The Beginning by CaliaDragon

The Beginning - CaliaDragon


Series: 1st in the Companion – Guardian Universe. Additional notes at the end of the story.


Blair sighed and snuggled deeper into the warmth covering him. It was rare that he was ever truly warm in Cascade. He wondered if Alby had finally grown compassion and allowed the thermostat to be turned up to Blair-approved temperature. Blair was drifting in the warm haze between awake and asleep, he was comfortable and felt oddly safe. He was about to shift when the warmth around him tightened and froze.

Blair’s eyes shot open and he spun to face the person holding him. He squeaked and fell off of the bed he was laying in. “Who are you? Where am I, and how did I get here?” Blair blurted out before he could stop himself.

A large man rolled out of bed and glared down at him. “Those are very good questions and considering I was going to ask them of you, I have no answers.” the man growled out. The man was big, beautiful, and had a presence that resonated through the room.

“Could you at least tell me your name?” Blair asked confused. It wasn’t everyday that a seventeen year old found themselves in bed with an older man with no idea how they got there.

“Jim Ellison, Who are you?” the man asked curtly.

“Blair Sandburg,” Blair answered easily.

Jim glared down at the boy. “How old are you?”

“Seventeen,” Blair answered, “How old are you?”

Jim didn’t answer. Instead he swore, muttering that someone was going to pay for this. Blair stared at him uneasily. He was beginning to wish he had clothes and a way to get to the nearest door. This guy was huge and he was pissed.

“Hey man, how about you calm down and not break anything, like me for instance?” Blair said with a playful smile, trying to ease the tension in the room. Blair watched as the large man turned and faced him a glare darkening his face and increasing Blair’s nervousness.

Jim looked back over at the kid and grimaced. He could tell the boy was worried but was trying to hide it. Jim took a deep breath and unconsciously categorized the boy with his senses. He narrowed his eyes and stalked closer to the boy, pulling him off his feet and in to his arms. Blair gasped sounding surprised, but froze as the big man buried his face in his neck licking the vulnerable skin and nipping at his throat. “Guardian?” Blair questioned with a moan.

Jim growled his affirmative. “Companion, mine.” Jim felt himself harden in need for his love, his mate.

“Um… not that you’re not hot and all, but this isn’t a good idea. I’m mean we don’t know each other. You haven’t met my mother and I haven’t met your family and I have a test Monday morning.” Blair babbled.

Jim merely growled, “Too late,” He gently bit Blair on the throat again and him back on to the bed. Blair whimpered, sounding both afraid and aroused.

“Please not like this, please?” Blair whimpered fear infusing his voice tears filling his eyes.

Jim froze pulling back sensing Blair’s fear. He pushed himself up and off the bed.

“I’m sorry! I… Fuck! Let’s find our clothes and get out of here. Just so you know though, I’m not letting you go. You are mine now, but I won’t force myself on you. We’ll figure out what is going on and then we will find a bonding center.” Jim turned away and started looking for his clothes. He was aware of the young guide getting off the bed and moving around the room finding his clothes and putting them on.

Once they were both dressed they left the room, only to stop as they realized they were already in a bonding center. What the hell?

Jim looked around feeling furious, he was relieved when his friend and Second came striding up to them.

Blair was also relieved when he saw his mother at the big man’s side. Blair stepped away from Jim and into his mother’s arms. “Mom, what’s going on?” Blair asked looking up into her gently concerned eyes.

Naomi kissed his forehead and hugged him, “Sweetie what is the last thing you remember?”

Blair wrinkled his brow. “I was on my way to the commissary to have dinner I had felt weird all day and was hoping that food would make me feel better. Someone called my name, I turned and… Mom, why don’t I remember anything after that? What happened?” Blair was worried, the last time he had a lapse in memory he was under the control of a companion drug and had barely escaped a forced bonding to an insane Guardian. It was one of the reasons he feared bonding with Jim. He wanted a gentle bonding, to bond someone who knew him.

“Sweetheart, you were dosed with a powerful drug, one that made you go feral looking for a mate. You were emitting pheromones so much that when Omega Ellison and his team found you they went feral too. Only the intervention of Alpha Banks and his mate stopped them from killing each other to claim you. Ellison, Jim, was able to beat the others back and claimed you for himself. They feared with the feral aspects of the bond that you would not remember it when you came off the drug. I’m sorry, honey, but you are now the Omega Companion of the Spirit Wolf clan of Cascade,” Naomi told him gently.

Jim who had been listening, turned to look at Simon in shocked denial. His friend nodded. Jim swallowed harshly, “Did I hurt anyone?” This played into some of Jim’s worst fears.

Jim had never had an easy time of being a Guardian. He was literally one of the top ten strongest Guardians in the world. He had bonded and then was betrayed by his bond mate in his early teens. The severing of the bond had caused Jim to go feral and harm his betrayer and the one he had gone to for help. Both had barely survived, and since then Jim had been terrified of going feral again.

Blair turned from his mother at the fearful question, and unthinking, went into his Guardian’s arms, hugging him tightly.

Jim swallowed back his fear and hugged the smaller man to him. Once Jim had control of his emotions, Blair stepped back, and then suddenly Blair giggled.

“Blair?” Naomi asked sounding concerned.

“You know what this means?” Blair asked her excitedly.

“What?” Naomi asked, smiling at his excitement.

“I’m bonded to someone who cares if they hurt people! He’s not insane, Naomi, this is so coo,” Blair said with a bounce.

Both Jim and Simon blinked in surprise. “You’re not upset that you’re stuck with me?” Jim asked the younger man uncertainly.

Both Sandburgs looked at him with gentle affection. “Nah, I’m sure we’ll have an adjustment period. I’m not easy to live with. I forget the small everyday things and I’m an insomniac. I babble and have more energy than a rabbit on crack, but I promise to do my best by you and to be there for you.” Blair said with an engaging grin. The other three chuckled and Jim placed a hand on Blair’s shoulder.

“We’ll work it out,” Jim promised amused, and touched by his Guide’s affection. “I’m not exactly the easiest person to live with. I’m anal retentive and controlling. I have an insane little brother who will flirt with you, and a father that will hit on your mother and ask her to marry him within the first few minutes they meet. My friends are all insane and my clan will try to lavish attention on you and adopt anyone you know just on general purposes. I’m a cop, you’re a student. We have to make adjustments, but we will.”

Naomi smirked at her son. “You may have just met your match, Blair.”

“Cool,” Blair said, with a grin for Jim.

Naomi laughed again.

William and Steven Ellison came down the hallway with a group of young Companions and Guardians whom Steven was openly flirting with. Jim groaned when his little brother caught sight of Blair. A smirk crossed the younger boy’s face and he leered at Blair.

“Wow, bro, your mate is hot! Lucky bastard. Hi, I’m Steven, the cute one in the family. Dad’s already asked your Mom to marry her, but how about you ditch my brother and marry me instead or at least go to the prom with me?” Steven asked with a wide grin.

Jim whimpered and lifted a hand to cover his face.

Steven snickered, “Ah Jim baiting, my favorite game. So you know I’m Steven, this is our Dad, William, those three yummy individuals are Brian Rafe, Henri Brown, and Megan Connors, they’re Guardians and Companions. So now we’ve met. Are you hungry? I’m hungry, let’s go find food.” Steven pulled Blair away from Jim and walked him down the hall.

Blair was laughing at Steven and Jim sighed shaking his head then hugged his dad and followed his companion and his brother down the hall.

“Blair and Steven are going to drive him insane,” Naomi said affectionately.

Simon just laughed.

William chuckled at the pair and offered Naomi his arm. She smiled at his gentility and hooked her arm through his and they followed their son’s down the hall. Simon joined them and the three older people went to see what new amusements Steven, Jim, and Blair would provide.

Jim Ellison was a true friend to those he took in, Jim being made head of the clan had surprised many people, one of those being Jim himself, but the clan had prospered and grown under his control. The clan had better interactions with nonmembers, and those who came from families without other Guardians or Companions had an easier time adjusting than they had before.

Simon had gotten to know Naomi very well over the last few days and had learned a great deal about Blair. The boy was energetic, extremely intelligent, and gentle, and yet at the same time he cut through bullshit. Blair had no problem using lies to misdirect people, but if it was important or the truth needed speaking then Blair would do so. The fact that he was the only known shaman to have contact with the Chopec tribe had shocked everyone who had been at the initial meeting where his vivacious mother had imparted this fact.

Naomi had no problems with her son being a Companion, gay, or with the fact that his mate was a cop. She knew that no one would stop Blair from being whom he would be, no matter whom they were. Blair was independent, and from what Simon had learned, an excellent match for Jim. Jim needed someone caring who would also stand up to him.

The first meeting with Naomi after Blair was dosed and nearly kidnapped by a sect of the Aurelius Clan had shocked many. The woman was young, maybe thirty-two, and she was no-nonsense. She swept through the bonding center demanding to know what had happened to her son and once she had been told, had demanded her new family be brought to her. William and Steven had been nervous at first, after all this bonding could still be considered forced even with Jim having fallen prey to the pheromones that the drug had caused Blair to emit. They need not have worried, Naomi merely demanded to know about her new son-in-law, and within minutes the trio was at ease with one another and the Ellison men were already back to being their normal flirtatious selves.

Simon was horrified to learn that an Omega shaman had been raised wandering the world without the protection of the clan. It was something that was becoming far too frequent in the modern society of clan relationships. More Omega companions were being born outside of the clan’s protection and many of the ones that were being found were damaged in someway, or so independent that the clan had to work hard at gaining their trust. However, on the plus side, the bondings that came with these Companions were true bondings and among the most powerful seen by even the oldest Companion and Guardian pairings. Simon could only pray to the goddess that Jim’s and Blair’s bonding would go as well.

The end

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Acknowledgements: This is the first fic in a larger universe, if you would like to know more about the universe you can see it here and here.

This will become a large crossover. I wish to acknowledge Bev who came up with the Sylum Universe and it inspired me to come up with my own universe. As well as Angelee who created the Little Guide universe and gave me an alternate view of both Steven and William that I took and expanded on to suit my vision of them. Thank you to both of you. Thanks also to Vo and Nei’chan for simply being such wonderful writers and giving me so many wonderful fics to read. Thanks to Annie Booker for the beta.