The Boys! By Patt

Jim Constanson stood looking in the mirror and wondered when he had lost all of his hair. God, it was heartbreaking. Well, it was to Jim, he didn't know about anyone else. Blairy never said anything, but he had a clue that it bothered him, too.

Jim had moved in with Blairy Seinburg the moment he got a chance. He not only liked his ass but he took very good care of him financially. Still lost in thought, he heard the door and went to answer it.

Opening the door, he found Kozmo Rafemer. "Hey, Rafe, whatcha need?" Jim asked opening the door for their neighbor.

"Hey, Constanson, why are you still here? Didn't Blairy only let you stay one night? I've seen you here for over a week," Rafemer said.

"You have a problem with me being in Blairy's apartment?" Jim asked, getting a little sick of everyone thinking he used Blairy.

"No, I don't have a problem, Jim. I just think that sometimes Blairy doesn't tell people how he really feels about things. Don't wear out your welcome," Rafemer said as he walked back to his apartment.

Yeah, well, I'll show Blairy how he feels about things. The only thing that I'm going to wear out is Blairy's ass.


Jim had barely sat down when Blairy came walking into the apartment. "Hey, Blairy, how was your day?"

"It was great! I thought up a ton of new ideas and thought I might try some of them on your later on," Blairy said smiling at his love.

"Blairy, does it bother you that I'm losing my hair?" Jim asked.

"Jim, I'm like so over that one. It's time to move on to a new neurosis," Blairy said.

"What else's wrong with me, Blairy?" Jim whined.

"Jim, you don't hold a job, you don't make any money to speak of and you live with me," Blairy said.

"So, I'm driving you nuts here at the apartment?" Jim asked.

"Jim, the only nuts I want to see driving are yours next to my ass. Got that?" Blairy asked and Jim Constanson didn't need to be told more than once. He started kissing Blairy passionately until there was a knock on the door. Opening it up, Blairy said, "Elaingan, what are you doing here?"

Elaingan came in, shut the door and said, "Nothing, I just wanted to see what was cooking around here."

"I'll tell you what was cooking," Jim said fuming, "Blairy is cooking and I was about to get my first taste. Would you leave?"

"No, get out of town. You two are a couple?" Elaingan asked laughing.

"If you say a couple of what, I'm going to have to kill you, Elaingan," Blairy said.

"See you guys tomorrow, have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Oh wait, I guess you have to do things I couldn't do," Elaingan said.

"That was so fucking funny we almost forgot to laugh," Jim said.

Shutting the door behind their friend, Blairy turned around and said, "So, you want to show me who's the boss?"

"Hey, Blairy, can you lip sync at least one song of the Supremes?" Jim asked.

"Hell, yes, why?" Blairy asked.

"Someone told me at the diner that it was a sign of being gay. Hell, if that was the case, I should have been with you since the Supremes came out. I've always known their songs," Jim said smiling heading into the bedroom.

"Want to sing it to me, Chrome dome?" Blairy asked.

"I might think about it," Jim answered.

"Now who's the boss?" Blairy asked.

"Oh yeah, I'll show you," Constanson said laughing all the way into the bedroom.


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