Christmas Sluts by Patt

Christmas Sluts - Patt

Blair Sandburg found himself in a strange airport on Christmas Eve, and found out that he would be stuck there for awhile. Denver was a lovely city to visit in the summer, but not to be stuck in on December 24th. The woman at the desk said, “I’m sorry sir, but all of the rooms at the closest hotel have already been booked.”

“Oh geeze, that figures. I don’t believe my luck. Do you at least have a pillow and a blanket?” Blair asked the obvious and the woman looked at him like he had grown a second head.

“Excuse me.” A deep voice said. Blair looked up and over and found the most beautiful light blue eyes he had ever seen in his life. This guy was gorgeous.

“Were you talking to me?” Blair asked.

“I was just going to ask you if you wanted to get a drink in the bar. There are a couple of tables open yet.” The unnamed man, must be gay. He was asking Blair on a sort-of date. There was a god after all.

Blair hurried and answered before he lost this man’s interest. “Yeah, I would love to have a drink.” He put his hand out and said, “Name is Blair Sandburg.”

“Glad to meet you, Blair. My name is Jim Ellison. Where are you from?”

“Cascade, Washington.” Blair answered.

“What a small world. That’s where I’m from too. I’m a cop there, but I’m on leave right now.”

“Wow, this is a small world. There’s a table opening up, let’s grab it.” Blair said quickly as he headed for the table.

Jim just as quickly grabbed Blair’s arm and stopped him. “Unless of course you would like to share a hotel room.”

“There are no hotel rooms left.” Blair said sadly because he believed that god was now being cruel.

“I just so happen to have a room for the next four nights. I knew the storm was coming and made arrangements accordingly.”

“What do you mean you knew the storm was coming?” Blair was intrigued.

“I can sense things like that and as soon as I did, I called the hotel down the road and made reservations for the next four nights, just in case. It’s a bad storm.” Jim explained.

Blair looked at the man that god had given him back again and said quietly, “Let’s go.”

Jim grabbed his suitcase and Blair grabbed his backpack. Blair, always the thinker said, “Oh damn, I forgot about protection. Do you have any with you?”

“We could get some at the hotel. Right?” Jim asked hopefully.

“Do you normally pick guys up at the airport?” Blair asked as they walked out to get a cab.

“No, I never have. There was something about your voice. It moved me into asking you to have a drink.”

“It’s funny that you said that because your voice moved me into thinking about a hotel room.”

Both men began to laugh and they started talking small talk for the ride over to the hotel. As soon as Jim checked in they stopped at the drug store that was inside the hotel and Jim bought lube and condoms. When he walked out of the shop he was wearing a big smile.

“Hey there, big boy, want to make someone very happy for Christmas?” Blair teased as they got onto the elevator.

“Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas.” Jim said while laughing.

“Jim, I want you to know that I don’t usually do this. I’m not this easy. I’ve never done this type of thing before.”

Jim opened up the door to the room and held it open. “You mean you’ve never said yes to anyone before me?”

“No, I mean, I don’t pick up strangers. I usually get to know someone before I sleep with them. There is something about you that makes me believe we were destined to be together. Do you feel that way about me?” Blair asked hopefully.

“Yes, I feel exactly the same way. I’ve been off work for about two months now because of my senses. I came out to visit a friend from college and was just heading back to my home in Cascade when the storm hit. I haven’t been with anyone in months. I mean, many, many months. So this is going to be really good for both of us.”

“Can I ask you what’s wrong with your senses?” Blair hoped that he had met someone that had enhanced senses, but waited patiently to find out if it was true.

Jim told Blair to sit down for a boring story and he began to tell Blair all about his senses spiking and making his life a living hell. He told him all about being put on leave from work because of the senses and what a nightmare it all was. He couldn’t believe that Blair wasn’t running from the room. Blair actually looked interested in what Jim had to say. Jim certainly wasn’t used to that. When he was finished Blair told Jim to sit down, now it was his turn to talk. For the next hour, he told Jim all about his Sentinel Studies. Jim listened and had hope for the first time in his life. Blair made him believe that he could actually get a handle on it. The two men talked well into the night and finally at midnight Jim kissed Blair softly and whispered, “Merry Christmas, Blair.”

Blair looked at his watch and saw that it was indeed Christmas day now. And he had gotten the best Christmas present he had ever wanted in his life.

They stripped each other of their clothing and walked into the shower. They laughed and talked as they washed each other’s bodies.

“Blair, I’m not usually a slut, especially for Christmas. But I can’t help it.”

“No problem Jim, I like that you’re going to be my slut and I’m going to be yours. This is going to be a night to remember.”

Both men were just a little bit shy when they got into the bed, but they quickly got over it and began kissing and touching each other. Jim found himself hoping that he’d be able to make it to the point where he could fuck Blair, but at the rate he was going, he would be coming sooner than that.

“Let’s slow down, big guy. We have all night. We don’t have to rush into anything.” Blair petted Jim’s face and hair calming the big man down.

Jim did slow down finally and Blair worked his way down until he had Jim’s cock in his mouth and began to suck on him with great need. Jim realized that Blair was going to fuck him, not the other way around and he had never done that. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it. After ten more minutes of the greatest blow job in his life, Jim decided that it didn’t matter who fucked who. He wanted Blair inside of him.

Blair got the lube and began to loosen Jim up and continued blowing him and humming while he did it. Jim thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever had happen to him.

“You better move Blair or you’re going to be sorry.”

Blair stopped what he was doing and said, “I want us to come at the same time.”

“Sounds good to me.” Jim answered.

Blair pulled Jim’s legs around his waist and began to slowly enter the larger man lying so sweetly on the bed. Blair had never seen anyone this damn sexy in his life. As he moved in slower and slower he realized from the look on Jim’s face that he had never bottomed before. This made Blair even hotter. Blair was determined to make Jim’s first time fantastic.

Blair was finally all the way in and began to work up a rhythm that was good for Jim too, and the two of them started talking sweet talk to each other. Jim couldn’t believe he was saying the things he was saying, he had never felt like this before in his life.

The two men just kept the rhythm up and finally Blair started to stroke Jim’s cock as he fucked him. Jim was getting closer and closer to coming. Every time Blair went deep inside of Jim, he was rubbing Jim’s prostate, making the large man crazy with desire.

Jim made an odd noise and threw back his head and came all over both of them, calling Blair’s name out loudly.

Blair couldn’t hold on any longer and pumped his come into Jim while his head was thrown back also, calling Jim’s name out.

Blair fell on top of Jim and was breathing very hard. Both men finally calmed down and Jim said, “Now that role call is over, I would like to say something.”

Blair snickered and answered, “What did you want to say, Jim?”

“I think I’m in love with you. Do you suppose it’s because of my senses?”

“I think it might be, but it could also be because we’re both sluts. And we’re definitely sluts for Christmas. Merry Christmas Jim Ellison. I hope we have many, many more together.”

“I truly believe that we’re going to have many more too. Thank you for making my Christmas bright.”

“I do believe I made you shine.” Blair teased as he cleaned them both up and cuddled with the new man in his life. “So we’re going to be in each other’s lives when we get home, right?”

“Duh…” Jim kissed Blair and began to fall asleep. Blair couldn’t sleep right away because he knew how exciting it was to have a full blown Sentinel in the room with him, but he would let Jim sleep and they would begin talking about control of his senses the next day. Or maybe in four days. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Who cares about when the planes would take off again?

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Mary for the beta.