Well, here is another Ezine, finished and almost ready to go out to the public. We were so pleased that we could help Moonridge out this year in a small way. We hope that the bidders enjoy the ezine as much as we enjoyed putting it together. There sure is a lot to choose from, thatís for sure.

Thank you once again to our talented writers, new and old. Without you, we would have nothing for the public to read. Thank you to all the artists that make the stories even better and to the betas that make every story just shine. You are all needed, appreciated and loved by Lisa and me.

Lisa, do you believe this is our sixth year doing this? I know I donít believe it and I keep telling myself. Thank you for putting up with my mistakes and my nervousness that would drive a normal person batty. Does this mean youíre not normal? I love ya, girl.

And lastly, we would like to dedicate this ezine to Amyís dear husband Tony who lost his battle with cancer this month. He will be missed by many.

Be well and be happy, because life is just too short.



In the last six years, we Mongeese have had our ups and downs. We've had losses and additions to our families. We've suffered and rejoiced together. We've stuck together, held on to each other and always knew our backs were covered.

Regardless of where the road takes us tomorrow, we've done something here that was groundbreaking. We've done a group project for six years with so many different personality types and with very little blood shed. We didn't argue over creative differences. LOL... I do carry a sword for a reason. We did disagree when outside influences made their way in, but ultimately, our core friendships overcame and we emerged from the other side with only a few scratches. Whatever that may say to those outside, it says to me that our love for Jim and Blair was always strong. We're doing this to show that love. We are devoted. We are steadfast. We are... nuts! :)

I appreciate every one of you who contributes in whatever way to can, I appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping the wheel spinning, I appreciate your creative flow.

Patt, there aren't any words... wild, maybe... insane, certainly... but it is what it is, and I wouldn't be who I am today (I love my white jacket with the big buckles on the back) if you weren't who you are. :) I'm certainly glad that all those years ago, when I needed somebody to read a story in the early morning hours, you were there to answer my email. Who would have thought we'd be in this place?! Dang, sometimes I sure miss Lex and wonder what she'd think of this craziness we're trapped in?!

Live, laugh and love, Lisa, Duncan's Twin

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