The Many Movies of The Sentinel 4



WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships), NC-17 level and some graphic photographs are contained in this E-ZINE.

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Story Title Author Version
Return to Sender alyjude With Graphics Without Graphics
  Captain Jim Ellison does something for a friend and finds his soul, but can he keep it? 197K      
The Prince's Diaries Gena With Graphics Without Graphics
  Queen Naomi needs a bodyguard for her royal son the Prince Blair. James Ellison is a cop turned bodyguard with a secret. Can he save the prince, and win his heart? Or will it all end in tragedy? 50K      
Sentinel in Black Jenny Saypaw With Graphics Without Graphics
  What happens when you find out the world isnít exactly what you thought it was? 205K      
The Start of Something Real Ankaree With Graphics Without Graphics
  When Jim can't pay for his tab at a local diner, he offers the friendly waiter half of his winnings from the lottery ticket he's just purchased. When Jim actually wins the big money, he honors his promise to the waiter, much to the dismay of his estranged wife, who wants it all for herself. 135K      
Solitude Annabelle Leigh With Graphics Without Graphics
  Jim is a farmer, part of an old-fashioned religious group that still embraces a traditional way of life, and Blair is a hippie drifter, who gets into deep trouble while passing through the community. They end up saving each other. 71K      
Baked, Boiled or Fried Tinnean With Graphics Without Graphics
  After the crash of an unidentified flying object, pilot Jim Ellison is ordered to fly to a research station at the North Pole to investigate the resultant magnetic disturbance. There he once again meets botanist Blair Sandburg, with whom he had had an all-too-brief encounter in the States. 387K Split into 2 parts for easier loading      
His Wedding Date Patt With Graphics Without Graphics
  Does Blair have a chance against Carolyn? 57K      
Return to Cascade Temporarily removed from the Ezine. LilyK With Graphics Without Graphics
  Blair returns to Cascade after a long absence to care for his ailing grandfather. Jim realizes that he's still in love with Blair after many years, but Blair loves another man. 108K      
The Honourable James Scribe With Graphics Without Graphics
  Wealthy, socially sheltered anthropologist Blair Sandburg is returning from an extended trip in South America. On the boat he runs into a fascinating man who happens to be part of a band of card sharps. True love can be so complicated. 199K      
When I am With You Tinnean With Graphics Without Graphics
  Jim finds a note he assumes is from one of Blair's students, and they both have an epiphany: Jim thinks a male student is coming on to Blair, and Blair is receptive; Blair realizes Jim is jealous, and thinks there finally may be a chance for him. 61K