The 'R' Will Get You Every Time By Lisa

Groaning, James Elliskinner came, shooting his load into his beloved, Blair 'Spooky' Muldburg. Muldburg had already come three times and was nearly incoherent in his bliss.

"And that was your prostate, Muldburg," Elliskinner said, sliding his limp dick out of his lover's loose ass.

"Thanks for the 'in depth lesson'," Muldburg mumbled.

"My pleasure."

"Um, no, it was definitely mine."

Grinning, Elliskinner picked up the discarded papers he had been reading when a misspelling had distracted him and they had gotten into a lengthy discussion of the prostate.

"I still don't understand how 'prostrate' can be confused with 'prostate'," Elliskinner mused.

Sighing and lifting his head a scarce inch, Muldburg glared at his lover, "It's an 'r', Big Guy. Spell check wouldn't catch it."

"Yeah, but when you proofread this, you should have found it."

"I was too turned on by writing it for you, I could barely remember to print it, let alone proofread it!"

"Well, it's a good first attempt."

"First attempt!" Muldburg was outraged. "I put my heart into that story!"

"Yeah, well, next time, don't forget to put in the prostate!"

Elliskinner's response was cut off when Muldburg rolled him onto his stomach, and lying prostrate, Muldburg proceeded to show Elliskinner that he was an expert, on his first attempt, at finding the prostate.

The end.

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