Soul-Quest VI: Ancestral Ties - Natalie L.

Jim and B'layr decide to leave the Tribe and investigate the mysterious stone tablet they uncovered twenty-five years before. Their search takes them first to Chichén Itzá, where they discover ancient ties to the elven ancestry. 233K

A Day Off - Patt

Jim wants to help Rafe out just a little bit more.

Soul-Quest VII: Broken Ties - Natalie L

The existence of the elves leaks out when B'layr's dissertation is prematurely released. 280K

The Sacred Coupling Thing - Chapin CSI

A recurring nightmare is creating havoc in Jim's life, and Blair has an idea why. But what if he's just as clueless as Jim?

Soul-Quest VIII: Reforged Ties - Natalie L

As B'layr approaches the birth of their child, the unthinkable happens -- Jim is nearly killed in a hunting accident. M'arik's trial goes forward, reuniting the Tribes. 241K

The Love Letter - Mererid

Jim is still paying for a mistake.

Soul-Quest IX: Healing Ties - Natalie L

A terrible accident forces B'layr to return to the Ancients for additional training and Jim to deal with the aftermath - a blind son - on his own. 111K

Once When I Was Sober... - Patt

Jim wakes up the next day, and has to face Blair.


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