Waiting For A Guy Like You By Patt

Blairigan was walking through the jungle as he usually did when he heard the Professor up ahead of him. And what he heard made Blairigan smile warmly. He snuck a look around the big tree and saw the Professor jacking off buck-naked. Blairigan took his clothes off quietly and grabbed a coconut in case they'd need some oil and walked up behind the Professor.

When the Professor saw and heard Blairigan, he jumped and became embarrassed. He stopped what he was doing and looked at Blairigan, naked for the first time. He had never seen him naked before and hoped that he would be seeing much more of him from this day forth.

"Don't stop what you were doing, I was just getting into it," Blairigan said.

"I didn't realize you liked men, Blairigan," the Professor said.

"Well, I didn't know but we've been on this island for some time and I've been watching Megan Ann and Garlic and they don't do a thing for me," Blairigan said smiling.

Blairigan started rubbing his body up against the larger man's and smiled when he heard the Professor moan from the touch. "Professor, how do you want to do this?"

"Any way you want, god, I need you so bad, Blairigan," the Professor said.

"You'll have me inside of you soon enough. Have you done this before?" Blairigan asked the professor.

"No, I was hoping you knew what to do," the Professor said totally bummed out. "We have no computers to go and do research with, what will we do?"

"Professor, don't be goofy, for years men did this without instruction. It must be easier than it seems," Blairigan said.

"What are you going to do with the coconut, Blairigan?" the Professor asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Relax, on top of the milk, oil can be found. We need something slick to help with this," Blairigan said cutting the coconut open as fast as he could.

"Little buddy? Little buddy? Where are you?" the skipper called out.

"Well shit. Stay right here, don't you move, okay?" Blairigan asked.

"I'm not going anywhere," the professor said.

"Hey skipper, did you need me for something?" Blairigan asked his large friend.

"Yeah, I wanted you to help me find some things for dinner tonight. Blairigan, why are you naked and hard?" the Skipper asked.

"Because I was getting ready to nail the Professor," Blairigan said honestly.

"Sorry, Blairigan, you go back to what you were doing," the Skipper said moving off as quickly as he had come.

"Hey Skipper? Would you be sure to keep Megan Ann and Garlic away for awhile?" Blairigan asked.

"Sure will, little buddy," the skipper said as he walked off smiling. I won't feel that comfortable calling him little buddy from here on in, will I?

Blairigan walked back to the brush and found the Professor in exactly the same place as he had left him. "Ready, Professor?"

"I've been ready for four years, Blairigan. What took us so long?" the Professor started.

"One of the problems might be that you never even felt comfortable enough to tell us your name. I mean, I don't want to be fucking your wonderful brains out and say, 'oh yeah, professor.' Want to tell me?" Blairigan asked with laughter in his voice.

"It's Jim. Call me Jim," the Professor said.

"Okay, you're Jim and I'd like you to just call me Blair," Blairigan said pulling the professor down for a kiss.

Things began to get hot and heavy and once they felt a little more comfortable, Blairigan started preparing Jim for the fucking of his life. They were so into it that they didn't hear anyone enter the clearing. They probably wouldn't have cared anyway.

As Blairigan pounded into the Professor, they were both chanting each other's names. Finally Blairigan reached around and started pulling on the little Professor until the big Professor was screaming, Blairigan... Following close behind was Blairigan shooting his come into the warm tight channel. God, I wonder if he'd let me do this about four times a day.

The Professor heard a noise, turned, and found the Howell's sitting on a blanket watching them.

"Luvvy, I do believe this is better than cable television," Mr. Howell said.

The end.

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