was right; he was like a human crime lab when in control. Blair made sure that he was in control almost all of the time.

Jim wiped up the mess on his stomach and his groin and got slowly out of bed. It was another wonderful side effect of being a Sentinel. His aches and pains seemed to be more active first thing in the morning and he had a hard time telling his pain dial to go down. Jim grabbed his robe and put it on and walked down the stairs to wait for his shower. He figured if nothing else he could start the coffee.

Coffee smelled more than divine in the morning. Blair bought a flavored blend and Jim loved the taste and smell of it. It was like Blair knew exactly what to buy for his Sentinel. His Guide didn’t even really have to try so much anymore.

Jim made the coffee and sat back waiting for the wonderful smell to fill his nostrils and make his mouth water. He glanced over in the corner and saw the tree that the two men had decorated and smiled to himself. It had been a fun evening and it turned out great.

Blair came walking out with a towel around himself and said, “Good morning, Jim.”

“Good morning yourself, Chief. Are you done in the bathroom?” Jim asked as he stood up knowing Blair was done with everything. He didn’t like Blair to know that he listened to him in the bathroom, so he hid this one little secret. Okay, maybe it was more than one, but he couldn’t help it. He wasn’t an ordinary man. He couldn’t help it. That’s right, he could just keep telling himself that.

Blair smiled at him and said, “Yeah, I’m done. Like you don’t already know, man.” He laughed all the way into his small bedroom and began to dress for the day.

Jim quickly got into the shower and began to soap himself down. While he was shampooing his hair, he heard Blair getting dressed and that made the Sentinel hard again. He used the suds from the shampoo to slick his cock up and began to fist it fast and hard. Within moments he came all over the shower and hated that he couldn’t yell out Blair’s name.

He finished up his shower, shaved and put his robe back on. He walked out of the bathroom feeling like a new man until he saw that Blair was going commando. Didn’t he know what that did to his Sentinel?

Jim dressed as quickly as he could so that he didn’t have to think about anyone being naked. Today they had a lot of work to do. Again, he found himself wishing that he was just an ordinary man that didn’t notice all of these things that Blair did.


The drive to work went surprisingly well, considering that Jim could feel the vibrations coming off of Blair’s body while he talked. It wasn’t Blair’s fault that he was hyper or enthusiastic, was it? He seemed to bubble when he talked and it made Jim want him all the more.

Blair was enthused about a case they were working on and wanted to share his ideas with Jim. Jim listened as he always did, but this time he listened more because Blair had an idea for finding out who it was that killed a homeless man.

“I think we need to find out who the homeless man is first of all and then go from there. What if he wasn’t always homeless and was someone important and then someone else saw him and didn’t want to be seen. They could have had a very good reason for killing him. Especially since we’ve had no other homeless people murdered, so that would make sense to me. What do you think, Jim?”

“I think it’s pretty crappy that we’re talking about a murder case a week before Christmas, don’t you?” Jim was suddenly sad about that. This homeless man had volunteered at the men’s shelter every year for the holidays and everyone said he would be missed.

“What do you think about my idea?”

“I think it makes more sense than just a random killing. It was thought out, so someone would have had to know where he was going to be. Our John Doe needs a name and fast. I want to get this thing cleared up before Christmas.” Jim was tired of the case already and just wanted to spend more time with Blair at the loft watching Christmas lights from the balcony.

“What do you think of this idea? We put his picture on the front page of the newspaper and ask someone to come forward and tell us who he was.”

“I like that idea and we know just the newsperson who would like a big story for themselves.” Jim said.

“I was thinking about asking Tim Thompson over at Cascade Times and see what he thinks of the idea. It could have a holiday feel to it, hoping to find out where this man really belongs.” Blair suggested.

“Yeah, I like Tim Thompson. We’ll go with him. There is a traffic jam up ahead, so we’re getting off now.” Jim pulled off on the exit and Blair just looked at him strangely.

“I didn’t see anything. Where was the traffic jam?” Blair asked.

“About four miles down the road, there were a ton of cars already stopped, so we’re going this way. I’m telling you; sometimes it pays to have these senses and other times it totally sucks.” Jim smiled over at his partner.

What other times?” Blair wondered aloud.

“I would just like to be a little more ordinary, is all. That’s what I would like for Christmas.” Jim laughed and so did Blair.

“Like you could ever be ordinary, man.” Blair teased back.

“I’ll call Tim Thompson as soon as we get to the station, Sandburg, and we’ll see if we can’t get something in the newspaper first thing tomorrow.” Jim was ready to get the ball rolling.

“I bet he goes for it, if we promise to give him the whole story when it breaks.” Blair said.

“If the fucking thing breaks. If…”

“There is no if with this, Jim. This man needs a name on his grave. He was someone and we’re going to find out who.” Blair was ready to start.

“We just have some small cases to tie up this afternoon, so we’ll concentrate on the big one for the latter part of the day. All right?” Jim asked.

“You mentioned Christmas earlier and I’m still waiting for an idea for a Christmas present. Are you going to give me some ideas or not?” Blair wanted to get him something totally cool and unexpected, but couldn’t think of anything.

“You could give me a weeks worth of smiles instead of frowns all week after Christmas. I love when you smile.” Jim said it and then blushed. “I mean, you make everyone feel good when you’re in a good mood. So that would make me happy. Something like that. It doesn’t have to be bought.” Jim added.

They pulled up in the station parking garage and parked. Both men exited and went for the elevator, and got on. They discussed the case some more on the way up. As soon as they got off on their floor Conner accosted them.

“Did you guys pick your names from the box for the Secret Santa for Friday?” She asked.

“No, Conner, we didn’t. We’ve been a little busy with a murder.” Jim snapped.

“Don’t bite my head off, Detective Ellison. I didn’t murder anyone, unless you want me to take you out.” She turned on her heel and walked about flipping her hair to make sure he knew she was dismissing him.

Blair called out, “Sorry Conner, we’ll sign up later today.”

“Why did you say that? We haven’t got time for this shit.” Jim the grouch mumbled.

“Yes, we have time for it. Now hush and let’s get to work.” Blair made his way over to his desk and sat down.

Jim sat at his desk and called Tim Thompson and asked him what he thought about the story idea. Tim grabbed onto it and they were off. Jim faxed him a picture of John Doe taken at the shelter the last Christmas and then he had one of him on the table in the morgue. He figured he would let Thompson decide which one he wanted to use. The one from the shelter was a very good shot, so Jim figured he would probably pick that one.

“Hey Chief, Thompson is going to run the story, so maybe we’ll catch a break.”

“That would be great and give him some peace before the holidays.” Blair picked up some files and walked over to Simon’s door and knocked.

“Come in.” Simon bellowed.

“Sir, we’re going to go and check out those two robberies today. I just wanted to let you know where we were.” Blair explained.

“Well good luck, I hope you figure something out on both of them.”

“See you later.” Blair went over to Jim’s desk and said, “I told Simon we were checking out leads for the two robberies. So let’s get this show on the road.”

“Bossy shit today, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I am and as long as I’m doing it, let’s stop by Joel’s office and sign up for the Secret Santa thing. We could shop while we were out running around.”

“Blair, we can’t shop while we’re working.”

“Who says?” Blair smiled evilly at his partner.

“Fine, I’ll sign up, but I hate the idea.” Jim stormed off to Joel’s office with a laughing Blair following him.

Joel looked up from his desk and smiled at both men in the doorway. “Good morning, Jim and Blair. Did you come to sign up for the Secret Santa?”

“Yes we did, Joel. Where do we get the names?”

“There are two left and that’s it. We were worrying that you two weren’t going to do it this year, but I figured with your full plate, you had better things to do right now.

Blair was bouncing as he picked his little piece of paper out of the bowl and then Jim rolled his eyes and picked his out. Both men looked at the names they got and smiled.

“What is the limit again, Joel?” Blair asked.

“We raised it to $25.00 this year. So that’s new. Have fun, boys.” Joel said as he shook both men’s hands on their way out of his office.

“Wow, I can’t believe I got the person I did. This is going to be good. I know what she wants.” Blair was still bouncing from Joel’s office.

Once inside the elevator, Jim teased, “That’s no fair, you got Conner’s name and she’s too easy.”

“I got Rhonda’s, so there.”

“I figured as much, because I actually got Conner’s name. Now we have to help each other shop, right?”

“Conner’s easy, she collects Precious Moment figurines, so I’ll help you pick out a good one.” Blair suggested.

Jim sighed and said, “How come you know all of this stuff?”

“Because I pay attention, man. I always pay attention. Rhonda collects Hummingbird figures, so she’ll be easy too.”

“Thank you for paying attention, I had no idea of what to get her. I never know what to get anyone, except you.” Jim punched the garage parking button and when it opened they got out.

“Well, I still don’t have anything for you and it’s beginning to bug me.” Blair confessed.

“I told ya, just smile all week long after Christmas and it’ll help the entire bullpen.”

Blair just smiled as he got into the truck and Jim started to pull out.

“Do you have any ideas about the robberies?” Blair asked getting back into the swing of working for a living.

“I was thinking that both robberies took place in the same week, in the same block, so maybe it’s someone just trying to cover up the his robbery.” Jim wanted it to be this, but didn’t really have a clue.

So the two men spent all afternoon looking into the robberies and they found a few things out that pointed to one of the store owners. When confronted with the evidence, the store owner caved and gave himself up. The afternoon was a complete success and the men were able to take the man to the station and book him.

When they got back upstairs Jim had a message from Tim Thompson. Jim dialed his number and waited for him to answer as he smiled over at Blair.

“Thompson, here.”

“Hi Thompson, this is Jim Ellison. You had a message for me?”

“Yes, my boss gave me an okay for a front picture and it’ll run tomorrow. And the next day it’ll run on the people and places page. I’m putting your and Detective Sandburg’s number on the page, so hopefully you’ll get some results.”

“Thank you for doing this so quickly.” Jim said.

“Just remember our deal. I get the story first if something comes from it.”

“How could I forget?” Jim snickered and finally hung up.

“Chief, it’s running in the paper tomorrow and he’s even putting it on the People and Places page for the following day. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

“I sure hope so, Jim, because we don’t have a thing on this. We have no clues what-so-ever.” Blair sounded a little defeated.

“Would you like to leave early today and do some shopping with me? We could get our Secret Santa presents and have them wrapped.” Jim asked.

“Jim, half the fun of presents is wrapping. We’ll buy the wrap and do our own. I insist. Let me go tell Simon that we’re leaving and we’ll see him in the morning.” Blair got up and walked over to Simon’s doorway and stuck his head in saying, “Simon, we’re leaving for the day, if you need us just call.”

“Okay, we’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Simon said around his unlit cigar, munching happily.

“Oh Simon, the Cascade Times is going to run an ad about our John Doe, so hopefully, we’ll get a call or two about him and maybe we can get somewhere before we have to close it as an unsolved case.”

“Good news. I hope you both get something from it. Now take off and we’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thanks, Simon.” Blair walked over and said, “Ready, partner?”

“I’ve been ready all day long. This was a long day and we didn’t even stay as long as we usually do.” Jim said.

Once they got downstairs and in the truck, Jim looked over at Blair and said, “Where to?”

“We’re going to the mall.”

“The big mall?” Jim was hoping he heard wrong.

“Of course the big mall. It’s actually called Cascade Springs Mall, if you didn’t already know.” Blair almost laughed at the glare that Jim gave him.

“It’s going to be packed and I don’t like being around that many people at one time, you know that.”

“Stop whining and let’s go so we can get this over with.” Blair gently pushed his friend and got a smile in return.

When they arrived at the mall, Blair knew just where to park, so they could go to the huge Hallmark store. The scents put Jim almost into a zone.

“Dial it down, big guy.” Blair whispered, Sentinel soft.

“Got it. Man, do they really need all of those smells?” Jim grumbled as they walked into the Hallmark store.

“Let me show you where the Precious Moments are and the newest ones.” Blair offered.

“I think I can handle that part of it, Sandburg. I’ll meet you in the front when you find the Hummingbird you want to get Rhonda.” Jim said over his shoulder as he walked towards the section of glassed-in Precious Moments.

“Can I help you, sir?” A very nice older lady asked Jim.

“Yes, I’m looking for a brand new Precious Moments statue that a friend probably doesn’t already have.”

“Well, we got this one in today, and we only have one left.” The woman lifted up a darling one of a little girl sitting in a chair, holding a kitten. It was titled “Let your gentle spirit be known to all.”

Now Jim did know that Conner had a cat and loved that cat. So this one would be perfect for her. He looked at the price and saw that it was $39.00 and sighed, but decided to get it anyhow. No one would know. He turned towards the saleswoman and said, “I’d like this one.”

He went up to the front and purchased his statue and waited for Blair. He waited and waited and waited. Finally after about 35 minutes, Jim went looking for Blair. Blair was in the aisle with Hummingbird Figurines and could see him fretting over which one to get.


Blair jumped and almost dropped the Hummingbird he was holding. “Geeze, man, you just about bought that one.”

“Are you about done?”

I can’t decide between these two. I love both of them, so it doesn’t matter, I just can’t decide.” Blair was practically having a breakdown over a Secret Santa gift.

Jim looked at both of them and finally said, “If it was me, I would choose this one. This one made me smile.”

“And you’re sure that Rhonda will smile too?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Now are we done?” Jim asked as he led Blair and the helpful saleswoman up to the front counter. She had gotten the box for it as quickly as she could. She had seen shoppers like Jim Ellison before and she didn’t want to mess with him.

“Oh man, we need wrapping paper.” Blair whined.

“I’ll get it; you get your figurine paid for.” Jim started for the back of the store where he saw wrapping paper, earlier.

“Don’t forget to get two kinds so they won’t know they’re from us.” Blair called out and Jim just shook his head.

Jim found the paper, he liked for both of them and got two different kinds and went up to pay. Blair was waiting by the front door smiling.

Jim thought it was one of the sweetest things he had ever seen in his life. Blair looked so happy and content and all it took was an hour in the Hallmark shop. Jim realized he needed to get out more with Blair and look at things now and then.

As Jim joined him at the opening of the store, Blair whispered, “Turn your dial down again.”

“Thanks, Chief.” And just like that they were done for the day.

As they drove home, Jim thought about the gift that he had bought Blair and wondered if it had been a good idea or not. He had found an art gallery that had wolf statues that were to die for. So Jim had gotten one of them. Then he bought him a tee-shirt with a wolf on it, a check book cover with a wolf on it and a medallion with a wolf on it. Then he topped it all off with a Black Jaguar painting for his room. Jim really wished that it wasn’t his room, but their office and Jim’s room would be their room. But alas, he knew this wasn’t going to happen. Part of life.

“Jim, could you give me some hints for a gift for you?”

“Sure, I saw a statue the other day at the Miller Gallery on 5th street. It was breathtaking. You would love it. I know I did.”

“You have to tell me more than one thing, because otherwise you’ll know what your present is.”

“Okay, the other day I was putting my robe on and noticed how worn it was, so I could use a new robe and slippers. I would love that. You could get me a Santana CD, they have that new one out. Well, it’s not that new, but still, new to me.”

“These are all good suggestions, Jim. Thank you.” Blair was in his bounce mode again.

Jim realized it didn’t take much to make his Guide happy. He reached across and mussed up Blair’s hair and got a laugh out of him.

“What is it with everyone and my hair?” Blair asked.

“It’s because it’s soft and curly and people love to touch it.” Jim answered.

“Jim, could I ask you something serious?”

Jim almost panicked, wondered what in the world he would be asking him. “Sure, Chief, you know you can ask me anything.”

“I made reservations for two on Christmas Eve at Saccony’s and wondered if you would like to be my date.”

Jim pulled over to the side of the road and just stared at Blair.

“It’s no biggy if you don’t want to. But I had to ask.”

“I would love to be your date on Christmas Eve. Thank you.” Jim beamed with happiness and this cheered Blair right up.

“Cool, man. Now, I just need to figure out what to wear.”

“Chief, how long have you wanted to ask me out on a date?”

“For about a year now. But I always lost the nerve. I’m glad I didn’t lose it tonight.” Blair smiled sweetly at Jim and Jim smiled back.

“I’m glad you asked me too. I never would have gotten up the nerve. I’ve been thinking about you that way for some time now, but was afraid to say anything.”

“Well, we’re both just big ole dummies.” Blair teased and Jim laughed along with his partner.

“Yes, we are.” Jim agreed with his friend and pulled out into traffic. “So does this change things around the loft now? Are we dating exclusively?”

“I would like it to be just you and me, yes. How do you feel about it?” Blair was still a little bit nervous even thinking about it.

“I think we should go out tonight and start dating before Christmas Eve, but still keep that date as our special date.” Jim suggested.

“Great idea. What should we do tonight?” Blair asked.

“How about dinner and the Blues Club, I like to go to. It’s really quiet and out of the way. It would be very private for our first date.”

“Jim, have you been with guys before?”

“Yeah, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to be sure that we weren’t getting into something we weren’t sure about.”

“If it helps, Blair, I’m in love with you; I have been for some time. I plan on being in love with you forever.”

Blair reached across and grabbed Jim’s right hand and held it for a few minutes. “You always know what to say to make me feel better. I was nervous about being in love with you and pushing things too fast and you said what you just did and made my heart beat harder. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Chief. Does this mean we get to actually have sex in the same room tonight?” Jim looked over at Blair evilly and then smiled.

“That would be nice. I’ve been horny for a few months now. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed.” Blair said quietly.

“Oh I’ve noticed. I kept saying I wish I was an ordinary man so I didn’t pick up scents like I do, but I guess it all worked out for the best. Right now, I’m picking up pheromones that are coming off of you in waves. I love it, but I doubt that we’ll make it to dinner before I explode.”

“Let’s order dinner in tonight. We can go out another night. We’ll have time to explore each other’s bodies.”

“I hate zippers. They crush a man’s desires.” Both men laughed and Blair knew that things would be all right.

The rest of the drive home was Blair telling Jim about what they would do if someone called about the John Doe the next day. Both men hoped that they would get a call from someone, anyone that would help them discover the truth.

At the loft, Jim took Blair’s jacket and hung it up along with his own. They both took off their shoes to relax and suddenly Jim realized he needed to ask Blair something. “Chief, I thought you were seeing someone new and that’s why you were so happy lately.”

“No, I’m not seeing anyone new. I’ve just been fantasizing about you in the mornings and that makes me happy.” Blair smiled shyly over at Jim.

“Works for me. I was afraid you had a woman somewhere that you would have to dump.”

“Oh you’re a class act, Ellison. Dump the broad, Sandburg, you’re mine.” Blair pretended he was Jim and shouted it and beat his chest. Even Jim had to laugh about it.

“Well, I’m glad you don’t have to choose.” Jim finally added.

“There would have never been a choice, Jim. I’ve loved you for what seems like forever. So, are we going to order food or what?” Blair decided to change the subject and stop being so serious.

“I vote for the whatever, we can eat anytime.” Jim wiggled his eyebrows and snickered.

“How about a shower first?” Blair asked.


“Of course together. We might as well get used to seeing each other naked in the light of day.” Blair explained.

“I’m there. Let me grab my robe.” Jim flew up the stairs making Blair laugh even more. This was going to be fun and he knew that Jim would be having a good time also.

Blair went in and grabbed his robe and stripped his clothing off very quickly. He looked up and Jim was staring at Blair’s naked body, making Blair stand at attention, very quickly.

“Like this?” Blair asked.

“I love this.” Jim pulled Blair into his arms and kissed him long and hard. Before long they had to come up for air and Blair said, “Now that’s a friggin’ kiss, man.”

They walked into the bathroom and Jim started the shower. He got it all warm and stripped down to nothing and Blair said, “Oh man, this is going to be so much fun.”

“I’m glad you think so. I think so too.” Jim agreed.

Both men stepped into the shower and began to kiss as they touched. Blair got the soap and began to soap up both of them all over. When he ran his fingers between Jim’s cheeks, Jim almost jumped, but he stopped himself, not wanting to scare Blair. “Like that, Jim?” Blair whispered softly as he started playing with Jim’s hole, teasingly at first and then moving up to finger fucking him. Jim found himself almost ready to come from this alone. Jim got some soap and started to do the same things to Blair and he heard the happy sounds coming from his partner and knew that he was doing a good job.

“Let’s get clean really fast and get out of here. I don’t know about you, but I want you in bed.” Jim said as calmly as he could manage.

Blair finished cleaning Jim off, inside and out and then let him go under the shower spray. Then Blair was next. They were hot and hard, ready to go.

They dried each other off, kissing in between. Then they walked hand in hand up the stairs to Jim’s big bed. “This is now our bed, Blair.”

“Oh I like the sounds of that, big guy.”

Jim didn’t waste any time getting in between Blair’s legs so he could give him a proper blow-job. Before he started sucking, he pulled some lube out of the drawer next to his bed and said, “It pays to be prepared.” Then he started to suck on Blair’s needy cock and put some lube on his first finger and slid it inside of Blair’s body. Blair moaned very loud indeed and Jim knew that things were going well. He slid in another finger and started stroking Blair’s prostate making the younger man beg with need.

“I want you, Jim. I want you now.”

Jim smiled around Blair’s cock and hummed until Blair shot his come down Jim’s throat. Jim stayed right where he was and began to suck in earnest, hoping that Blair would surface for more.

Blair started moaning once again and Jim felt him harden in his mouth and Jim finally pulled away from him.

“Babe, this is going to be so good.” Jim put a condom on and started to slowly slide into Blair’s body.

“Give it to me, Jim. Now…”

“Slow down, Blair, no one is going to take it away from us. I want this to be special, not hurried.”

Blair started tightening up his anal muscles around Jim’s cock and before long Jim knew he wasn’t going to make it if he didn’t get in there and get busy. So he thrust in all the way and began to pull Blair’s legs up tighter around his waist. “You feel so good, Blair. Just perfect.” Then Jim started to stroke Blair’s cock and within no time at all, Blair was coming again. Jim wasn’t far behind him. No words were spoken or needed. They both knew what each other needed and went with it.

As Jim’s cock started to slide out of Blair, he pulled away and got up to get the wipes on his dresser. He cleaned both of them off and then pulled Blair into his arms for a nap.

“I love you, Blair.”

“I love you, Jim.”


The next thing Jim knew he woke up to a wonderful smell of Chinese food. Blair must have gotten up earlier and ordered. Jim got up and put his robe on and walked down the stairs. Blair was waiting at the bottom with his robe on too. They kissed and hugged for a while until Jim said, “Don’t get my motor running again yet because I’m starving.”

Blair laughed and led Jim over to the table. “I ordered all of our favorites and after dinner we’re going to wrap the Secret Santa presents and take them to work tomorrow.

“I love Chinese food.”

“I know that, Jim.”

“Thank you for not freaking out on me or anything.”

“I did a little bit earlier. I’ve been up for two hours. But I talked myself into calming down and just trusting in us. We’ll do just fine, won’t we?” Blair asked.

“Yeah, Blair, we will. I love you.”

“And I love you. Now let’s eat before we fade away.” Blair teased and both men started to eat dinner. They both ate like they hadn’t eaten in years and were smiling at each other the entire time.

“Do I get to sleep upstairs, now? “ Blair asked.

“Duh.” Jim answered with a smile.

“Oh good, because you’re a really good blanket. I want to wake up to that every morning.”

“I hope we get some calls tomorrow about the John Doe that aren’t crank calls.” Jim said offhandedly.

“I was just thinking the very same thing. How weird is that? But let’s try not to think about work tonight.”

“Would you like to make out on the sofa tonight and watch the lights on the tree all night long?” Jim asked shyly.

“Well, not all night long, I want to be in our bed after 11:00. That’s our new bedtime no matter what.” Blair teased.

“11:00 works well for me. I need my sleep anyhow.”

Blair looked over at him and saw the smile and burst out laughing. “You won’t be sleeping anytime tonight if you keep that up.” Blair knew that Jim was going to give him a run for his money.

They had a quiet evening together watching the blinking lights on the tree and then watched blinking lights out on the balcony for a while. They made out on the sofa like love sick teens and had a wonderful time. Before long it was 11:00 and Jim led Blair upstairs to another round of fun. And fun it was.


The following day, Jim and Blair were anxious to see if they got any calls. And sure enough, they got about forty crank calls, but nothing that made any sense what-so-ever until 3:00 that afternoon. Rhonda told Jim that there was a woman from the FBI on the phone for him.

Jim picked up his phone and answered, “Detective Ellison, can I help you?”

“Detective Ellison, my name is Agent Diane Darnett with the FBI. I saw the picture in the newspaper and thought I would tell you that we know who he is. He’s a man that was wanted for a murder years ago in Seattle, but he got away from us and we never found him. We never thought to look on the street for him. So, we’re going to be sending some agents to Cascade to take over the case. I hope you understand.”

“Certainly, you’re more than welcome to the case; we weren’t getting very far anyway.” Jim answered.

“I hope that you will share any and all information with our agents when they get there tomorrow.” Agent Darnett said.

“Sure, like I said, we have very little and got no where. But they’re welcome to the files. Just tell them to ask for Jim Ellison or Blair Sandburg.”

“Thank you again, Detective Ellison. They will speak with you tomorrow.” She hung up and Jim got a big grin on his face.

“Chief, they’re taking over the John Doe case and we are caseless for the time being.”

“Bite your tongue, Ellison.” Blair growled good naturedly.

“When is the Secret Santa party?” Jim asked.

“It’s tonight after work, I just found out about it. I thought it was on Christmas Eve, but it’s tonight.” Blair informed his partner.

“Good, then we’ll have more time to take care of things at home.” Jim said very quietly.

Blair found himself wondering if they were ever going to be able to tell their friends and if not, why did that bother him so much? Did it bother Jim too? Or was Jim okay being in the closet? These were things that Blair would have to ask about. But for right now, he needed to go Christmas shopping for Jim. He thought of some very cool ideas and wanted to get them before everything good was gone.

“Jim, do you mind if I leave for a while and do some shopping since we are case free?”

“Bite that tongue, young man.” Jim teased and then added, “Yeah, go ahead, but don’t go crazy for me, okay? I’d be really happy with the smiles I was talking about.”

“You’ll get them anyhow, so not to worry.” Blair left for the afternoon and went to the mall that he loved so much. The first place he went was an art shop and bought a framed piece of art of a gray wolf. He was howling at the moon and it was breathtaking. He somehow knew that Jim would appreciate having his spirit animal watching over his Sentinel. The next place he went was to a leather shop and got Jim a new shoulder holster and made an appointment to have it fitted after the holidays. On the black leather, he had a Panther engraved on it. Then Blair went to a jewelry store and got a medallion of a black panther and a beautiful silver chain. Blair felt a lot better about having some gifts for his lover. And somehow he knew that Jim would love each and every thing.


In the bullpen Conner walked over to Jim and said, “What’s Sandy up to? I haven’t seen him all day?”

“He’s shopping for me.” Jim answered quietly.

“Oh my…” She answered.

“Oh my… what?” Jim asked.

“I didn’t realize that you two were going to tell people you were out.”

Jim just stared at her with his mouth hanging open. “Conner, follow me.” He led the way to interrogation room 3 and once she was inside he shut the door behind them. “What are you talking about?”

“You and Sandy. I didn’t know that you were going to be out at the station.”

“Conner, I didn’t say we were anything, I said he went shopping for me. He’d been trying to figure out something for the last couple of weeks and he just figured it out today, I guess. There’s nothing else to tell.”

“I get it. It’s new and you don’t want the station to know about it. I get that. I won’t say a word to anyone except Rhonda. She and I are best friends and we tell each other all of the news.”

“Conner, I didn’t say a word about Sandburg and I. Where is this coming from?” Jim wondered when he lost control of this conversation.

“When? When you two came in today with glowing faces and happiness written all over you. You let the FBI take a case from you and you didn’t even squawk about it. I knew right then that there was something different, but when you said his name to me, you said it differently.” Conner was trying not to scare Ellison, but she had to tell the truth.

“Do you think everyone knows?” Jim finally asked.

“No, they’re too dumb to look that deep. Your secret is safe with us. Good luck to both of you.”

“Merry Christmas, Conner.” Jim suddenly remembered that she might be all alone and decided to ask her. “Are you going anywhere for Christmas?”

“No, I’m working with Rafe and Brown. Neither of them have family right now either, so we’re all going to eat here at the station. But it was nice that you asked me. Merry Christmas to you too, Jimbo.”

“Couldn’t you have just said Merry Christmas? Did you have to add the Jimbo part? You ruined a moment for me.” Jim laughed as he walked out of the room. She followed behind laughing along with him.


Blair returned four hours later and found everyone in the bullpen getting ready to open presents from their Secret Santa’s. He was very excited about it. Everyone was eating banana bread, Christmas cookies and drinking punch. The party was on.

Three hours later, Jim and Blair left the station and drove home. “Jim, I think Conner really liked the Precious Moment.”

“I think she did too and she looked right at you when she opened it. She had no clue that it was me.” Jim wasn’t sure if that made him happy or sad.

“Nah, she just knew that I gave someone the goods on her.”

“And did you see Rhonda’s eyes light up when she saw the Hummingbird?” Jim asked smiling again.

“Yup, I think we made a good choice on that one. She liked it a lot. Hey, Simon said you had something to tell me, what is it?”

“Since we finished up all of our cases and our files are all caught up, he gave us the next three days off. We’re free for Christmas. Just you and me, Blair.”

“Now that’s a Christmas I can live with. I don’t care if I got you 20 gifts, it wouldn’t be a nice as making out on the sofa like last night.” Blair was serious for a moment and said, “I need to ask you a few things.”

“Shoot.” Jim said quickly, hoping he wouldn’t regret it.

“Are we going to be able to tell our friends at the station or are we going to be in the closet forever?”

Jim smiled over at his new lover and said, “We’ll tell Simon first and then everyone else. Although, Conner already knows, so we don’t have to worry about her.”

“You told Conner?” Blair was shocked.

“She guessed. She said I said your name differently. Geeze, I hope I don’t do that too often, or everyone will find out.”

Blair looked even more serious and asked, “And this would be a bad thing?”

“Blair, I don’t want to discuss this right now. We just started our relationship and I’d like to get to know you sexually a little bit more before we have everyone else in our business. Okay?”

“Okay… I can live with that.”

“I love you.” Jim said quietly and Blair blushed.

“I love the way you say that. You do talk to me differently since we started sleeping together. We’re going to have to watch that, big guy.”

“Okay, we’ll do that. You know what? I woke up the other day feeling sorry for myself, wishing that I didn’t have the senses to deal with every single day, and you showed me just how important they really are. And it takes both of us to use them. Thank you. Merry Christmas, Blair.”

“Merry Christmas to you too, Jim. I’m glad you’re okay with your senses now and that you need me to help now and then. It makes it work better.

“What are we going to do for the next three days, Chief.”


And all that could be heard from outside the truck was laughter and Christmas carols on the radio. This is how Christmas should be. Jim was wishing he just didn’t know what he was wishing for. He got his wish anyhow.

The end.

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Mary for the beta and to Peter Neverland for the cover artwork.