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The Many First Times of Jim and Blair

The 2008 Moonridge Edition

WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships) abound.

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Story Title Author
This Man Ceares
    Faced with losing Blair, Jim finally takes a chance. 13K 
The Truth Will Set You Free Patt
    Jim is gay, but doesnít tell anyone and is very careful about whom he sees in his private life. While out on a date with a guy, he runs into the guys from Major Crime... and Blair. 25K 
Dinner and ?Kerensa
    Blair thinks he might be on his way out. Jim thinks otherwise. 17K 
A Better Offer Marion
    Blair is leaving Cascade, but will Jim let him? 15K 
All Night LongAngelee
    Sometimes you donít want to let the first time end. 16K 
The Last First Time Tinnean
    Among all the many first times in his life, Blair muses on the best one. 13K 
Your Love is ServedLandis McQuade
    An ordinary day leads Jim to some unordinary realizations. 12K 
Whispers of the Heart Natalie L
    Post TSbyBS -- Jim finally hears the whispers of his heart. 69K 
Working Up To It Mab
    Once upon a time, the boys thought they were straight. 12K 
Once More With Feeling Patt
    Jim has second thoughts about how he made love to Blair while drunk and wants to give it another try. 10K 
Blair in the CenterKerensa
    Jim sees a lot more of Blair than he'd reckoned for. Will Blair be able to explain? 17K 
Mr. Muffit akablonded
    A Sentinel and Guide finally get it together. Or get it -- together. Whichever. No spiders were harmed in the writing of this story. 17K 
Unexpected Caliadragon
    They were there about a murder investigation, but the unexpected happens. AU 11K 
Choices Ice Bear
    Circumstances place Jim and Blair in positions where they believe they each have lost the other. But a Sentinel and his Guide are not genetically hardwired to simply accept loss. 35K 
In Blair We TrustCaro Dee
    After the press conference, Blair starts drifting away and Jim realizes he'll do anything to keep Blair. 27K 
The Ground Sown With Salt PsychGirl
    Five years after a terrible tragedy, Blair receives a stunning revelation. 94K 
Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day Mostcrazylady
    Even a bad day can end just right.AU 8K 
Highland HeatAngelee
    A Sentinel, a Guide, two Immortals and a dog. AU, Sentinel/Highlander crossover 39K 
All at Sea Jane Davitt and WesleysGirl
    A trip away brings Jim and Blair closer. 145K 
A Sea-Change Laurie
    Cruising. Surfing. Swept Away. Secrets. Sex. AU, WIP 48K 
The Plane Patt
    Jim meets someone on a plane that helps him discover his feelings for Blair. 42K 
Beloved CompanionKerensa
    Blair makes a mistake over his "fake" name the first time he and Jim meet, or is it? AU, Sentinel/DUG crossover, Non-J/B 31K 
A Guide for all Seasons LilyK
    A Sentinel is illegally captured and Blair Sandburg sets out to put things right. In this universe, Sentinels and Guides are known and respected.AU 122K 
Heart Murmurs Jess Riley and Alyjude
    Will Jim actually listen for a change? 29K 
Something Better KarieAuthoress
    Jim is tired of Blair looking for something better than whatís waiting for him at home. 14K 
Ellison Noir K.C.
    Jim meets Blair for the first time and Blair seems to have lost his mother. AU, Pre-slash 21K 
Moon and StarsMereridkat
    A song prompts Blair into action. 14K 
Jim's Coat Pocket Patt
    Blair wonders about what is in Jimís coat pocket. 12K 
Something To Not Talk About... Banbury McBurg
    There is first time for everything, even to be what you are. Underage Sex 36K 
The Love of My Life akablonded
    Sentinel-mental Song Lyric