Cooking With Oil By Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Detective Ray Ellisecchio continued to question the witnesses of a robbery, keeping one eye on Constable Benton Fraseburg. When he saw Fraseburg head down a nearby alley, Ray followed, knowing the likelihood of the Mountie finding trouble.

"Got something, Benny?" Ray asked, seeing Fraseburg kneeling on the hard asphalt.

"Perhaps," Fraseburg said, leaning down to sniff a mysterious substance.

"You're not," Ray said loudly. "Please tell me you're not."

But it was too late by that time. Fraseburg's tongue peeked out and licked the unidentified matter.

"Eww! Oh, god," Ray couldn't help but moan.

Straightening, Fraseburg looked perplexed. "Ray, it was only-"

"Fuck, Benny! How could you taste something like that? You didn't even know what it was!"

"True, but empirically I knew it couldn't be anything harmful or hazardous to my health."

"How do you figure that?"

"Well," Fraseburg said, his face serious, but his slate blue eyes twinkling, "I figure if I haven't died after swallowing your ejaculate, nothing would kill me."

Ray's jaw dropped.

"Thank you kindly, Ray, but can we wait until we get back to my apartment? I seem to have found a new use for olive oil."

The end.

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