Slash Stories

Rocking in Sedona - Patt

Blair wins a contest that leads to things he never dreamed of. Or did he? 96K

You've Got Male - Akablonded

Blair totally misunderstands something. What else is new? 26K

A Sea-Change, part four - Laurie

Jim's sure he can change, but will Blair believe him when everything is falling apart? 240K

Rustication - Mab Browne

Jim and Blair have left Cascade for a quiet life in rural Washington State. 13K

Recycled Love - Natalie L

Jim helps Blair through a rough patch in his adjustment to being Jim’s Guide. 9K

Ch-ch-ch-changes - Silk

Blair learns that change is inevitable, but resistance is futile. 9K

First Choice - Patt

Jim and Carolyn are married but she knows there is a problem. 27K

Recycling Romeo - Hanarobi

Blair is into recycling. Jim? Not so much. 1K

Allergic Reactions - Escargoat

Jim Ellison’s allergies have forced him into changing his lifestyle, but the man he meets at the health food store just might change his life. 71K

The Greenman of Cascade - Mererid

Jim finds out that even "greenman" Blair Sandburg has limits on what he'll recycle and reuse. 7K

The Journal - Patt

Blair finds a journal and can’t help but read it. It’s the story of his life. 30K

Earth Day Comes Once a Year - Laurie

What Earth day means to the boys through the years. 12K

Trash Man - Kerensa

Blair is quiet, he is stealthy... he's sneaking out and Jim wants to know why. Where is it that Blair goes every Saturday morning? Jim is afraid to ask. 8K

Saving a Dead Dinosaur - Tinnean

Blair gets his doctorate, although not the one he started out to get, and he and Jim do their best to help green the Earth. 21K

The Closet - Silk

Sometimes getting into the closet can be more important than coming out of it. 7K

Unexpected Delivery (Love’s a Surprise Slash Remix) - Raine Wynd

Blair's plans change when he comes home to a surprise. 38K

No Bed of Roses - Patt

Jim and Blair are accidentally outed at the station. What happens to them, their friends and their entire outlook on life? 131K

Swimming in the Dark - Caro Dee

A quiet lake, a beautiful night, and a slightly kinky Jim Ellison. 29K

It's In The Can - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Something new leads somewhere new. 2K

Unchained Melody - Akablonded

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