Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel By Patt

James Wayson walked through his huge home listening for one thing. He wanted to hear where his main squeeze was. He'd missed sex for the last five days and nights. Thus is life when you're a much sought after hero. Sometimes, it seemed too much for James. He just wanted a nice quiet night alone with Blair Greyburg. He could hear Blair downstairs in the bat cave. What was he doing?

He got to the doorway of the opening to the secret hideaway and said, "Greyburg, what are you doing?"

He watched as Blair kept going up and down the bat pole. Looking up at James, Blair smiled and said, "Hey, man, I'm warming up your dinner."

Nothing could stop the laughter from leaving the usually very uptight and rigid James Wayson. This young man was enough to loosen anyone up. In addition, James meant and thought that for many different things now. Who would have thought he would have let someone suck and fuck him? Not he. James felt privileged to belong to Blair Greyburg. And belong to him, he did. Blair Greyburg was not only the love of his life but he was a very possessive man. The younger man would have no other man or woman looking at his property, more or less.

He moved over to the pole and pulled Blair into his arms. Smiling, Blair said, "Dinner is done, all warmed up for you."

"Thank you, young master Blair," James said as he lowered himself in front of Blair and opened up Blair's pants, taking out his cock and beginning to suck on it until Blair was very close to the edge.

"James, wait a minute," Blair said, stopping him before he himself lost control.

"What's wrong, Robin?"

"I want you in your suit. I want to do it on top of the bat mobile," Blair said.

"Blair, the suit is uncomfortable when we have sex. I don't want to wear it," James said trying not to look into Blair's eyes. He knew that once he did, he'd be a goner.

"That's okay, I've been thinking about it all day long but it's not that important," Blair said.

"I'll be right back," James said getting up and walking to the closet next to the car, pulling out his suit and stripped down to his bare skin and then put part of the suit on. Blair liked when he wore only the top half. He liked James to have his bottom half where he could get to it. Once his had this on, he put his mask on and then walked over and got down on his knees once again.

"No, Batman, you have to do me on the car," Robin pleaded.

"Yes, Robin, whatever you want, you know you'll get. You know I want you," Batman answered that plea and added a whine of his own.

He pulled Blair up and laid him across the hood of the car. Blair got so hot watching James in this suit and nothing on the bottom; he was ready to come just from that.

As they began kissing, an alarm went off and Robin said to Batman, "If you even think about leaving me right now, like this, I'll see to it that you never have me again."

"Robin, we need to answer the bat call. You know that. It's part of the job," Batman said resignedly.

Very quickly, Blair pulled James down over the hood of the car, got the lube out of his pocket and began to get him ready to get fucked royally. "Robin, we need to go before Alfred checks on us."

Robin swallowed Batman and deep throated him, so quickly that Batman's breath was almost taken away. "Holy Shit, Robin," Batman screamed out as he came down his throat.

Blair flipped James over on his belly on the hood of the car. Hearing Alfred at the top of the stairs, he yelled out, "If you know what's good for you, you won't come down here. I'm going to get me some of this, or I'll be getting it from someone else in this house." Just as quickly as that top door had opened, it shut again. James laughed quietly at Blair's candor with their butler and friend.

Blair got James ready for his cock, when he slowly entered him, Blair said, "Holey Moley, Batman. You feel great. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. You feel so great."

As he pounded into James, he pulled him away from the car, so he could see if James had an erection again. He did! Somehow, Blair knew he would. He started pumping James as he continued to pound into him.

James pushed himself lower so that Blair could have better access to his ass. God, the older man loved when the younger one did this. As James felt his orgasm closing in on him, he said, "Robin, fuck me hard and give it to me now."

Just like that, Robin came. After all, with a voice like that, what could he do?

Finally shrinking, he pulled slowly out of James and said, "Hot damn, but this job makes me warm for your form."

"Yeah, I know what form it makes you warm for," James replied.

"Damn right, my dark, mysterious man," Blair said smiling and kissing him.

"I love you, Blair," James said, "thanks for the great time."

"I love you, too. And you're very welcome." Blair said.

"Same time tomorrow? Same bat day, same bat channel?" James asked.

"Damned straight," Blair said laughing as they headed upstairs to clean up before heading out to save lives and fight crime once again.

The end

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