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Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair 2

This ezine is dedicated to a loyal friend who was lost unexpectedly. We will never forget Tricia/S'Belle

WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships) abound.

Proceed at your own RISK

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Story Title Author
The Invitation KarieAuthoress
    Eight years after a misunderstanding separates Jim and Blair, Jim receives an invitation that he can't deny. 35K 
Just a Matter of Time Tinnean
    What do Rafe and Megan see in the wedding pictures that no one else seems to? 14K 
Oh, Hell Sid
    Blair, Blair, Blair. shakes head 1K 
Commitment Natalie L
    Jim and Blair's first Christmas together. 8K 
The Last Time I Felt Your Lips On My Skin Banbury McBurg
    A former lover sees he hasn't a chance when Blair is in the picture. 8K 
To Change the River's Path Bumpkin
    Can the Sentinel repair the damage and return the river to a path close to its original route? Only time will tell. 34K 
Sins of Omission Annie
    When an old friend of Jim's comes back from the dead, it brings both pain and hope for Blair. 19K 
Home for the Holidays KarieAuthoress
    After "The Invitation" Jim brings his family home. 22K 
Trouble Patt
    Jim is having trouble with things. Or is it Blair? 27K 
Communication Breakdown Lyn
    Post TS by BS, Jim's harboring a secret but doesn't realize Blair's harboring one as well. 22K 
A Sea-Change, Part Two Laurie
    After almost drowning, Jim makes changes in his life. What part will the mysterious boy who saved him play in it? WIP 111K 
Waterproof Natalie L
    Blair has been keeping a secret from Jim; a secret that comes out when both men least expect it, and that changes the dynamics of the team forever. 68K 
Some Neighborly Advice akablonded
    Sometimes, even Sentinels need Blessed Protectors. 15K 
The Wet Guppy Debbie Stone
    Our little guppy goes for a swim on his way home, then a person with dishonorable intentions captures him with evil intentions in mind. 11K 
Talented Boy Bumpkin
    Can Blair handle himself on his first official assignment? 14K 
Show & Tell KarieAuthoress
    Jim was never very good at speaking his mind. Good thing Blair is a master at charades. 16K 
Misunderstanding Patt
    Just how dense would you have to be to alienate your new found lover? Just ask Jim. 34K 
Naomi's Answer Kate R.
    Blair gets one question answered by his mother which leads to a whole lifetime of them for his father. Crossover with Marvelís King Pin 10K 
Holiday Filk Just Jeanette
    Christmas time fast approaches and it's time to get filkish....