To Hurt or Not To Hurt By Patt

Toblairas Beechburg stood up from his bunk stretching his sore body. He'd been rode hard and put away wet last night. Not that he was complaining, mind you. He looked over at his sleeping lover on the top bunk and said, "Hey, Ellerson, time to get up. We don't want to miss breakfast."

Ellerson opened his eyes, smiled up at the man he adored and said, "Get you ass into the shower, Beechburg, I want to fuck it right now."

Beechburg could hardly resist when Ellerson sweet talked him and rushed into the shower waiting for the man to join him. When he saw Ellerson walk into the shower, everyone else in the shower watched, too. The older and much larger man was indeed something to watch. As he took his clothing off, the other men were drooling. Beechburg thought that this was half of the turn on for Ellerson. Whatever it was, it worked for both of them.

Beechburg stood in the shower getting clean and Ellerson came up from behind him and said, "You're mine, Beechburg and if I ever see you sucking anyone else's cock, I'll kick your ass."

"Ellerson, you know I belong to only you; besides who else would treat me as good as you've done?" Beechburg asked.

Ellerson loosened Beechburg up somewhat and then entered him in one swift move. Crying out with something between pain and passion, Beechburg said, "Ellerson, I love you."

"I know that, Beech. Only a man in love would forgive me for breaking your arms and legs. Only a man in love would continue to let me fuck his ass each and every night even when he finds out that I might have killed gay men years ago," Ellerson said gruffly as he pounded into Beechburg.

"I know that you lost control, Elle. I know that you had little to do with what happened. It was like someone else was pulling your strings and I'm here to help you see that it doesn't happen again," Beechburg said.

"You're such a good man and you have the finest ass in all of Oz," Ellerson said as he started getting closer and closer to completion. He reached around, pulled Beechburg's cock and started pumping in time with his thrusts into the man. Before long, Beechburg was screaming Ellerson's name loudly.

Being pulled over the edge, Ellerson had to scream out too, but he forgot who he was with for a moment and said, "McManus...I mean, Murphy...I mean, Beechburg."

"Wait a minute, why would you call out the two guards names in the middle of mind blowing sex?" Beechburg asked.

"I couldn't help it, Beech. Their faces came into my mind at that moment. We can't control what our thoughts are all the time, you know?" Ellerson answered.

"Maybe you should go and fuck them, Ellerson," Beechburg said angrily.

"You're acting like a jealous girlfriend," Ellerson spat back.

"I am your girlfriend, Ellerson, did you forget that?" Beechburg asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry. I keep forgetting that we don't have like real women here. Sorry about that Beech, I promise to try and keep you and you alone in my thoughts from here on in," Ellerson said hanging his head.

"Good, because if it happens again, or if I catch you with anyone else, I'll cut those balls right off. You won't have to worry about getting that bad boy up ever again," Beechburg said.

Making a face at the thought alone, Ellerson knew that he was going to have to shape up, Beechburg was no one to be messing with. He didn't like to share. He might not be as big as everyone else, but he was wiry. He was a force to be reckoned with. Well, shit, McManus and Murphy were going to meet me after dinner tonight for a three way. Maybe I could ask Toblairas to join us. That's the ticket; I'll talk to him about it now.

"Beech, could I ask you a question?" Ellerson asked.

"Sure, Ellerson, you know I'm always here for you," Beechburg said.

"How do you feel about four way's?" Ellerson asked looking back at Beechburg, trying to see if he could gauge his lover's feelings from the look alone.

"No, we're not doing a four way with McManus and Murphy and if you ever fuck them again, I'll kill you. Do you understand me now?" Beech asked.

"Yup, no problem. I love you, Beechburg," Ellerson said drawing him in for a long kiss before they would get dressed for breakfast.

Ellerson had to go and get his shoes from his quarters and said, "I'll meet you in the mess hall, Beech."

On the way, Beechburg saw McManus and Murphy and said, "Okay, guys, are we still on for later tonight? I think I'll surprise Ellerson with a four way."

"Sounds good to us, Beechburg, you're one in a million." McManus said.

Smiling, Beechburg walked to the mess hall knowing that he was going to make Ellerson happier than he'd ever been in his life. Then I might fucking break all the bones in his body and see if he'll forgive me and still love me.

The end.

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