Don't by Mererid

Don’t - Mererid

“Don’t look at me like that.”

Blair just stood there staring at him, not saying one single word. Jim already felt like the crappiest guy on earth, and Blair wasn’t helping him any.

“I thought we were supposed to be helpful and supportive of each other as… you know, partners.” He hefted the heavy canvas overnight bag and sat it down in a chair at the table. Still silence, and he looked up at Blair. “Not work partners. You know what I mean. You know I hate saying ‘lovers’, it sounds so damn wussy and yuppie.”

He grabbed his cell phone charger from the desk drawer in the office. When he came back out, Blair was leaning against the island with his arms crossed over his chest. The look his blue eyes were pretty damning.

“Well, you aren’t my husband. I’m not calling you that, and I don’t expect you to call me that either.” Jim shoved the cable into a side pocket on the bag. “Look, Blair, I know we had plans, and it’s a pretty important weekend for us. But I couldn’t say no to Simon, now could? My boss. I’ll be home early on Sunday. As early as I can manage.”

Blair sighed, and rolled his eyes but otherwise maintained his silence. Jim could hear that his heart beat had slowed to a more moderate level. The not talking part was driving him nuts, though. How could Blair not talk to him? Blair, of all people?

“I’ll see if I can get Monday off, and at least we’ll still have some time together. I’ll make it up to you as much as I can. You have to understand about my work, Blair. You’ve known me long enough and worked at the precinct long enough to know what kind of life a cop has.” Jim glanced at his watched and realized he needed to get going to get to the airport on time. “Now that we’re… partner-partners, you have to accept that I’ll have to run off to work at inconvenient times.”

He had his coat, his gun, his badge… There was nothing left to remember. Nothing left except Blair and those eyes.

“Geez, Blair. Don’t look at me like that.” Jim sighed himself, shaking his head. “I swear I’ll be back asap.”

He walked over to where his guide stood, and stopped in front of him. They were toe to toe, belt buckle to belt buckle. Jim leaned forward, closing his eyes, and sniffed the hair at Blair’s temple. Blair’s heart beat increased, and he heard the soft intake of breath. He shifted, and sniffed the hair at Blair’s neck. He could feel Blair tremble and then stiffen.

When he straightened, Blair was staring at him with that look again.

“Shit, Blair. Don’t look at me like that.” Jim groaned. “I’m sorry, really. But I owe Simon, you know I owe Simon. I couldn’t say no.” He steeled himself, kissed Blair lightly on the lips, and stepped back to turn away. He stopped, and looked at Blair. “I love you, you know that don’t you? You must, deep down.”

No words, no rolling of the eyes nor shaking of the head. Just those damn blue eyes watching him.

“Well, if you don’t, you should.” Jim nodded, and then went back to the overnight bag, and picked it up. He watched to the door of the loft and picked his keys out of the basket. Without looking back he said, “I’ll call you tonight to check in after I get into the hotel in Chicago.”

He opened the door, and walked out feeling like the biggest jerk to have ever existed.


Saturday night when Blair heard the weather on the news, and the snow storm predictions, he just knew something was going to happen to Jim’s plane. He was dressed and wide awake at 2:45AM when he got the call from Simon.

Simon simply said, “His plane went down.”

“Where?” Blair grunted, feeling as if he had been punched in the gut. “How long ago?”

“Megan is coming to pick you up and bring you down to Major Crimes. I’m on the way myself.” Simon replied, cutting off Blair’s repetitive questions. “I don’t have the particulars yet. Just got the word, they are calling me back as soon as they have more information. This is going to be all over the news, Sandburg. Besides Jim and Agent Haggerty escorting Muncie back to Cascade, they have some Girl Scout troop returning home from a meet. There’s an elderly church group returning from visiting Israel.”

There was a knock on the door and Blair answered it, knowing it would be his Aussie friend. He already had his jacket half on, the keys in his left hand. He didn’t worry about leaving the lights on, but he turned them off for Jim.

“She’s here. We’re on our way.” He hung up on Simon, and they were off.

In Megan’s car, she handed him a cup of black coffee. No cream or sugar, just straight up and black as the night.

They saw Simon standing in the precinct lobby talking to a handful of reporters. Megan drove them around to the garage, and they took the stairs up to Major Crimes. Rafe and Henry were waiting for them along with a handful of other cops.

“The plane has been located.” Henry said as soon as he saw Blair’s pale face. “He’s fine. I mean, they’re fine.” He ignored the curious glances at Blair. “I could hear Jim in the background yelling.”

“Probably those Girl Scouts.” Rafe chuckled. “I bet their working on their ‘how to drive a cop nuts’ badge.”

The phones kept them busy, and Simon fielding inquires from the press, from the Chief of Police, the mayor, and any other city official who hadn’t unplugged their phone before going to bed that night.

Military helicopter transport was provided, and a few search & rescue copters pitched in to transport the plane passengers to Cascade General Hospital. Blair, along with Megan and Simon, were at the hospital when the helicopters started coming in.

Blair was freezing, but he didn’t care. He stood as close to the landing pad as he could when the helicopter came in with Jim. It wasn’t quite 6am on Sunday, and the sun hadn’t started coming up yet, but the place was lit up like midday between hospital parking lot lighting and cameras from various news agencies.

“Detective Ellison? Detective!” Shouts rang out as soon as Jim stepped off the helicopter. He was followed by a couple young girls, and a duct taped Raymond Muncie. That guy wasn’t getting away while Jim’s junior cop assistants were around.

“Officer Bowens.” Jim said to a young blonde girl who had a firm grip on Muncie’s arm. “This is Detective Megan Connor. You can release our prisoner to her. She’ll escort him to jail from here. Right, Detective Connor?”

“Yes, sir!” Megan nodded, but she was smiling just the same.

“Watch him.” Elizabeth Jane Bowens told Megan. “He’s darn tricky. I actually had to use my Jackie Chan jump on him.”

Raymond Muncie scowled darkly. He couldn’t say a word thanks to liberal use of duct tape.

“Is this Mr. Sandburg?” Asked one young girl with a hot pink knit cap, gloves, scarf as well as pink Ugg boots.

“Yes, ladies, this is Mr. Sandburg.” Jim sighed, arching an eyebrow at Blair.

“Blair.” Blair smiled, and held out his hand to her.

“My name is Angela Dwortski. My dad owns Dwortski Sporting Goods.” Blair and pink Angela shook hands. “I’m going to tell him about you and Detective Ellison. You’ll get a discount at our store for the rest of my life.”

“Thank you, Angela.” Blair nodded. They were all hustled inside.

As soon as Jim had a chance, he grabbed a handful of Blair and headed for the nearest bit of privacy. This turned out to be a maintenance closet.

They wrapped their arms around each other, Blair’s face buried in Jim’s neck.

“Shit, I think you’re colder than I am.” Jim whistled.

Then they kissed, and Blair started warming up.

“I’m sorry.” They both said at the same time after coming up for air.

“No, me.” Again in unison. Blair laughed. “Okay, you can be sorry first. But I’m sorry too.”

“You can’t be sorry.” Jim argued, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, and that voids you being sorry.”

“That is total bullshit, man!” Blair shouted and laughed some more.

“I’m sorry I missed our Lord of the Rings marathon weekend. I’m sorry I blew off-.”

“You didn’t blow anything off. You had to work.” Blair grabbed Jim’s face, and said, “Shut up, Ellison.”

They kissed again, and hardly even heard the pounding on the door.

“Ellison! Sandburg! Get out here now!” Simon bellowed.

“Jim,” Blair whispered very, very softly, “I love you. I know you love me too. It’s just sometimes I forget to be patient.”

“Just don’t forget that you love me.” Jim smiled finally. “I was so afraid I would never see you again.”

“I know, me too.” Blair nodded. They adjusted their clothing, and tried to make themselves presentable. “And Jim, I don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Forget.” Blair winked at him, and opened the door to find Simon standing there with his hands on his hips. Pink Angela stood to his left, and young Officer Bowens to his right.

“Gentlemen?” Simon growled. Blair slammed the door shut, and looked back at Jim. They both burst out in gales of laughter.

The end

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Notes: Writing prompt, “Don’t look at me like that.”