Beginnings and Endings: A Romance in Three Parts by cbtreks

Beginnings and Endings: A Romance in Three Parts - cbtreks

Part One

The beginning of their breakup was a news conference. How often does one get to profess oneself a liar in front of - well, it felt like the whole world - thus making oneself a liar when one wasn't before? Lying for love - now there's a cliche. But he thought it would be worth it, that Jim would make it worth it. But Jim - Jim didn't come through. The Academy? A cop? He realized, then, that he'd secretly hoped for another outcome. So there he was, lying again, first to himself, then to Jim, Simon, and everyone else when he said yes.

Part Two

The middle of their breakup was graduation. Blair looked so - so vulnerable with his closely cropped hair. The uniform seemed almost like a costume on him, the hat a shade too big, the gun too shiny-new. Jim offered congratulations and Blair accepted with cool eyes and a perfuntory smile. Jim's heart sank. When had the warmth left Blair's eyes? And the grin cease being heartfelt? Too long. They hadn't been intimate since Blair entered the Academy; Jim had chalked that up to, well, the Academy. When he realized that their emotional closeness had stopped even earlier, he felt afraid.

Part Three

The end of their breakup began with a phone call. The call was to Rainier and soon Jim was in a meeting with the university president, Blair's department head, and his doctoral advisor. Two hours and a dozen demonstrations later, Blair had his job back and he, Jim, and the advisor were working on ideas for publishing the dissertation without compromising Jim's anonymity. "Not gonna happen, Chief. My name's already out there."

"I gotta try. Why'd you come forward?"

"I saw you leaving and it was my fault for not trusting you. Can you forgive me? Will you stay?"


The end

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Acknowledgments: This is actually three drabbles responding to the prompts "beginning," "middle," and "end" Thank you to Patt for the artwork.