It Ain't Called a 'Job' for Nothin' by Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Constable James Fraser looked over at the driver of the GTO, Detective Ray Sandburgski.

"Are you going to speak to me, Ray?"

"No, I ain't."


Ray couldn't stand the five second silence. "I jus' can't believe a gay man doesn't know that a rim job has nothin' to do with tires!"

"I do apologize, Ray. I didn't know that-"

"You know, I can never show my face at the auto parts store again, dontcha, Frase?"

"Well, yes, I can see how that would be difficult."

They finished the rest of the drive to Ray's apartment in silence. Once there, Ray hustled them upstairs, stripped Fraser out of his uniform and proceeded to show Fraser just what a rim job really was.

Fraser was duly appreciative, mumbling before he fell asleep, "Thank you kindly."

The end.

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