Gen Stories

Paper Boy - Laurie

Blair Sandburg, Anthropology graduate student, just wants to help Mother Earth. An AU version of how the sentinel met his guide. 33K

The Mysterious Case of Hannibal and the Body Snatchers - Jess Riley

Hallucinogens and head wounds are never a good thing, especially when Hannibal and the Body Snatchers are lurking nearby. 15K

Recycled Lives - Kara Sullivan

Blair finds mentoring another boy harder than he had thought. 46K

It's Not Easy Being Green - Kerensa

Blair is new to the station, and in Jim's life. Watch as our favorite anthropologist fits in, and tells the guys a few facts about 'Living Green'. 19K

We Need Curb-Side Pick Up - BrynnH

Who said recycling isn’t exciting? 22K

Sentinel Sensitivities - Roslyn

Risks abound for a Sentinel, even in the safety of their home, and Blair is determined to protect Jim from those hidden dangers. 15K

Bags - Patt

Just what did Blair buy at the store? 1K

And tell the wish of thy heart in flowers... - banbury

There are a lot of languages to speak, but you can always find a new way to express yourself... 11K

Dreaming of Summer - justicemischief

A look into one man’s dream of summer. 3K

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