Other Fandom Stories

  It's What I Do - Annie

Diagnosis Murder - Steve isn't exactly a model patient.

The Lick Me, Suck Me, Fuck Me Jeans - Tinnean

JAG - A pair of jeans muses on the body it encases.

Road Trip - Chapin CSI

CSI - A trip to Humboldt County turns into a nightmare for Gil Grissom and Greg Sanders, and Gilís pet gets to witness it all.

Joxer the Mighty... Spy? - Kerensa

Xena/Hercules - Joxer is Aresí most inept warrior, so why is he using him as a spy? Is there love in the air, or just pollen?

Epiphany - Lyn

Professionals - After hovering on the brink of death after being shot by Mayli Koulo, Doyle has an epiphany, but before he can share his true feelings with his partner, Bodie suffers a trauma of his own, and Doyle wonders if it might be the end of everything.

Speaking Out Loud - Annie

Diagnosis Murder - A robbery at the restaurant gives Jesse the chance to finally tell Steve how he feels (and vice versa).

The Dream - rentgirl 2

Blades of Glory - Jesse fears Robert is going to blow his last chance for the Gold.

Technology Breakthrough - Kouros3

Stargate Atlantis - John wants Rodney to get a clue, iPods to the rescue!

Palmer on My Mind - Tinnean

JAG - Clayton Webb muses on opportunities missed and opportunities taken advantage of.

Things My Father Taught Me - Annie

Diagnosis Murder - Steve remembers some important lessons Mark taught him.


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