Together In Electric Dreams By Patt

Sandy, the Star Fleet Android, was busy helping Commander James Ryker. There had been some problems with the weapons systems and they needed to be sure it was up and running in the next hour. James looked over at Sandy and wondered if he knew how great he looked. Probably not. He's an android and they don't think about that.

Sandy watched from across the room as Commander James Ryker stared at him and Sandy knew what he was thinking. James wasn't aware of the fact that Sandy, although being an android, totally loved dick. It all began about six months before.

Six months earlier.

Dr. Megan Crushor called Sandy into her office to tell him the latest news on the emotion chip. They had done all sorts of tests and trial runs and finally it was ready to be used by Sandy. This was Dr. Crushor's happiest day.

"Come in, Sandy, I have the emotion chip for you," she said smiling as he came in and stood at attention. Soon, he would be a little less rigid.

"Thank you for doing all of this research, Doctor," Sandy said still standing there at attention.

"Are you ready, Sandy?" she asked.

"As ready as I will ever be, Dr. Crushor," Sandy answered.

She lifted up Sandy's forehead and moved the circuits that were in the way. She placed the emotion chip inside and started it running and closed his forehead again. "All done, Sandy. Now if you have any troubles, you let me know, okay?"

"Thank you, Doctor," Sandy answered getting ready to leave the room, when he suddenly turned around, smiled and hugged the surprised doctor.

"Well, I see the chip's working, Sandy. I'm glad," Dr. Crushor, said, "you might want to check out these articles in the computer on human sexuality and so on."

Sandy took the list from her and wondered why she would have given him a list of homosexual articles to read. He had been with someone sexually before, but it was a woman. Why would Dr. Crushor think he needed to read about men? Sandy thought about this all the way back to his quarters.

He entered his quarters and sat down to read the articles. He found it fascinating, to say the least, when he read about the male prostate. He wondered if he had one. There was only one sure way to find out. He would have to ask Dr. Crushor. He walked down to her office and asked if he could see her alone.

"Come in, Sandy," she said.

"I have a question, Doctor," Sandy said, "I was wondering if I have a prostate."

"Yes, you do. I checked some time ago when I was doing tests on you. Why do you ask?" Doctor Crushor asked.

"I am very interested in the idea of male/male relationships. I am not sure anyone would be happy to hear that, but I found it most fascinating," Sandy said.

Doctor Crushor stood up and said, "I'm going to bring you a few things tonight and you can take it from there."

Sandy left her office wondering what in the world she would be bringing him. That afternoon he had a hard time concentrating on work and work alone. He kept having his mind wander to thinking about the prostate. He knew he'd have to get back into the working frame of mind, or Commander Ryker would have his ass. Holy shit, why did I say that and why is my penis as hard as a rock now? And why would I say holy shit?

That night Megan Crushor showed up at Sandy's door, handed him a box and said, "This is for you. Everything you need to make you feel better." Smiling, she turned and walked out the door as quickly as she had come in. Inside was an odd shaped item which almost looked like a penis when erect. Smiling, Sandy realized what it was. There was a little disc that he put into the computer and it told him what to do with it and how. Sandy followed directions and found himself loving every moment of it. He came three times that night and realized he was going to have to practice on a male human one of these days.

Present day.

Sandy was still waiting for the nerve to ask Commander James Ryker to come to his quarters for dinner. He looked up and James was watching him with an odd look in his eyes. Sandy finally just got up and walked over to him, as he said, "Would you like to come to my quarters for dinner tonight?"

"That would be great," James said smiling and Sandy found himself getting hard instantly and realized that was one thing he really hated about these damn uniforms. You could see everything in them; there was no room for erections.

Commander James Ryker looked down and saw Sandy's obvious problem and said, "How about lunch instead? We could go now. We're both off duty."

"Good idea, Commander," Sandy said walking as quickly as he could to his quarters. Commander James Ryker followed closely behind.

As soon as the door closed on his quarters, they were in each others arms. "Jesus, I never dreamed you would go for men," James said laughing.

"Dr. Crushor got me hooked on dick about six months ago and I've been trying to get up the nerve to ask you ever since," Sandy said.

James said, "How do you want to do this? I never know who should be top and who should be bottom."

"How about we do each other? You go first and then I'll be next," Sandy said smiling and licking his lips.

James couldn't get out of his clothing fast enough and stood naked in front of Sandy. The Android had never actually seen a naked human male in person, so this was new and exciting. Ryker smiled and said, "Call me Jim."

"Jim, I hope you're not tired because I can do this a lot longer than a human can," Sandy said.

"Hot damn, an android slut," James said running for the bedroom.

The end.

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