I can’t believe another Ezine has come and gone. I ask myself where the time goes every single Ezine. But I never have an answer.

Moonridge Auction is a wonderful charity and I’m glad that we did the ezine for it. I hope that all of the winners of the Auction are as happy with the Ezine as we are.

I have to thank Lisa for putting up with me each and every month that goes by. She’s my best friend and I’m so glad we do this together. Life is never dull with the two of us working on Ezines.

I want to thank all of the writers who put their work into this Ezine. They’re all great and I couldn’t be prouder of them. They rock.

The artists are fantastic as always and I think you’ll agree. Thank you all for all of the hard work you do.

Thank you to all of the Betas who also work very hard on the stories to help get all of the writer’s into shape. A special thank you to Mary for everything she does for me. I wouldn’t know what to do without her.

Thank you again to all of you winners that bid on My Mongoose. Enjoy the stories.



I was rethinking the name of this section, from "editor's notes" to something more appropriate, cause I think y'all agree, we aren't actually editing anything, just presenting it. Publishing. HTMLing. Organizing.

I tell you, with all sincerity, this would never have been possible without Patt. She'll play down her role but she's the one out there soliciting new authors, putting them in the files, getting the artwork done, basically pimping the ezine. Her role took on another dimension this time when she did the HTML by hand!! Hell, I just had to sit back, do a few indexes, add a few pics and poof the ezine was done. Patt, I hope you know how much I appreciate you and every thing you do, and not just for making things easy for me, but for being there day in and day out for virtual and real life. :)

I was offended earlier this week by a comment that came my way. The jist of it was "Lisa who?" in reference to the ezine. "Lisa who?" Doesn't that just scream recognition? I mean, how long have we been doing these things? Five years!!! "Lisa who?" I mean, I know we were laughed at the first couple of years, people trying to humiliate us and make us stop with their hyena laughter, but once they saw we weren't going anywhere, that no matter what was said, what fingers were pointed, what kind of crap was thrown at us, we were invincible. But now I see how it really is. "Lisa who?"

I'll tell you "Lisa who?". It's the Lisa who came into fandom 7 years ago (a baby to the 'old timers') and jumped into a tough fandom (HL) where happy, happy, joy, joy stories are few and far between because that's a 'serious' show. It's the Lisa who dipped her toes into X-Files (hard to come into 'serious' fandoms when you're still a dreamer) and Due South (few were there when I was), and then I was given the gift of The Sentinel where it's okay to be a dreamer and serious at the same time. It's the Lisa who had a massive story idea, and with the support of my friends, actually finished it and created THIS ezine. I AM the creator of this ezine! The Mongoose was my idea, my brain child. Own it? No, own the concept and name, yes, but no, I don't own the ezines, they're for everyone, they belong to everyone.

So the next time you read an ezine, and the question pops up, "Lisa who?" just remember, it's the Lisa who makes this possible!


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