Deep Exploration 9 by Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Dr. Blair Bashburg sat at a small table in Quark's bar discussing politics with Ejim Garell.

"I think you're wrong, Bashburg. You're not a Cardassian, you don't have any idea what it's like to walk a fine line between knowing the right thing and doing the right thing."

"Hey, I've been around, man."

"Perhaps, but that still doesn't make you an expert at Cardassian government."

"Are you arguing with me?" Bashburg asked, smirking, knowing that Cardassians express romantic attraction by arguing.

Catching the twinkle in Bashburg's eyes, Garell answered softly, "Yes, I am."

"Good," Bashburg whispered, then continued in a normal voice. "Garell, are you feeling alright? I think I should escort you to sickbay and do some intensive testing."


"You'll like these tests. Trust me."

"Coming from you, those are the two scariest words in the whole alpha quadrant."

Grinning widely, Bashburg said, "Wasn't trusting me a good thing when it came to my prostate?"

Remembering a very long, loving evening they shared a few short weeks ago, Garell nodded. "Yes, trusting you has been very explosive."

"Just wait until I show you a thing or two I've learned about Cardassian physiology."

"Really?" Garell asked.

"It'll make my 'explosions' look pale by comparison. Think...Supernova."

"My senses are all a tingle in anticipation."

The end.

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