It's All Greek To Me By Silk

Jercules was rumored to be the strongest man on Earth. No myth concocted by mortal bards could possibly do him justice. He was a demi-god, the result of a tryst between the King of the Gods, Zeus, and a beautiful mortal, Alcmene. Therefore, he had physical beauty as well as physical strength.

His body was the length and breadth of a good-sized tree trunk. Muscles rippled through his arms and legs. His chest and abdomen were cut and exquisitely firm. His hair was a shade of golden brown, kissed by the sun, and his eyes were the color of the sea. His chest was covered in chamois, for he could not bear anything harsh against his skin. His legs were clad in leather, buttery-soft and warm to the touch.

Sigh. He was truly beautiful to lay eyes upon. But he was as dumb as a rock.

That was why he had no clue that his short, sturdy sidekick, Blairolaus, lusted after him.

They had been championing the little people of Greece, and recently, other kingdoms, such as Eire, for many, many years together. They ate together, drank together, and whored together. But Jercules slept only with women. Tall, blonde women with long, straight hair and hard bodies.

Unlike his sidekick, Blairolaus, who was a short, blond man with long, curly hair and a muscular but pleasingly soft body. Blairolaus was made for cuddling, not fighting, but he became a hunter to stay by Jercules' side. In fact, Jercules had no idea that Blairolaus was not a real blond. Not that it made a difference.

Blairolaus dyed his hair in an effort to get Jercules to notice him. But the big buff godlike creature treated him like a brother.


"Hey, Jerc! Look what 'Dite gave me!" Blairolaus brandished a vial of red liquid.

"'Dite? You know you can't trust the Goddess of Love, Chief! She's always up to something! Just like the rest of my family."

"You're just saying that cause she's smarter than you, Jerc!"

Cool blue eyes surveyed the area for intruders before fixing again on the man in front of him. "What did you say?"

"I said, 'Dite's smarter than you and you can't stand it, can you?" taunted Blairolaus.

"Those are fighting words, partner. No one disses me and gets away with it. Not even you."

"She said you'd be too chicken to try this. She was right."

"Try what? What is that? Some kind of love potion?"


"What's it going to do? Make me fall in love with Ares?" Jercules snorted in disdain. If there was anyone he hated, it was his half-brother, Ares, the God of War.

"Maybe. If he was here. But he's not."

"He can pop in at will, you know that, Chief. So is that what I have to look forward to? A couple of days of getting my butt fucked by Ares?"

"Why don't you try it and see, Jerc?"

"Oh, come on, Blairolaus, I'm not Joxer. You don't think I'm that stupid, do you?"

"I dunno, Jerc. You're pretty stupid, Big Guy."

"You dick!"

"Snappy comeback, Jerc."

"Gimme that!" With that, Jercules wrenched the vial from Blairolaus' hands and upended it into his mouth.

Blairolaus looked incredulously at the man he desired as mate. "I can't believe you did that."

"So? I don't feel any different, Chief. I-"

Suddenly Jercules grabbed Blairolaus and extracted a punishing kiss. "Damn! I had no idea that you tasted this good!"

Blairolaus shook his head sadly. "It's just a side effect of the potion, Jerc. You don't want me."

"Oh, yes, I do!"

Within seconds, Jercules had his partner stripped of all clothing. Though not the most observant of men, Jercules seemed stupefied by one thing. "Your curls aren't blond, Chief!"

"That's how I like my men, Jerc. Tall, big and dumb."

Jercules swept the compact hunter into a dip, bending him back until his hair hung free of his body. "I'm going to fuck you into next week," he growled, sliding a finger down the cleft of his sidekick's delicious ass. "How dumb is that?"

"I-I thought I wanted this, Jerc. But once the potion wears off, you won't want me anymore," his partner sniffled.

"Wanna bet?"

Jercules took off his clothing in record time. If the potion was going to wear off, he didn't know how long he had. But he knew what he wanted. He wanted to bury himself deep inside his sidekick and never come out again.

"But 'Dite said-"

"Fuck 'Dite!"

Aphrodite appeared at the sound of her name and made a moue of disapproval. "Now is that nice, bro?"

"Go away!" the two men chorused as one.

"Brought you a present." she said in that tantalizing voice that annoyed everyone, mortals and gods alike. At the snap of her fingers, another vial appeared, this one golden in color.

"Oil!" cried Blairolaus. If he only had five minutes to be fucked by the man of his dreams, so be it.

Jercules reached out to grab it, but Aphrodite was too quick for him. "Ah, ah, ah, bro...comes with a condition."

"Your presents always do."

"If you use this oil on Blairolaus, you can never fuck anyone else."

Blairolaus held his breath while Jercules pondered. Shit, he was going to be disappointed again. He just knew it.

Why did he always fall for the wrong people?

Jercules glanced at his sidekick's face, that beautiful masculine face that had been off-limits to him for as many years as he knew it. "Dumb, huh?"

He held out his palm for the oil, giving his half-sister a grin. "Deal, 'Dite."

After Aphrodite conveniently disappeared, Jercules lost no time in stuffing his throbbing oversized dick up his sidekick's ass, pounding away at him for a fare-thee-well. When he came with an exultant shout, he grabbed his partner's cock in time to feel him spurt through his fingers.

Rubbing come all over his sidekick's hairy chest and abdomen, Jercules groaned, "I love you, you little furball."


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