Irresistible Force and Immortal Object by Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Swinging his sword around in a graceful move, the ancient Immortal, Blairthos, glanced over at his younger, Immortal friend, James MacEllison.

"Hey, Mac, toss me a beer."

MacEllison set the unopened beer on the kitchen counter, well out of the reach of the sharp blade. Blairthos might be the oldest Immortal alive, but accidents could happen, especially with him on the handle end of a blade.

"Thanks a lot," Blairthos said, stalking over to retrieve his beer. Laying his Ivanhoe across the counter, Blairthos twisted off the lid and flipped it on top of the fridge in a gesture practiced from a time before refrigerators were invented.

"Do you have to do that every time, old man?" Mac said, his Scottish brogue more pronounced as he watched Blairthos tip the bottle and take a long pull, watching the way his Adam's apple moved as he swallowed.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Blairthos answered, "Why, yes, yes, I do have to do it every time. Otherwise, how am I supposed to write an accurate journal entry about how long it took to drive you nuts?"

"Could've written that the first day!" Mac chided.

Nodding, Blairthos agreed, "True, but I was too busy trying to figure out how to fuck you first to worry much about writing."

"Have you decided?" Mac asked, already panting.

"Oh, yeah." Blairthos grinned. "Have I ever told you about my time on expedition in Mexico?" he said, stroking the beer bottle like a lover strokes a cock to get it hard.

"Mi asno es su asno," Mac said in perfect Spanish. 'My ass is your ass.'

The end.

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